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Movie Idea: Moon as an Automated Ancient Spaceship that Saves Us

What if the moon is an ancient spaceship, the one that brought life to this planet long ago? In my script for a movie tentatively titled Moon Well, the moon ship is programmed to retrieve us and take us to a different world if this one ever becomes uninhabitable. It’s been running that program for the last 1,000 years abducting people and animals with automated ships, taking them in, training them for the journey. World governments know the advanced craft are real, but they have no idea what’s going on. 

Data says the internal moon is not hollow, but there could be alien structures inside.

The Hollow Moon hypothesis, or Spaceship Moon hypothesis, proposes that Earth’s Moon is either wholly hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. No scientific evidence exists to support the idea; seismic observations and other data collected since spacecraft began to orbit or land on the Moon indicate that it has a thin crust, extensive mantle and small, dense core, although overall it is much less dense than Earth.
The Hollow Moon concept is similar to the better-known Hollow Earth hypothesis, which was a recurring plot device in pre-spaceflight science fiction. The first discussion of a hollow Earth was by scientist Edmond Halley in 1692, with the first mention of a hollow Moon being in H. G. Wells’ 1901 novel The First Men in the Moon.

… When Apollo 12 deliberately crashed the Ascent Stage of its Lunar Module onto the Moon’s surface, it was claimed that the Moon rang like a bell for an hour, leading to arguments that it must be hollow like a bell. Lunar seismology experiments since then have shown that the lunar body has shallow moonquakes that act differently from quakes on Earth, due to differences in texture, type and density of the planetary strata, but there is no evidence of any large empty space inside the body.


Years ago I had a very vivid dream that the moon was getting closer and closer to the earth. People and even school busses and toasters started floating away toward it, but it wasn’t crashing into us. That doesn’t make sense for the moon as we know it in terms of gravity, but if the moon was an advanced spaceship with an antigravity drive, it might. The moon might to come to get us, to take us to a new home because we, a long time ago, told it to watch over us.

Don’t forget that the moon was once worshiped as a god in many languages and cultures.

In Mesopotamia the Sumerian god Nanna, named Sin by the Akkadians, was worshipped in particular in Ur, where he was the chief god of the city… 

The Ugaritic texts have shown that there a moon deity was worshipped under the name yrh. On the monuments the god is represented by the symbol of the crescent moon.  … 

In ancient Syria and Canna, the Moon-god Sin was usually represented by the moon in its crescent phase. … 


Sin was naturally regarded as the head of the pantheon. It is to this period that we must trace such designations of Sin as “father of the gods”, “chief of the gods”, “creator of all things”, and the like.  …

An important Sumerian text (“Enlil and Ninlil”) tells of the descent of Enlil and Ninlil, pregnant with Nanna/Sin, into the underworld.


What if the underworld and eternal life via god-like ancient technology is under Sin (the moon spaceship) and through time world religions got it all confused.


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