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UFOs, Anti-Gravity and a Football Helmet Alien

Tonight I watched some Boyd Bushman (July 20, 1936-August 7, 2014 by his obituary in the Az Journal) disclosures and other related videos. There are many serious people making claims about aliens, antigravity, ufos, Roswell and Area 51. Bushman’s alien with funky shoulder joints and a yellow football helmet-like head is quite interesting. The claim was of aliens from the planet Quintumnia or Quintonia.

A recording has been released of the late US scientists Boyd Bushman who worked at a secret base of the United States Air Force. At that secret base, alien technology was developed and adapted for human use.
According to Boyd, numerous alien bodies were studied at the facility as well. In the video, recorded shortly before his death, the Lockheed-Martin scientist shows images of alien bodies which according to him, were taken with disposable cameras at Area 51, a secret base of the Air Force in the state of Nevada.

Even though some of the details in the Biography of Bushman may seem controversial, according to British tabloid “Metro”, Bushman was an important researcher in aerospace corporation Lockheed Martin and had several highly classified patents.”As for the extraterrestrial crafts, we have United States citizens who work 24 hours a day studying UFO’s and Alien technology.

We are trying to understand what we need to do.”Bushman confessions which were recorded on video are dotted with images of beings with humanoid bodies. According to the researcher, two groups of alien beings are being studied at Area 51, but there are also aliens who work in cooperation with humans.

Area 51 is an area of land located in Nevada owned by the United States government. It is popular for the fact that there, for years, numerous scientists have claimed to have been developing and testing new technologies based on alien tech, and secret military aircrafts. It is commonly known as Area 51, although the official name is Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) designation: Area 51.

According to Bushman, the alien technology is very advanced, these beings can travel at speeds much faster than light, and most of them come from planets that are located around 68 light years away from planet Earth. 
Bushman states that the aliens working at Area 51 are around 1.5 meters tall, they have fingers and toes just like humans but can live much longer than humans. These extraterrestrial beings are able to communicate via telepathy.
According to Bushman, scientists from Russia, China and the United States are working together at Area 51, their main research is anti-gravity technology.

Recently, Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, confirmed the existence of infamous Area 51, but said that it does not harbor any kind of alien life or alien technology. 
“There’s an Area 51. But not devoted to what many people think. It’s a normal place of research and development. I never saw aliens or spaceships in it.

I do hope we are getting help from super advanced aliens, and deathbed confessions seem very unlikely to be hoaxes, but here’s a clearer photo of the quintumnian:

And here is a toy alien someone purchased at a Walmart or K-mart store:

Here’s another:

Who made the toy and when was the first one made? Someone said the around 1997. Perhaps the confession was real and K-Mart’s “alien doll” was copied from Bushman’s “alien”? 

The doll in question was a Halloween prop sold in the late 1990’s at local retailers like Wal-Mart and K-mart. It is about 3 feet tall, and although not many people photographed it (and then put those photos on the ‘Net), there are SEVERAL photos displaying it.



While an actual mfgr. name or item number is not available, the counterpoint images, from various times and places, visually substantiate the claim of the item being publicly available in mass quantities.

One was sold on e-Bay around Feb 16, 2015:

As to the claim that he knew Bob Lazar, Alejandro Rojas, radio host for Open Minds Radio posted this, along with the result of a polygraph test Bushman supposedly took:

Bob Lazar responded to an email inquiry I made as to whether he knew Boyd Bushman. He wrote:

No, I’ve never heard of him.

There were very few people who worked at S4, just a little over 20.

We all knew the names on the list – he was not one of them.

– Bob

From the Coast to Coast site, the Bushman photo definitely looks identical to a blurry  K-Mart /Walmart alien.

I’ve seen that toys like this get created in a way that the markings are not always identical. 

Several people mentioned that Bushman’s alien had its eyelids closed at one point but that seems to be trolling as I don’t see any such photos. 

There is this one, but someone just scrunched the whole photo of the head to make it look like the eye is closing. 

Another point is that Walmart and K-Mart could be working with the aliens. Use appropriate caution if you start digging to find out who created the alien design they sold, if indeed they did.

Evidence suggests that there are several subterranean races operating beneath the USA utilizing Walmart and other big box stores as supply chains. There is also evidence that humans are being held captive in these locations. 


The crypto crew speculated that Bushman was targeted by the Mirage Men.

Mirage Men is about how the US government used mythology to cover up their advanced technology. It prominently features Richard Doty, a retired Special Agent who worked for AFOSI, the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation.


Good movie, I enjoyed it. 

When I was actively researching UFOs years ago, I concluded that there were a select group I called Fog Makers, people with the fascinating job of obscuring secret government information by tricking serious folk into believing some really strange things. 

The Mirage Men documentary supports that scenario, explaining some well known UFO lore. Fittingly, it doesn’t provide new evidence beyond stories, leaving everyone free to believe as they are inclined. 

There was apparently an official Air Force response to a Freedom of Information Act request by Alejandro Rojas that, as I read it, confirms Doty’s connection with AFOSI and with Paul Bennewitz:

If you want to believe, if you are adamantly convinced, as Linda Molton-Howe was that the aliens are real, you could say that Doty’s real job was to hide the truth about aliens. 

I consider the Simulation Hypothesis, that we are experiencing an interactive program. This makes any search for truth an interaction with the engine of creation, the Great Occult Deliverer (GOD). In the SH, if you want something to be true, it can manifest, as long as it can be made by the engine to fit somehow into the space of previous creations. Keep knocking, and the door will open. Neatly, satisfyingly, previous creations are often adjusted to fit new creations. 


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