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Phoenix Lights, 60+ Eyewitness Accounts and Conclusion 

Reading over 60 eyewitness accounts of the Phoenix Lights to reach a more informed view of the largest UFO sighting ever, it seems to have been multiple ships, some otherworldly in size and movements, quite a show.

The following eyewitness accounts from the 1997 Phoenix lights UFO sightings around and mostly on March 13, 1997 are largely from Peter Davenport’s National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) with light editing for readability. (The NUFORC site won’t load on my browser, perhaps because I block cookies for privacy.)


Summary : Stationary object SW of the Phoenix AZ area seen over several nights. Quit appearing after the Mar 13 incident in Phoenix.

Over about a two week period I noticed a single light in the sky at about the area of the estrella mountains south west of Phoenix. I thought it odd because I am not aware of any roads or power lines in the Estrella mountains. The light was a yellow light similar in appearance to a low power sodium vapor street light. Observed at about the same angle that the peak of the highest peak of the Estrella mountains would be from my observation point. (I had concluded that because it did not move that somehow someone had installed a street light on top of the Estrella Mtns). I did notice that it would occaisionaly fade out and later reappear in the same spot. This light was last observed on Mar 12 the day before the mutiple lights observed across Arizona. The yellow light description of the multiple lights reminded me of what I had been observing, so I double checked the angles from various reference points where I had observed the light and consistently found that that the locatio!n where I had rembered the light being was further west than where the mountains are located. This would place the light in open sky rather than on one of the peaks.
I did observe this light on several different nights at various locations several miles apart. The object’s aparent location was consistantly in the same area which would place it approximatly 20 miles south of Luke Air Force Base or about 20 miles ssw of downtown Glendale at an altitude of about 1000 ft (comparable to the nearby mountain peaks). Despite looking for it, this light has not re-appeared since the major event of lights here in AZ


March 1997 Approx one month after moving into new mobile home in Chandler, AZ.

I was having a very disturbing and extremely realistic bad dream in the dream I was sleeping and woke up to commotion and light in my bedroom the light did not come from any lamp or light source that I had in the room it was like a flooding light not that bright but illuminated the whole room from what I remember I saw three small thin short aliens the exact kind we call the GREYS one was next to my husbands head one at the foot of the bed and when I went to sit up in bed I turned to my side and there was one right next to me by the headboard of the bed as I went to sit up the grey took his long skinny index finger (3 fingers and a thumb) and touched me very lightly on the forehead right between the eyes and the next thing I remember I woke up sat straight up in bed full of adrenaline really freaked out. I pulled open the curtain and through the blinds saw that the sun was barely rising. I thought to myself I have only been asleep for about 5 hours.

I am so unbelievably thirsty but if I get up and go get a drink I wont be able to go back to sleep. I am going to feel like crap if I can’t get a few more hours but my mouth was so dry when I tried to swallow I hadn’t any saliva and gagged.
With The adrenaline rush and the thirst I rolled off my high pedestal waterbed and when I tried to stand my knees buckled. I became extremely weak I felt like I had hiked a mountain lifted weights and been beaten and in a car accident all at the same time. My whole body was sore. My muscles were aching legs weak head felt so heavy I actually felt drugged. Sort of how you would feel after having outpatient surgery where you get anesthesia and an hour later you are woken.

… She was an indoor cat and never had been outside and she was in bed with me when I fell asleep that prior evening.

I quickly drank the water and went to the door which was locked (both locks) unlocked it opened it. I gasped again because the scrunchie hair-tie that I ALWAYS wore in my long hair to bed so my hair stays out of my face was on the front porch step.
I ran out grabbed the cat and went back to my bedroom feeling very bewildered and confused.

… According to my mother Sharon lee mowatt-hardwick in the summer/fall 1975 my grandparents ken and Ethel mowatt were on their way to las Vegas to go gamble like they did every so often.

Somewhere between the Arizona border and Vegas my grandfather saw a very bright light that seemed to be following them. He was positive it wasn’t Venus as they were in the mountains and the horizon where Venus rises and sets wasn’t visible.

The light followed for so long that he decided to pull the car off the road to see if it was a helicopter would pass over them and my grandmother had wanted her sweater, which was in the trunk of the car Granddaddy told my mom when he got out of the car he saw the light getting really close and really bright but he was puzzled as there was absolutely no sound whatsoever coming from what he assumed to be a helicopter. As the light was right over them another thing he noticed was the lack of the blinking lights that every plane helicopter aircraft are required to have just the one steady white round bright spotlight.

The next thing my grandfather says he recalls is the fact that when he blinked his eyes it was suddenly daylight my grandma who had been inside the car was standing right next to him wearing the sweater he had never gotten out of the trunk inside out.

They looked at each other dumbfounded got into the car and proceeded to Vegas When they arrived at the motel the desk clerk immediately informed them that they were almost 6 hours late for check-in and our family and the Highway Patrol had been looking for them fearing an accident.


Summary : I-10 W of Tonapah AZ and Highway 85 S I watched 3 golf ball sized lights “QQQ” being observed by a jet (half the size of a tack head) 20:25 lights shut off and object disappeared, jet headed S towards Barry Goldwater USAF base, without any noise.

I took Highway 95 south to I-10. That decision led to the most thought provoking and unexplainable incident ive ever encountered in the night sky.  I-10 just west of Tonapah AZI noticed an unusually bright, white light directly ahead. I wondered what it was. It was brighter than the stars, and too high for a tower light, no skyscrapers in this area, mentally I eliminated what it wasn’t. I thought I was moving towards the object, but in fact it was moving towards me. Maybe it was the Hale-Boppcomet, but no traveling light. I thought I would soon discover the origin of the slowly growing white light.

I had been watching the object for a good 10 minutes. I’m not sure whether I blinked and missed something or the object just moved up very fast. I could see that the bright white light was a cluster of 3 lights. It moved to the far left as if circling and moved out in front but below the cluster object. I assumed this was something examining the larger object, possibly an USAF jet. My mind curiously questioned, if the smaller object is a jet what in the world could the big thing be? The smaller craft (size of a tack) stayed out front for a while. Then it moved around to the right. I assumed it was making a full circle check of the light cluster which appeared to be the size of three lined up golf ball

… I checked my watch 8:25pm I watched for a good 20 minutes. Not until the lights abruptly shut off had I allowed myself to think of this as a UFO mystery. Where was the noise? Then the reality hit me, I had seen the stealth bomber a dozen times and its baby bird next to this


2002 submission of March 13th mass UFO sightings over Phoenix

At 2220 hours, Arizona time, myself and 3 oter witnesses sighted what we initially thought was an inbound formation of airplanes in the vicinity of Cave Creek, AZ. Even initially, it was an exciting event. This was a huge object. Following a precise course and maintaining an exact altitude, this craft intercepted Scottsdale Road, made good a southerly heading until approximately Indian School road, turned over Sky Harbor Airport and eventually disappeared in the vicinity of “South Mountain.”

As the craft approached, we began to eliminate what it wasn’t. Not airplanes, helicopters, blimps etc. It’s speed was estimated at 40–50 mph. It was titally silent. It featured large amber lights on the leading edge with some smaller lights underneath, some on the side (left from our vantage point) and some visible aft. As it passed 90 degrees and aprx 1 1/2 mile, we thought we could see substance to it, i.e, blocking out lights behind it but transparent at the same time. I estimated it’s altitude to be 10,000 feet at the iniitial contact, roughly the same altitude as inbound air traffic bound for PHX… as it passed, the lower portion of the craft was an estimated 200 feet from the ground.

Note: There was nothing to compare this machine to, so size, etc. could be quite different. I am a retired airline pilot, have flown for 40+ years, have flown everything from the J-3 Cub to the 747. I retired as a 727 Captain for one of the big 4. I have never seen anything like this – not even close. The assertion that this craft was flares is a pathetic attempt at coverinvg up the truth. I have no idea what it was, but definitely know what it was not.

Flares do not maintain altitude, nor navigate a precise course. The sighting/s are well known at this point, and have been the subject of many TV documentaries, etc. Yet, no word is forthcoming. The paripherial events surrounding the sightings are nothing less than erie. Unfortunately, this and other events are falling into obscurity because we as a society! are all owing that to happen. I am happy to discss this with anyone. Be advised I am NOT seeking any publicity, etc. Since reporting this sighting, long time friends look at me with a jaundiced eye, strangers who hear the story often think I’m crazy, etc. On this the 5th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights the image is fresh in my mind. This did happen. Had the comet not been in the skies that evening, I doubt we would have seen it.

((NUFORC Note: This report is submitted by a retired airline captain, who had accumulated 13,700 hours of flight time at the time of his sighting, and who is well known to NUFORC. He is well known in the Phoenix area, and he has been one of the more visible, and vocal, witnesses with regard to the dramatic “Phoenix Lights” sighting of 13MR97. PD))


This was real, and not flares!

It was the night of Thursday, March 13, 1997. I was living in an apartment in Phoenix Arizona at the time and had some friends over that night. We all went outside and I noticed several lights in the sky over Phoenix. Soon my friends and I were all staring at these lights in the sky. There was no noise at all coming from these lights. They were yellowish-orange in color. As I focused my eyes on the lights I could make out the shapes of actual solid craft in the sky. It wasn’t one large craft, it was several craft which made a large triangle shape, then a large oval shape! My friends also could see the shape of these craft in the sky.
These craft would move up and down, and left to right but didn’t move all that much.  They didn’t shoot across the sky or anything like that. But I could see the shape of these craft in the sky. This lasted for about 30 minutes and the lights turned off and the craft disappeared. I have spent 8 years in the Army and I know what flares look like and how they act. These were not flares. I can say this with confidence. The U.S. Government stone walled the people of Phoenix. Thousands of people had to have witnessed this event that night.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain anonymous. PD))


Phoenix lights witnessed in Casa Grande, AZ

On this night I was riding in the backseat of my friends car, he was driving and his wife was in the passenger seat. We were heading out of town to his house travelling west on HWY 87. My friend suddenly pointed out of the front window and shouted, “look” or something to that effect. I leaned forward in my seat and all 3 of us witnessed lights in the sky.
It was a row of lights about five across. They appeared to be very close, the windows were down and we heard no sound. I did not have much time to consider what they were before this happened: each light, one at a time in order went out, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and in the same timing/rythm all five came on together, stayed for a beat longer and then all five blanked out at the same time.
We saw no more, heard nothing, the lights did not fly away or appear to have moved about. They just went out.
In Casa Grande, on this road in particular, there is nothing to obstruct the view of the sky. No streetlights, no tall trees, and no hills or mountains. It is flat.

I refueled helicopters at Fort Hood, Texas and it did not appear to be anything that I have seen before.

Furthermore there would have to be five helicopters together generating lots of noise and hovering very, very close togther or a LARGE helo with five landing lights.

This did happen at the same time that the Phoenix lights appeared. I am certain that this was a part of that occurence.

((NUFORC Note: We have amended the date above to March 13, 1997, which was the date of the “Phoenix Lights” sighting over Arizona. PD))


Fireball on the top of mountain behind Luke Air Force Base, AZ

It was around 10pm and my husband ran through the front door almost paralyzed w/ fear. He ran down the hallway and I followed asking him to please tell me what was wrong. He initially said, “I can’t tell you and I’ll never tell anyone”.

I kept at him and he suddenly grabbed me by the arm took me out the front door pointed up to the top of the tall hills on the back side of Luke Airforce base and said, “That’s whats wrong.” He then ran back into the house.
I stood there focused on what appeared to be a glowing fireball on the very top of the mountain. I watched it for a while then yelled to my husband that I was going to take the truck and go up there, as it looked like a crashed craft of some sort. He became hysterical and said, no way.

I then saw jets being scrambled from Luke AFB and a few minutes later I could see headlights from vehicles climbing the mountain trying to get to the fireball. The road back there is part of the Base, so I assumed they were Base security climbing the mountain. They only got about half way up the mountain and either stopped or shut off their headlights.

I went back in the house and tried to call local news (perhaps channel 10?). There was a busy signal, which I thought was odd for a news station. I managed to calm my husband down enough to tell me exactly what had happened to him while he was on his way home from his meeting and he put his hands on his head and said, that he was on his way home and came to a stop because the man in front of him had stopped suddenly.

You have to understand this is out in a very sparse desert area where it is pitch black w/ no street lights. He had his window down and then a “huge” object floated over his car and the man in front of him. The man in front of him also had his head out of the window.

My husband said there was no sound at all, but it blacked out the stars above seeming like it took an eternity to pass directly over the two idling vehicles. My husband said, he yelled at the man in front of him after the object finally passed over and said, “You saw that right?” He said, the man said “yes, but would never tell anyone that he did”.

My husband said, the huge object floated rising slowly and went to the top of the mountain just on the back side of the base and that’s when he had run into the house and into the back bedroom, completely ridden w/ fear.
So, I can only report the fireball that I witnessed that I thought looked like a crashed craft as it completely lit the top of the mountain. But the whole story needed to be told, as my husband has NEVER been the same. It shook him to his very core and would refuse to talk about it as it brought back the intense fear.

After a while the fireball on top of the mountain slowly began to fade, but remained glowing for about two hours. I get angry at myself for not taking the truck up there to see for myself, but it’s very rugged terrain to get up there even w/ a dirt road or a fire road on which to travel.

It has taken me this long to tell this eye witness account, but now it is told. By the way, I went to the front of the Air Force Base (about 3 blocks away) the next day and it was locked down tight.


03/15/1997, 21:15 Phoenix, Arizona 20 rectangular objects in “V” formation, performed circular spin, etc.

March 15, 1997 Possible UFO Sighting over northwest metro Phoenix, Arizona.

Location: Observed from side street near major intersection of 43rd Ave. and Peoria Ave.

Sighted multiple objects flying in formation, first noticed in SSE position moving south to north.

Objects had a slight tan, copper toned color, which I at first thought might be the reflection of city streetlights.

As they approached closer, nearly overhead, they appear uniform in color and seemed to be illuminated with a glow similar to Christmastime luminaria (candles placed in brown paper sacks or bags). I could not tell the altitude of the objects. They were moving due north in a wide “V” formation. There were about ten objects in each arm of the “V” all the same rectangular (shaped like a postage stamp, slightly longer in the north-south dimension, the direction of travel). Meantime, a commercial airliner was climbing out on a NE heading as if it were heading for Denver (very noisy) to my left that would place it over the far northwest area of Glendale, probably over 67th Ave. and Bell Rd. or slightly farther north, possibly over 67th Ave. and Union Hills Rd. I was riding a bicycle on a dark side street facing east. As I recall, the evening was clear and moonless. I figured that the “V” formation would cross the path of the jet airliner and I would be able to get an idea of the altitude and size of the objects as they intersected with the airliner.

As the “V” formation approached overhead, slightly to the east, if low, possibly traveling above 35th Avenue.
If higher, they possibly would be above Black Canyon Freeway (I-17), over the Metrocenter regional shopping mall. The “V” formation was not directly overhead, but slightly to the east of me at an undetermined altitude.

As I watched the “V” formation approach the point directly east of me, the objects did a coordinated maneuver: They moved out along the “V” and spun in a coordinated circular pattern and then moved close together in a circular group packed tightly but none of them overlapping. They moved out of the “V” formation in opposite directions and formed two separated circular clusters. In doing this complicated maneuver, they never changed speed or their north-south orientation. The motion out of the “V” formation reminded me of the Paramount logo at the start of Hollywood movies where the star flow up an around the mountain forming a circle of stars.

This happened out of the arms of the “V” forming a rotating circle of rectangular objects that then tightened the circle into a paced grouping also having a roughly circular perimeter with all the objects maintaining their north-south direction only now formed into two separate circular tightly packed cluster – still moving toward the jet airliner. The separation between the two clusters was approximately the length of the ends of the “V” when I first saw it and when it reached the point direct east of me..

These objects continued moving due north and at some point would intersect the path of the jet airliner – either In front of it or behind it – at least one or the other of the now two separate circular tightly packed clusters. The jet airliner continued NE. The two clusters were moving toward the rear quarter of the plane and I was sure one of the cluster would intersect and pass over the plane either above it or below it and that would give me some idea of their relative size and altitude.
As the two clusters moved toward the rear quarter of the plane, probably at about a 45 degree angle if a passenger on the plane were looking back over the plane’s horizontal tail assembly. As both clusters approached the plane and reached a point fairly close, both clusters simultaneously blinked invisible – as if the simultaneously and instantly turned on some kind of “cloaking” effect that rendered them invisible. Neither cluster passed over or under the plane. They just suddenly turned invisible. The jet airliner continued it NE heading, the pilot or crew or passengers, unaware that a large cluster of rectangular objects had nearly intercepted it.

When I arrived home, about a half mile from where this sighting occurred, I looked in the White Pages and found two listings for UFO reporting. The first one I called rang with no answer. The second one I called, UFO Watch I think was the name, located in Fountain Hills east of Scottsdale. The man I talked to said it was extremely unusual to see rectangular objects and even more unusual to see multiple rectangular objects.

He said the complex coordinated maneuvers I described the objects performing would not be possible from any current technology he was aware of. The U.S. Air Force didn’t have anything capable of such a complicated, coordinated maneuver and they certainly would not perform something as complicated as the circular spin and tight formation clustering over a densely populated city such as Phoenix. He told me to make a note of what I had seen and leave it at that. He said no one would believe me. I told him that I had two thoughts. One was that this was the first UFO sighting I had ever experienced and couldn’t believe that it occurred over a metropolitan area.

I thought UFO sightings usually were seen over remote, rural areas. And second, that this occurred in the early evening and surely I wasn’t the only one who had witnessed it. People would be out playing tennis or shooting baskets or doing other outdoor activities and would have seen the same “V” formation and the maneuvers that I had seen. I watched the news the next couple of days and never heard any report of such a sighting or similar UFO report. I find it hard to believe that I was the only one who witnessed this unusual event. There was a different sighting reported over Phoenix of some kind of unusual “lights” but they were moving in the opposite direction, from what I have heard, moving from north to south. I told the man in Fountain Hills that I was sure that if I went out and purchased some video or photography equipment that it was unlikely that I would encounter such an unusual display of UFO mass coordinated maneuvers in the rest of my lifetime.

I probably would be wasting my time expecting to see such a sighting again and hoping to record it on videotape or on photographic film. But what I had witnessed spanned about ten minutes at the most, maybe not that long. The objects were not moving very fast, no faster than the jet airliner. If I move my hand to trace the movement of the objects, the time lapse is more like one or two minutes, possibly less than one minute.

When I first saw the “V” formation, it was about halfway between the horizon to the SE and zenith looking due East. This is the first time I have ever given a written report of that sighting. I have told family and friends what I saw. Each time a movie started showing the Paramount Pictures-Gulf & Western stars spinning in a circle, I would mention that’s what I saw those UFO objects do as they moved out of the “V” formation.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. However, we assume that he describes here the “Phoenix Lights” event, of March 13, 1997, so we have changed the date above, in order to reflect that fact. PD))


 Summary : Saw 5 bright lights in triangle formation in the northand heading southeast at an extremely fast speed.

Here’s what I saw. I was taking the dogs out before bed (I’m not exactly sure what the time was, around 2100 I think) and I looked to the north and saw 5 very bright white lights in a triangle (or V) formation moving really fast southeast. Then they broke formation. The light in the back and below (from my angle) slowed up. Now I started to wonder what I was looking at because most planes would keep formation or at least break formation completely. Never saw a plane with lights as bright as these also. The group seemed to rotate 90 degrees to the left and go a little south of Mingus mountain. I was suprised that I couldn’t hear them so I listened harder. I did hear the sound of a faint rustling in the sky, not like a jet, but of somethin moving extremely fast through the air. The sound was a ways behind them also and did seem to follow them. I then started looking around at two other planes flying. Sessna’s by the sound and speed of them. Also by the red flashing lights. I saw the lights fade into the distance and I headed back inside. My first notion was what has our government got up there? New stealth technology? Then why the lights?

I also thought the lack of sound could have been some form of some top secret frequency cancellation system that the government is checking out. But still, why the lights? It didn’t hit home that these could possibly be UFO’s until I heard people talking about it on Friday. Then I knew I had seen something that was definately unexplainable. At least by me. It was definately not the comet, flair, balloon, or any other thing of that nature. Anyway, feel free to call if you want more information.


A spaceship flys through the sky in a V shape.

It was about 9:00 pm and I saw this V shaped thing with lights on the bottom.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. We suspect that he may be alluding to the events of March 13, 1997, so we have changed the date above. We will write to request more information. PD))


My wife and I were walking our dogs on the south side of South Mountain in the mountain park when we saw the ufo come over the mountain at low altitude (500’appx) headed southbound.

It was s i l e n t and had 5 white globes along the leading edge of a black triangle shaped object which blacked out the stars and was about a mile wide.


Five V-shaped lights heading south on I-17 toward Phoenix

My wife and I were driving from Sedona, Arizona to Phoenix on the evening of March 13, 1997. We were traveling south on I-17 about 30 miles north of Phoenix. It was slightly after dark.

My wife and I both noticed a V-shaped formation of 5 lights flying south at a slow speed. The lights were to the right of us and almost above us (we needed to lean forward and look up and to the right through the windshield of the car).

The lights continued south along I-17 at roughly the same speed as our car for almost 30 minutes. There was no visible object between the lights.
The lights were moving slowly for an aircraft and we assumed it could only be something like a group of helicopters flying in formation.

We drove to a hotel near Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix. When we got out of the car, I scanned the sky again for the lights and did not see them.


I witnessed the “Phoenix Lights” on March 13, 1997

My mother and wife were watching TV and I went out to the back patio to have a cigarette around 9:00 pm and within minutes saw the lights moving South over Squaw Peak just east of our home. I wanted my wife to see them but was fixated on watching and figured she would not have time to get outside before they were gone. My watching time was a couple of minutes or so and I immediately knew I was seeing something not natural/normal. I was watching six or more bright orange lights in a V formation (like a boomerang) moving slowly at a low altitude. There was no sound. The minute it had passed I went in the house and told Mother and wife what I had just seen. I wondered if others had also witnessed the happening.

The next morning it was big news and was seen by hundreds from towns starting in northern Arizona…..through Phoenix and on down to Tucson. I called the Arizona Republic and told the reporter what I had seen and assured her I was not into UFO happenings and was hopeful of an explanation.

To this day a reasonable explanation has never been given.


Summary : me, my uncle, my friend,and my dad were outside (in our backyard) when we saw 5 or 6 brightly lighted lights in the sky (about a mile long or so, in formatian)

at first we thoght nothing of it, but then they started darting back and forth. later on we asked Luke A.F.B what the lights were, they told us that they were helicopters in formation, but i don’t belive that. they were much to fast.

((NUFORC Note: We presume the witness means 9:00 p.m., and we have changed the time here. PD))


Summary : Unexplained Arizona Sighting

At approximately 8:45PM I went the front yard of my Phoenix home which is located in the southern part of the city, an area called Ahwatukee. I looked to the east and saw a very strange looking craft flying (?) very slowly in the sky. It was moving away I assume as it was getting smaller. It was very visible against the Superstition Mountains. It moved slowly from north to south and back again in what appeared to be a ric-rac pattern. It was quite large, I agree with the others who put their arm up and measured with a closed fist. It appeared triangular in shape, I related it to a “squashed” pyramid. I saw three very bright white lights, one in each corner and one at the top of the “pyramid”. In the center was a very, very bright pulsating red light, bigger in circumference than the three white lights. I would describe the white lights as three powerful strobe lights.

We watched the object for several minutes and we amazed that something that large could move so gracefully! and so silently. We could hear no sound at all. It gradually faded into the south east sky.






I saw seven UFOs apppear in formation then disappear.

It was about 7:40 pm. I had just left work. I boarded Interstate 10 northbound from chandler Blvd. As i was looking north I noticed 5 then 6 then 7 bright lights suddenly appear in the sky afew miles ahead. they formed a straight line, then formed a V shape formation then back to a straight line this lasted a few mintues. Then I noticed the lights blink out one by one. I started to get goose bumps up and down my arms. I drove faster to get home and turn on the news to see if I was seeing things or if in fact other people saw this too.
When I got home A friend of mine was waiting outside my apartment for me and seemed very excited about something!! The first words out of his mouth were “Hey Kevin you will never guess what I just saw!!” I said “Did you just see a bunch of UFOs over there? (pointing northwest). He said “YES!!”.
We went inside my apartment and turned on the TV. But nothing about it was on yet. We compared our stories and they were the same. Neither one of us could shut up!!!.
When the news came on we learned that we were not the only ones that saw this, and that there was also a seperate second sighting of a V shaped object that flew over the entire state witnessed by hundereds of people. We were both very excited and very concerned. We kept on talking about our sighting.

((NUFORC Note: We believe the witness may have erred with respect to the time of the sighting. It may have been 2040 hrs., not 1940 hrs., but we will check with the witness and correct the time, if necessary. PD))


Summary : My wife and I witnessed a craft passing in front uf us that was close to a mile long. This boomerang/trianglar craft became “transluct” when it passed through the light of the moon.

It was 8:30 pm., mst, 3/13/97, and I was going to bed. I went to close the window, when three huge, white, bright lights caughtmy eye. A plane was crashing from SkyHarbor Airport in Phoenix, the angle and speed would not allow a plane to survive. I ran to the living room, grabbed my glasses,and told my wife of 25 years, Get outside, NOW! Never said that before, in that tone.We were standing on our porch within 8-10seconds. This craft was 3000 ft. off the surface. at least 1 mile in length. There is no doubt in our minds that what we were seeing, was one object. It appeared to be triangular or wedge shaped. Three bright whitebeams of light up front, and 4-5 solid, non-blinking red lights on east side and rear.
The moon at that time was at 45 degrees and directly facing us. I told my wife, “We’ll be able to see detail as it passes in front of us, directly in front of the moon. As the craft passed thru the light of the moon, the color of the moon changed to dingy yellow, and we could see horizontal “waves” as it passed. These waves were similar to gasoline fumes if one to take the lid off of a gas can, and look at the reflection of the fumes. The craft was viewed by us from a straight line north to south. It never moved irratically, nor did it make a sound. It was totally quiet.
Our viewing sight was approximatly 2 miles from the craft. We witnessed a plane in landing formation pass right over the object. It never adjusted its course. It didn’t see it. I told my story to MUFON on 1-15-97. We were on, “Strange Universe” on 3/31/97 as witnesses to this great event. The video on the news and tv is not what we saw at or near that same time. Our sighting was one solid object. We live in the far eastern part of Chandler, and had an excellent view point. This craft had no visible means of propulsion and was totally quiet. It never changed course and went straight south towards Tucson, Az. The object was dark and was not big in height, but beyond huge in length. We were back inside by 8:45 in total disbelief of what we had seen. It wasn’t until we saw the news the next day, did we realize that others had seen massive sightings. I am 44 years old, married for 25 years, three grown boys, and twin granddaughters, I am a US Navy veteran, with 14 years education.


Summary : 4 orange lights at about 30′ elevation looking to the North/North-East. Appeared in a wide trapazoid formation. Very slow moving.

Four bright orange lights were seen just after sundown at about 30′ elevation looking to the North/North-East. They were in a trapazoid-type formation. We also noticed some smaller white lights appearing around the orange lights that looked as if they might have been associated in some way. The lights seemed to be moving very slowly toward the South. The formation gave the impression of a plane, only much, much larger.

((NUFORC Note: We believe the correct time of the sighting to have been approximatel 2030-2040 hrs.. We have changed the time here. PD))


At approx. 2015 hrs. flares dropped were close enough that I could see the white smoke as each burned, but the parachutes were not visible.

15 flares were dropped in close succession into a near-perfect V shape. They burned about 15 mins. before they went out.

As a security officer for the GBAF at the time, I was on patrol duty and located at the salvage yard at the Southern end of the Base. At approx. 2015 hrs. I observed 15 flares dropped in close succession with in 3 mls. of my location.
This was unusual because the area seemed to be over ‘D’ area or Dart Drop as it is called but is NOT used for night target exercises because of the close proximity to the Base. The closest target area is South in Range 3 – EastTac another 5-8 mls. SE. The flares dropped were close enough that I could see the white smoke as each burned, but the parachutes were not visible. 15-16 flares were dropped into a near perfect ‘V’ shape pointing west. I had only observed 2-5 flares used at a time and usually staggered. Another officer remarked on his radio that he thought a bunch of people were going to report a UFO after seeing that. Someone else said he did hear on the news over the radio that people were reporting a v-shaped ufo over PHX. Later, I listened to the Art Bell show for the begining 10 mins. and heard the same.
There are at least 3 mt .ranges between here and Phx., all of which are at a higher elevation than the height of the flares I observed. The closest town is Ajo another 40 mls. S. of Gila Bend, and I doubt that anyone there could have seen these flares. And about 10 mls. further N. on hwy. 85 the ranges start blocking the South view. It seems obvious to me that the connection of my observation of an unusual flare drop to the ‘Phx. lights’ that evening was a pretext to the authentic ufo reports.


Witnessed the object travel south along Interstate 10 toward Casa Grande

On the evening of March 13, 1997, my son and I were driving on I-10 where it flows due East through Phoenix AZ. The time was approximately 8:30 P. M.. I noticed what I initially thought was a long line of commercial aircraft approaching Sky Harbor International Air Port from the North preparing for a Westerly landing. I remember thinking it odd that they all appeared to be at the same elevation and none were changing position. As we continued on, I-10 turns South heading toward Casa Grande and Tucson. At that time I lost sight and interest in the lights. We left I-10 at the Riggs Road exit and headed East towards my son’s home. I again noticed that the lights were still in the same type of pattern and at the same altitude. They also appeared to be much closer.

We arrived at my son’s home some 5 minutes later and I went outside to check on the lights while the rest of the family ate dinner. By this time, it was clear that the lights were not separate lights but actually fixed in position relative to each other. They appeared to be part of a structure that was in the shape of a very large v and were moving South and appeared to be over, or very close to, I-10. The lights were on the leading edge of whatever this was.

I remember that there were approximately 10 to 13 lights which would appear to extinguish and re-light in no particular sequence. (Could the lights be some form of propulsion?) To say that the object was large is an understatement. It was traveling South approximately 30 degrees above the horizon, moving very slowly and with absolutely no sound. If it was directly over I-10 1 mile to the West, it would be in the range of ½ mile wide. I followed the vehicle for nearly 15 to 20 minutes as it passed through my field of vision from what would be North by North West to South by South West. Using 15 minutes to traverse this roughly 210 degree arc, 1 mile away equates to a an approximate air speed of 15 to 20 mph.
The vehicle was obviously solid in nature. As it passed by, the stars in the field of view were not visible behind the vehicle (or whatever it was). As it passed by, the number of lights still visible was reduced as the starboard leading edge was blocked from view.

This only served to further substantiate my opinion that the phenomenon was solid. I was located in an area that had very little ambient light so the stars were clearly visible.

It passed from view as it traveled toward Casa Grande, 25 miles to the south. It is important to note that the lights I witnessed had nothing to do with the widely reported Phoenix Lights that descended behind South Mountain, West of my position. I did not observe those lights which have been reported, from at least one source, that they were a diversion to draw attention from the vehicle that I saw. Name to be withheld, please.

((NUFORC Note: We have corrected the time to 2030 hrs.. Witness indicated “1830” hrs., which we feel is an error. PD))


Nothing WE have, could have done what we all saw that night.

I was a witness of the famous “Phoenix lights” mass sighting back on the eve of March 13th 1997. This event changed everything for me… Later that year my wife left with the kids, followd by a nasty divorce. I tried to forget what I know I saw… for 10 years I made it, working nightly in the same outdoor welding shop that I was working in, on THAT night. The guy on the radio starts talking about the upcoming 10 anniversary of the “Phx Lights” mass sighting, and it was like a switch in my head came on. I was instantly awakened… no longer can I hold back on what I saw, and it has become an obsession.

I then reported my story on any ufo website that had the ability. That’s been a few years now and I have yet to be interviewed on what I saw. The vision of the massive yet elegant airshow that was displayed to those who were watching that night, will continue to play on my head like no other memory I can think of.

As I watched it silently make a banked turn as it glided gracefully at the same elevation (or below) as the South Mtn range that it was effortlessly floating along as it flew away from me. When I first saw it, it was floating over the S.East end if the airport area, and it was in a semicircle pattern about 5 miles wide. Each of the orbs that made up the outline could move individually (and a few did). The light of each orange/red orb came from within and didn’t radiate out (like molten metal).

The orbs started moving and formed into a V shape with one side lopsided by on or 2 orbs. when it pivoted to start moving the orb in the middle became the nose of the now V craft and when it pointed as if it were going to come my way… I panicked and turned to run… I then realized that this thing my be 9 miles away from me. I turned back around and instantly my fear was gone and as I watched it for the next 15 minutes, I tried not to blink, as I didn’t want to miss a second of it. I then told a few people and mentioned it to my wife, and it lay dormant in my head until t! he hype of the 10 year anniverssary of it brought it all back.

The “flare” explaination is insulting to my intelligence… I’ve lived here in the Phx valley all my 52 years and have seen my share of flare drops… Not even close. We have nothing on this earth (maybe inside it or interdimentionally) that could put on a show like we saw in Phx that night.


Summary : Phoenix UFO sighting March 13, 1997

My wife and I were standing out front while she was smoking. We always look in the sky when were outside at night and I had just went in the house and sat down at the computer. I didn’t even touch the keyboard when she was hysterically yelling for me to come outside. I ran outside as quickly as I could because I thought there was something happening to her. She pointed into the sky and told me to look at these lights.

It was clearly obvious that it was a craft of some sort. We could see the area between the lights which had a tiangular shape, was solid and was a different shade (darker) of black than the night sky. It moved towards Sky Harbor airport as it moved away from us. It made no noise as it went by.We are in the flight path of Sky Harbor and look at the planes as they go over (about 5000 feet). In comparison, you could of lined 3-4 jet airliners end to end and hung them underneath this thingI was an aircraft maintenance specialist in the Air Force working on B-52’s, KC135’s, C-5’s, and C141 aircraft. I have hundreds of flying ours with about a hundred of those in hostile airspace over Vietnam.

I also spent 3 years in the Army Special Forces (Green Berets) as a light weapons specialist, a nuclear, biological, chemical warfare specialist. I am a certified Quality Assurance Specialist in Electronic and Software commodities for the Department of Defense and I am presently working as a Software Quality Engineer for Honeywell. I have an A.S. degree in Quality Assurance and a Bachelors degree in Management. My wife is a Network Specialist for the Arizona State Internal Revenue Service. She has an A.S. degree in Law and is working on her Bachelors degree in Information Systems.


The object sat a while in a field next to us, then slowly floated right over us until it disappeared.

I just watched the YouTube videos about the lights over Phoenix. I have to tell you that our military and government makes me so mad. Everything has to be a cover-up with them. Maybe they should be more honest with us; don’t we at least deserve that? I was 17 years old and I was teaching a Pop Warner cheer squad on a football field out in Goodyear. There were also other Pop Warner cheer and football teams there practicing. I don’t remember the exact time but it was between 8:30 P.M. and 9:30 P.M. from what I remember. There weren’t less than 500 people there easily, parents, coaches and kids.
I noticed that in the field next to us there were several bright lights, almost like street lights. I didn’t pay much attention to them because they weren’t moving and it wasn’t interesting. It did get interesting though when they starting floating towards the field where all of us were practicing.
Everyone just seemed to stop and look up. It couldn’t have been more than 200 to 300 feet above us. We couldn’t see anything; it was just dark like the night sky. We just saw that the lights moved together in perfect formation and floated right over us until it faded off, almost like it disappeared. I didn’t really pay attention to its shape because it was so large in circumference, and so close to us. The lights were not too close together, but close enough together that we could see that it was an object. It also made no sound at all.

I am angry because the military says that the lights were caused by flares. That is crap. Do they think we’re stupid? Last time I checked, flares could not stay in perfect formation with each other, as if they were connected. And I also wasn’t aware that flares could float over a crowd of people without moving up or down, and then all go out at the same time. These lights all went out together, at the same time as if they disappeared. I personally don’t believe that our military has the kind of intelligence to create something like I witnessed that night.


Another report on the Phoenix lights, but every prospective is important to get the whole picture and or map the object as it decended on Phx.

On March 13,1997, I decided to walk my small dog in the neighborhood, it was a nice evening, I walked NE, then back SW back toward my home. I was at the corner of Ramuda and the block behind my home when I somehow became aware of many lights coming toward me very slowly and deliberately.
They were red in color and not too bright but low, very low to the ground coming right towards me. At first I thought, oh it’s helicopters from the airforce base or something. The lights were in a v shape but a very wide or fat v. I saw 4 lights that seemed to be evenly apart and one lagged behind, uneven compared to the rest. As they got closer still, I was acutley aware that this wasn’t just helicopters because they were close, low and no sound could be heard from them at all. I just stood there in total awe. Even the dog seemed to be aware of this object or objects.

The object changed altitude right in front of me, I tried to see stars throught he middle of the lights but saw none. As the object moved away it turned toward the west from coming south and west. As the object changed direction, I could only see 3 lights, still red in color. It also changed speed. I live in North Phoenix in a subdivsion called Tatem Highlands closest crossroads being Tatem and Jomax.

Many of my neighbors walk dogs late at night, however I seemed to have been out alone this particular night. There were three folks I yelled at immediatly after the object moved away from me, but they didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. My husband is an astronomy teacher and “poohed, poohed” me when I told him what happened. Of course the next day when the story was in the news, he seemed more interested.


i was driving north on I-10 from gila river indian community.

i got on the ramp i-10 north..at queen creek rd. around 8pm or before 9pm on i-10 and before chandler blvd the object was in the air above the highway.
i passed under the object at 40mph as all the other cars and semi trucks.
i looked with my head out my driver side window right under it.
the object was bigger than two or three football fields (( you can tell by not seeing the stars)).
the lights of the cars, trucks, and highway lamps did not refect off the object.

this object was maybe 200, 300 feet high ((from the bottom surface to the ground..

from all these years from the event i don’t remember how many lights but they were orange in color….

under the object, the orange diameter 15 to 20 ft… to 10 12 ft high the light is like a glow…

but the glow is from straids in this diameter…

this is how the color look is //// the flash bulb of a 50’s camera , the straids are orange…

the straids did not move in the diameter. no heat or sound…

you can see a darker blackness inside the diameter circle..

the bottom of the diameter is open to the atmosphere..

all i can say is that the straids of a flashbulb orange glow today there is el wire neon wire that looks like it but in a gas fade look..

i felt a calm manner under it..

the sound from outside of the car can be a mmm transformer or just the tires, hard to tell under the object it felt like a long time.. about 3-10 mins from the miles before to miles after ( after in the mirror)) this event was on my mind for years.. thanks for reading


Summary : Observed 5 white lights approaching from thenorth west at what appeared to be a low level but rising as they approached.

3 lights infront in a triangular pattern, followed by 2 lights to the rear forming large triangle. Lights went out as passed over. No sound.

The lights moved at a relatively slow pace in comparison to commercial jet traffic in the area and as the lights passed overhead they went out as though they were all on the front edges of the object and were obscured by the object as it passed. All lights were uniform in size and all appeared white. Path of travel would seem to be from the area of Kingman, Arizona passing just west of Chino Valley and on toward Prescott Valley. Path would be slightly north and east of the Prescott airport “Love Field”.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates a time of “11:33,” but does not specify whether am or pm. We have arbitrarily assigned what we feel is the correct time of the event, which was approximately 2030 hrs. on 13MR97. PD))


Summary : I was in tempe with a bunch of my friends when we saw a group of about 5-7 lights in the sky. They seemed to stay in the same place.

This was that recent Arizona sighting. But I don’t get why no one mentions the stuff the planes were shooting in the air. They looked like missles, but they didn;t go in one direction. They would descend, go left, bo right, go back up, go down again, and disappear. To me what I thought it was, was the military testing missles. I got seven friends who all saw the same thing. The lights then flew south and disappeared. I submit this so late because I thought it had to be just airplanes because the whole city must have seen it. I was suprised to see this phen

The same thing as up above. All observers are college students at Arizona State


Summary : Observed a number (3 – 5) of white/yellow lights hovering (suspended) approximately 7 – 10 miles away.

Observed streaking object leaving one orb and traveling at a high rate of speed in a horizontal manner and leaving a “tail” or “trail” behind (much like a meteor, but in a straight path). The lights extinguished quickly with no fading of “fizzling-out”.

I have been observing these “lights” since approximately August/September, 1996. I live approximately 4 miles north of Buckeye and in an area that is in a diaganol line approximately 15 – 20 miles south/southwest from Luke Air Force Base. The first night we observed the lights back in the fall, they appeared due South of my home. There were three large orbs and were yellow/white in color. I called to my roomate to come and see and she observed them at that time. We concluded they were flares of some sort. However, they disappeared very quickly, as if a switch had been turned off. A few moments later, they appeared, all at once, in a location several miles to the west of the original sighting. We were not at all convinced that these lights were unexplainable, and we were mildly curious.
The second sighting was perhaps a week later, with the same type of behavior. This time, however, I retrieved my binoculars and both my roomate and myself wathced the lights for several minutes. It appeared that there was heat emanating from the orb…we thought it might be smoke, but it appeared more to be like radiant heat.

We assumed that if it was a flare of some time, it would gradually burn out, but once again it exstinguised itself very rapidly and we did not observe it again that night.In visiting with my new neighbors, I asked whether they had seen these lights and they had not. However, a week or so later, once again they appeared (in the same location), and I called them and had them come outside to observe with myself and my roomate. They confirmed the sighting, and also thought that perhaps it was some type of flare. The also observed the heat radiating from the orbs. They disappeared as before.

I am not a very good judge of distance or size, but if I were to estimate the size of these object in relation to the night sky, I would say they appeared to be the size of 1/2 dollar piece. They have appeared in numbers of 3, 4 and in a configuration of 3 with 2 to west side.
I remember two other occasions in which I observed these lights and began to feel that it was some sort of Air Force exercise or some other explainable phenomena.The night of March 13, 1997, I was driving from Phoenix, west on I-10. I had left town at approximately 7:45 p.m., and am guessing it was around 7:20 to 7:25 that I began to notice the lights. I remember thinking that the lights were in a different position that I had observed them before. They were more closely situated near the Estrella Mtns (west side) and seemed to be moving.

Before, I had only observed them being stationery. It did not really dawn on me that they were moving until I turned South off of the interstate and began traveling south. I realized that the lights had moved to the location I was used to seeing them…approximately 20 miles west of the Estrella Mts.
By the time I was within one mile of my home, I began to sense that these lights were moving much more erratically than I had previously observed. They had moved even further west (it was approximately 7:25 – 7:30 by this time) and suddenly I saw the streaking object seemingly coming from one of the larger orbs (there were 3 at this time) and move VERY rapidly horizontally across the sky (to the northwest I believe).

It seemed there was a tail of sparks or matter coming from this smaller object and I can only compare it to a meteor, although I am certain it was NOT a meteor (it moved in a straight line and then went out very quickly some distance from the orb). I ran into the houseand summoned my roomate, but by the time we went outside, all signs of the objects were gone.
I began asking people at work back in Aug/Sept if they had seen any of these lights. I suppose they thought I was a bit touched, but now that this major sighting has occured, they are remembering the days I came in with details of what I had seen the night before.

I wish I would have known how to contact someone back then. I am a Data Processing Assistant (15 years) with a large school district in Phoenix. If you would be interested in any other information or background information on myself or the other “witnesses” please contact me via email. Thank you for providing this service


Summary : We saw 5 red lights, in a V formation, from the north to the south, in a fifteen minute period.

Sitting outside my place of employment, I noticed red lights in the horizon, directly north of us. After noticing, I jokingly said, “Hey guys, I think i see a UFO!” This was more of a gut fealing than a joke. My four friends then saw what I was looking at. Since we were right by Skyharbor Airport, there were commercial planes flying East and West. The red lights seamed to be lower in altittued and oblivious to the fact that it was flying directly toward commercial aircraft traffic. They were in a V formation, three red lights in front, two red lights behind and to each side. As they moved closer to us we moved into our parking lot.

There seemed to be no “body” to this aircraft, only lights. When directly overhead, it was so large, it wouldnt fit it into direct vision, I had to shift my eyes to see the entire object. At this time, we realized that this was not one object, it was five, or more. The red light in back and to my right, was trailing slightly. In talking with my co-workers, some say the lights were red, and some say they were orange. The lights slowly moved to the South, and then they were gone. Then the following day, we saw the six o’clock news ( at work ) and all doubts were gone, it was a UFO!


Phx Lights orb

During the night of the “Phx Lights” I was living under the path of the object. At 08:20 my apartment door was open and an object came to my door ( an orb), paused as if looking at me, came in, bounced off the walls, turned off my tv and I think went out the door. I looked at the time, listened for any fire truck in case they had released a microwave or something, but there was only the normal sound of city traffic. Several days later my brother said, “did you see the lights?”. Also, I talked to a man who had seen the flyover. I didn’t know anything about it until the video made the news and I put two and two together with my encounter. I don’t have the slightest idea why it would be looking me up, but I was beeped by “it”. No one has believed me yet.

((NUFORC Note: The “Phoenix Lights” sighting occurred on Thursday, March 13, not March 17. We have changed the date above. We do not know if this is a serious report. PD))


v of lights over phoenix az.

witnessed the phoenix lights from diferent view from guest on coast to coast. witnessed from south west corner of valley. came in from the north hoverd near camelback mountain and moved over skyharbor air port and disaperied behind south mountains. these were definitley not flaires.

((NUFORC Note: We have amended the date above to March 13, 1997, the date of the dramatic sightings over Arizona. PD))


5 Lighted, V-shaped UFO over Diamond Valley (Hengerson, NV, to Phoenix, AZ.). 3/13/1997.

I also witnessed The 5 lighted, V-Shaped, Silent Hovering Craft on 3 13 1997 on Highway 69. Just Wanted to add my sighting.

Will Never forget its slow (Almost Hovering) Flight over Diamond Valley moving towards Prescott Valley & or Phoenix. I Clearly remember it’s 5 White Lighted V configuration as described by others. I remember straining to hear anything, and Couldn’t. It Was Apparently Silent.
Seemed Extremely Large & relatively close to the ground (Compared to aircraft often seen Miles up in the air).
Seemed Much More Similar in Size to a Large Jumbo Jet (I would agree to Football Field Size as others described).
Never Really Knew What to do about sighting. No Harm Done, No one Hurt, Didn’t want to alarm police.
Saw Sightings from Vegas (Henderson Actually), to Kingman, Az, to Pauldin, Az, to Prescott Valley, Az, to Dewey, Az, to Phoenix on news following day(s’}. Just wanted to add verification of incident.

It was So Quiet. So Large. V Shaped. So low to the ground. So Slow Moving (Not like any other Jet aircraft I can ever remember). Did move more like helicopter but silent. V Shaped. 5 white solid white lights evenly spaced.


Summary : Myself, my 12 yr old son and his friend watched a large triangular shape craft with colored lights (red mostly) in chevron design glide over my house very slowly and completely silent.

We watched it as it headed south for quite a long time. The ship was very large, flying very low and totally silent. I cannot understand why there is not more coverage and concern regarding this sighting. I always believed there could be other life out there – now I know


Summary : 5 orange colored lights fall toward earth like fireworks. Shortly after they hovered in place, pulsating and began moving at odd trajectories.

They did this for several minutes, blinking in and out. Moments later, they had vanished from view.
Driving Northbound on West I-10, from the Chandler Blvd exit, Miles looked out the car windshield and noticed the objects positioned at one o’clock. As they were falling, I noticed five objects, three with sparks coming off of them. Then I got Demian’s attention and we both witnessed them stop above the horizon of the city lights, hover, and began pulsating. Two, started moving independantly of the others at various right angles and spiral motions, while the others maintained a steady pattern. By this point we had passed the Elliot Rd. offramp and were proceeding toward the Superstition Freeway. By the time we had crossed beneath the Guadalupe Rd. overpass, they had vanished from sight. From our assumption, they appeared to be East of Sky Harbor by a few miles, somewhere over Tempe. There is not a dought in our minds that this unexplained phenominon is indeed explainable. For the record, this report was typed prior to reviewing the posted repots..


Summary : Observed five yellow-white lights travelling from NW to NE then turning to S

While doing astrophotography I observed five yellow-white lights in a “V” formation moving slowly from the northwest, across the sky to the northeast, then turn almost due south and continue until out of sight. The point of the “V” was in the direction of movement. The first three lights were in a fairly tight “V” while two of the lights were further back along the lines of the “V”‘s legs. During the NW-NE transit one of the trailing lights moved up and joined the three and then dropped back to the trailing position. I estimated the three light “V” to cover about 0.5 degrees of sky and the whole group of five lights to cover about 1 degree of sky.


Chevron formation of five white lights, plus other strange things.

As I write this, it is almost seven years since the events described actually happened. They left such a deep and disturbing impression that I still think about them from time to time, as I have never heard an adequate explanation. I discovered this website while searching for something, anything that might have come to light in the intervening years, and felt compelled to add my account, as it includes some additional items that I haven’t seen reported by anyone else.

On the evening of March 13, 1997 I was camping just outside of Prescott, AZ, in the forest near Hidden Valley Dr. There was a campsite nearby that was closed for the season, but my tent was outside of the campground area, on a hill I would estimate to be about a half-mile from Highway 89.

Just after 8:00 PM, I noticed several lights in the sky off to the West-Northwest. I assumed at first that they were airplane lights, as they seemed to be the usual colors of red, green, and white, but they seemed to be moving somewhat erratically (hovering and bobbing in the air), and I got the impression there was something generally weird about them. The colored light they were casting seemed to project in much stronger beams than I have ever seen from an airplane, and they seemed to be rotating and changing colors from a common source, rather than the clearly separate lights that airplanes have. I recall that there were two of these objects, but there may have been more that I dismissed as airplanes before noticing the oddness of the lights.

At around this same time, I saw first two, then three lights off in the trees to the Southwest. At first I had thought they were the eyes of an animal, God only knows how I could have thought that, but then I noticed the third light, and also noticed that they seemed to be pulsating, growing dimmer and brighter by turns. These lights appeared to be very low to the ground, somewhere amongst the trees and evidently some distance away.
As all this was going on, and I was getting generally freaked out, while I was looking in the direction of the red/green/white lights, I saw a chevron formation of five very bright white lights appear out of the West-Northwest sky. This formation banked towards the South, and flew directly overhead. I was observing this from just inside the tent, with the opening facing Northwest (I was already pretty badly frightened by this point, and had gotten into the tent for security), so I lost sight of them after they passed overhead. I cannot really make a decent guess as to their altitude, or how fast they were moving–from the time I saw them to the time they passed overhead was less than half a minute, so I had the impression they were moving pretty fast, and at the time (having seen them from a great distance off) I assumed they were at high altitude, but descending as I watched. My impression was that they were five separate objects, although they remained in perfect formation when they performed the banking maneuver. I believe these particular lights passed over at around 8:15. They made absolutely no sound.

This brief sighting of five lights flying in a “V” was my only glimpse of what is now called the “Phoenix Lights.”

For several hours, however, I continued to observe a number of strange things in the sky, including the red/green/white lights, several lights that I would have thought were stars if they had not been moving in jerks and starts in random directions, and at one point what appeared to be a circle of orange light (pretty much the color of fire) passing through the sky from East to West, also without any sound. I was so exhausted that night that I eventually fell asleep despite all the bizarre things in the sky.


Phoenix Lights on I-17 near Sunset Point Rest Area

Hi Peter, I heard you on Coast to Coast with Art Bell last night, and you finished the show asking for Phoenix Lights eyewitness reports. Here is one more for you.

I think my sighting was somewhat unusual, because I saw the craft flying southward above Interstate 17 about 60 miles north of Phoenix. I’ve heard reports from the Prescott area, and of course in Phoenix, but not many from in between.

Please refer to the following map: http://maps.google.com/?ll=34.174885,-112.136593&spn=0.099698,0.100079 This shows I-17 north of Phoenix. The map is centered on the Sunset Point rest area, which is about 1/2 mile up the road (north) after my sighting ended.
I was driving home from Phoenix, and the time was approximately 8:15 pm.
Don’t take that time too seriously — I didn’t check the time while watching the UFO, and came up with an approximation later based on the time I got home. (I was used to making the trip and new how long it took to drive between Phoenix to the Sunset Point halfway point, and then home in Sedona.) See where I-17 is split lower in the map area? That is the stretch of the interstate that connects the Sonoran Desert with a mesa area at higher altitude.
The road there is curvy and is on about a 7% grade, with little or no shoulder.
It was getting dark, and while driving about halfway up that part of the road, I noticed an inverted V of bright lights far off in the distance. They seemed low near the horizon, and at first I thought they were lights on a distant mountain.
But that didn’t make sense, because the mountain is off to the left (west), and the lights were just about 5 degrees left of straight ahead. Also, they were white color and steady, not flashing red as with a radio tower or something like that.
While I was thinking those thoughts, I realized there was no way the lights were on the ground, since they were getting higher in the sky and nearer (bigger)! Obviously, it was something or some things flying through the air.
It was getting difficult to watch the lights, because I was in traffic, navigating curves uphill on a road with almost no shoulder and a cliff to my left in case I messed up! (BTW, I was in the left lane of traffic.) As the lights got nearer, I had to push my head forward toward the windshield and look upwards. It was a little tricky…
The lights stayed on the left of my car, apparently flying over the southbound part of the interstate. I could clearly see there were five lights, one at the tip and two each on either side, in the V shape. The lights were white, but not pure — slightly yellowish, like an incandescent light bulb.
As the lights were just a short distance away, I thought, “That is either 5 military jets flying in formation, or a UFO.” I watched to see if I could see a solid shape of a big ship, but it was too dark. As the lights got the closest, I thought, “That is either an alien UFO or some secret government project.” It didn’t seem to be jets in formation. There were only the 5 whitish lights, and no green or red lights, or flashing lights of any kind.
Another thing I remember thinking at the time was that I wondered how big the craft was. If it was flying low, it might have been the size of a commercial airliner, but if it was higher up (tens of thousands of feet), it would have been huge and moving very fast.
When I first spotted the lights off in the distance, they were about the apparent size of my thumb held at arm’s length. When the lights flew by, they were about the size of my fist at arm’s length.
By the time the lights had passed by my car, I had driven all the way up the hill to the mesa where the Sunset Point rest stop is located. I thought of pulling over since there was some shoulder there, but realized that by the time I got out of the car, the lights would already have flown far away, and I wouldn’t see much.

So I didn’t stop.
Two days later (Saturday) I was out socializing around town, and mentioned to some friends that I’d seen something while driving home from Phoenix. One guy looked at me and said something like, “Oh, you saw it! You saw the UFO that was reported on the Phoenix TV news!”
If it weren’t for that, I probably would have never connected my experience with the big UFO sighting, which I otherwise would have heard about months or years later, after I’d forgotten what day it was I saw them.
I don’t watch TV or read newspapers, and if other witnesses are anything like me, that would explain why you don’t get many more reports. It wasn’t until months later I decided to do a search on the Internet and learned that people were calling the UFO the “Phoenix Lights”. When I learned that the UFO was a mile wide, I realized that when I saw it, it must have been at a high altitude and really moving! I haven’t tried to do any of the math — the calculation would be rough at best — but I guess it must have been going about 2000 miles per hour. (?) If I can figure out how many apparent angular degrees my thumb is, and use a stopwatch the next time I drive home from Phoenix, maybe I can come up with a better number.
I’ll be happy to do my best to answer any questions you have regarding my sighting.


Summary : Sighted red to white horizontal line on the north west horizon. As the object got closer it looked like a 5 light triangle. It passed over head and diasppeared into the south east horizon in about 10 to 15 minutes.

The object was first spoted by ((name deleted)) at approximately 2015 on 3/13/97. The object was seen on the northwestern horizon. It appeared as a horizontal line with a red glow. We arrived home and got some binoculars to see what it was. By this time it had changed color to a brilliant white and was in the shape of a triangle. The best discription at this time was the leading edge of the B2 bomber. A light on the nose, one on either side and toward the back, then one moreon either side spaced farther back than the first pair. There were five lights in all. The object moved from the northwest to the southeast, almost directly over head of our house. As it moved across the sky is believe I was able to seethe stars between the light formation. We tried to hear a sound from the objects, thinking it might be helicopters flying in formation, but there was no strobe or red and green marker lights. The formation of the five objects did not changeas you would expect from aircraft. There was no change in spacing, no noise and it was as bright overhead as it was comming or going. We could not tell how high the objects were, but while discussing what we saw the next day we realized thatwe might have see these objects while they were over Prescott because they started out red then changed to white while over Phoenix. We do not have any explanation for what we saw, but we both saw something we’ve never seen before.


((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates in report that date of occurrence was 15MR97. Based on telephone conversations with the same witness, we suspect that he is referring to the major events reported over Phoenix on Thursday night, March 13, 1997. If our surmise is incorrect, we will change the date back to 15MR97 at a future date.))
Airline pilot views Phoenix lights from Interstate 10, while driving to work.
I have recently discovered your site and have enjoyed perusing it’s contents. I read with some interest your report on the “Phoenix Lights” as I was a witness to their passage on the night in question. I am a pilot with one of the major carriers here in the valley and I live in the South Mountain area. On that night I was on my way to work and traveling north along interstate 10 at approximately 8:15 PM. The lights first appeared to me to be over the airport in a wide formation and traveling in a southerly direction, roughly over the interstate. There is no question that they were anomalous, they got my attention immediately, and I was concerned enough about distractedly weaving into other traffic while observing them, that I pulled off the interstate to watch them go overhead. Where my account seems to differ from the accounts of other witnesses is that I perceived the lights to be individual objects, five in all, traveling in a roughly triangular formation. As they passed overhead, I took note of a particularly bright star and noted that the star was never obscured by any solid object as the lights passed it. When the lights were directly overhead, they appeared to be comprised of two lights per object, the bright light in the direction of motion and a much fainter light immediately behind it. There was no variation in the color of the lights and no blinking or twinkling. It was very difficult to judge the altitude of the objects, as they were never more than pinpoints of light moving very slowly; if I had to guess, I would say they were at very high altitude. I know this is at odds with some of the more dramatic reports of a gigantic dark object, but I am certain that I am not mistaken. Being a pilot, I am a trained observer of lighted airborne objects and, while these lights were indeed strange, there is no doubt in my mind that they were individual objects and not the running lights on some single large object


Summary : v formation white lights to start with at long range as it got closer looking through binoculars each light was actually 2 one red one green 4 on one side 3 on the other like missing man formation moving very slow and making no noise at all.
At around 8:15 on 03/13/97 four of us observed a v shaped object coming at us with bright lights. As it got closer we got out some binoculars and looked at it, what looked like white lights were actually two lights forming one. One light being green the other one was red. During this time the oddest thing about this, was there was no noise at all. There was no moon to backlight this so we could only see the lights. I thought perhaps because there was no noise that it might have been a pedal plane that I saw on the discovery channel once. It appeared to be about 1000 feet in the air. One observer is a principal at a local gradeschool, another telephone man, one dental asst., and a 14 year old.


Phoenix Lights
To Whon It May Concern, I was a witness to the Phoenix Lights.
I was leaving my apartment (8 PM) to go to the store. I looked to the north and saw a delta formation of amber lights.
The lights were heading directly in my direction (Flying South). I thought, “oh boy, if this is a UFO I finally get to see one.” I could not figure their speed. But I would say they were flying slower than a civil airliner on approach. (200-300 mph?) As the lights got closer I observed the lights moving individually (as a plane flying through (or on) the air).

As the craft came overhead I could hear the faint whine of jet engines. I assumed they were a squadron of A-10’s flying formation, on the way to Davis Monthan AFB (in Tuscon, AZ, where A-10’s are stationed).
They were defintly 9 individual jet aircraft of human origin flying south.
The following days were a real circus. When I read that people spotted a large craft. My belief in e.t. went south with the planes I saw the night before.
A Phoenix Radio talk show host took up the subject in preceding days(weeks). He was asking for people to call in who saw the lights. (I didn’t call in) But someone called in and said they looked at the aircraft through binoculars. They described aircraft but not of a known configuration.
I hope this helps.


early evening time object the size of 2 or three junbo jets could see lights invisible no sound moved incredibly slow like a zepplin balloon

object was large about 2.5 i think of a large com. airliner flying south at a very slow speed i could see fixed lights but the body was not visible it made no sound i was listening to a portable headset outside in glendale az 3/13/97 no nieghbors had witnessed saw news team coverage the day after thought i would file this report since no one has ever figured out what it was definetly real but if it could be a stealth or spy plane would be my guess it was 8:05 or so passing my line of sight looking east from my home at about 55th and t-bird gl. az


V shaped object that flew from the north of phoenix and eventually right over phoenix 3/13/97

I was sitting in my jacuzzi on the evening of March 13th, 1997. It was sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 P.M.. My recliner seat in my jacuzzi at that time faced the north. I could see planes coming in from the northwest every couple of minutes which I assume were coming in from Las Vegas and they still fly that same pattern today. As I was looking what would be due north I notice 5 lights heading straight this way as if they were following I-17. I was thinking I was going to see maybe the concord. The lights were not real high off the horizon when I noticed them. I set an watched them coming in anticipation to see what they are. At a distance they looked like they were in a straight line. As they got closer they gained in altitude gradually and I could see a V formation. There is a tree in the lot behind my house that they went behind for just a few seconds. When they got on the south side of the tree I was amazed at how they had even gotten higher in the sky. The lights never broke there V formation. I could see that this was one object of an enormous size. The lights flew directly over Phoenix while gaining altitude at an accerlerated speed. I watch the lights along with my Mom and cousin Katy. As the lights gained in speed and altitude the craft made a straight angle turn with no curve in its turn. It was simply amazing. I have seen footage over the years and only one video showed the same object or one similiar to what we seen. The lights that supposedly appeared down in south phoenix I do believe were flares. The object I witnessed was flying and had no sound at all. It is way to big for any aircraft that we as the general public no of. I do not know much about the other lights in south phoenix but I wish they would debunk them and focus on the huge craft that actually flew from the north and over the city of phoenix. I saw the video of the lights that were over Phoenix last night[4/22/08.

At first they resembled the lights I saw however the front light was not there and that video showed the lights moving towards and away from each other so I know it was not the same object I saw in 1997. The object I witnessed had “fixed” lights on it and they looked the same in roundness from any direction you looked at them. When I was a kid my brother and I have one other sighting I would like to talk or write about but at this time I would like to know more about the object that flew over ! Phoenix.


An object, consisting of 5 lights, in the shape of an arrow, flew right over my house.

I was on my way to the store, when I looked up and saw 5 white lights, appearing to be equally spaced, in the shape of a wide arrowhead. The lights were coming over a mountain, to the north of my house, that is used for hang gliding. That was my first thought, a hang glider strung with lights. But the lights were bright enough to show that they were not attached to a hang glider frame. A friend was coming to my house the same time I was leaving, so I pointed the lights out to him. On my way to the store, I noticed my neighbers outside also watching the lights. I stopped to talk to them about it, and we all came to the conclusion that what we were seeing was a UFO. The object didn’t emit any sound, and flew from north to south. I first noticed it above Shaw Butte Mountain (15th Ave. and Cholla) and last saw it around 13th Ave. and Mercer Lane. The store trip took me 10 minutes, max. I drove around a little, looking for the mysterious lights, but they were nowhere to be found.


a “Flying wing” which fley over my car as i was on I10 heading west
on 3-13-97

my grandmother and i were driving home from my aunts house. as we were at 67th ave on I10 we saw a flying wing heading in our direction. it looked like a airplane about to crash with ist lights on, but it made no sound of any kind. we got off the freeway at 83rd and followed the craft. we then heard a polie siren followng the craf when it suddenly blinked and was not visiable. we didn’t know what to think until we got home and watched the 10:00 news. I would have posted this sonner but i only learned of this site a week ago.


UFO over Phoenix 1997

I just saw the show on tv called UFO over Phoenix or something similiar speaking about flares from airplanes.
I lived around 35th ave and deer valley at the time and was 16-17.
I was jokingly looking through a cardboard telescope I had made at the sky when I saw the v shaped UFO. If I recall the lights looked red, not sure if they even were testing stealth bombers at the time.
I for a fact saw the v shaped lights and saw it very slowly fly over my house. It was also completely silent.
I pointed for my mom to look and she saw it also.


I had gone to visit with a friend at about 30 ave. and just north of northern, I arrived at his home and noticed his car was gone, he had told me he had to go to the store so I just sat in front of his house in my car waiting for him to return. While I was sitting there I happened to look to the northwest where I saw what looked like four large, very bright white lights in the sky at about 30 degrees. It appeared that they were about one or two miles away from where I was, probably somewhere around 43 ave. or 51 ave. and Olive. These lights appeared to me to be in the shape of a very large diamond they were as bright as and maybe even brighter than those you would see on a commerical jet airliner. When I first saw them they were coming straight down out of the sky in a verical direction. I thought at first that they were the nose, wing, and tail lights of a large jet crashing into the ground, but what was really strange about this was that they were moving downward very slowly. As the lights came down closer to the ground they began to disappear behind the houses in the area, I was thinking to myself that very soon I would be seeing a large fireball in the sky from the crash, but it never happened. As I sat there thinking about what I had seen I decided that it was not a jet crashing because it was moving to slowly. I also decided that it was not helecopters because all of the lights moved downward at exactly the same speed, it did not look like flares because all of the lights were of the same intensity and were a bright white color more like you would see on a jet for it’s landing lights, except much bigger and brighter. I could not see the body of any craft partly because the lights were so bright but also because it was so far away from me. I do remember that as I was looking at it thinking it was a jet crashing, I thought that it looked to big to be a jet, at that distance it would have been at least 10 times larger than a jet. A couple of days after this happened I was talking to my mother and told! her what I had seen, after I told her about it she told me that she had just seen on the local TV news a story about the “Phoenix Lights” that so many people all over the valley had seen on that same night. I was not going to post this at first until I read on here how many people had seen something like I had. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this and I know what I saw was something out of the ordinary, I will never forget it and it has made me much more aware of the skys around me.


Summary : “V” shaped black object with 5 lights, passed directly over our house in Phoenix and didn’t make a sound. It’s shape was that of a carpenter’s square set at about 60 degrees, each arm about 300 feet long.

My 10 year old son and I had just arrived hope about 8pm and as he waited in the car for me to come around and open the door, he was looking towards the Northwest to see if the comet might still be visible, when he saw a grouping of lights. I looked and what I saw was what looked like at first a pattern of 5 lights in a half oval on its up side. I thought it was a blimp with lights on it. It seemed to be floating but I noticed it was coming directly in our direction. My son went in the house and got my wife, my 13 year old grandson and my 18 year old daughter, to come outside. We all watched these lights approach. Whatever it was it was moving rather slowly. As it came close it no longer had an up-oval shape, but began to look more lie a “V” of 5 lights, with one light in the center lead point and two lights on each side. The angle of the “V” was not very sharp, maybe 60 degrees.As we stood there watching we were completely flabergasted because it was going to pass directly over our house. And it did. It passed directly over head maybe a thousand or so feet overhead.

Our house is up on the side of a mountain in the Northeast part of Phoenix and we can see pretty far to the northwest and southwest. When it passed overhead we all were looking at it and talking. For one thing, it seemed to float over us and it made absolutely no detectable sound at all. We were trying to imagine what it was. It certainly couldn’t be a group of aircraft flying in formation, because the lights remained absolutely fixed in relationship with each other. As we looked up we could see through the middle of the “V” but each arm seemed to be flat shaped like a ruler, and rather long from the first lead light to the tip lights, maybe a couple of hundred feet or more. It was huge.The kids got a little frightened, I suppose because we had no explanation for what we were seeing.

We watched it continue to fly towards the southeast until we no longer could see any lights. My background: I am 54 years old, in perfect health. I have a Masters Degree from Columbia University Teacher’s College. Formerly worked for IBM as a systems engineer. More recently worked in the electronics repair industry in management. Presently executive in a manufacturing firm. My wife is a secretary at St Mary’s Catholic High School. My one daughter is an honor student at the High School. We live up on the side of this mountain and are always looking at the sky, so if we’re outside not much is going to go by without us seeing it. And we all have never seen anything like this.


Not the Phoenix Lights, but the Scottsdale Lights.

My journey started near Greenway road and 56th street at around 8pm. It was dark outside on March 13, 1997. I needed to head out to CompUSA which was located near Scottsdale Road and Shea Blvd. I was heading north on 56th street and I made a left on Shea Blvd which had me heading east towards Scottsdale road. As I was driving east on Shea, when I got to about 60th Place, I noticed a couple lights coming around on the east side of the McDowell mountains on my left. They were higher the peak of the mountain which is 3,900 feet, my estimate would be somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 feet.

As I drove to about 64th street, I noticed about 4 lights spaced at what I would estimate about a 1 or 2 blocks apart. My immediate thoughts were these are some military helicopters because the speed they were travel was way to slow compared to airplanes. Scottsdale Airpark is right in the same area and I’ve seen hundreds of planes coming in and out of that airport and none ever flown in that formation. And I would not say commercial airplanes because none have every flown in that direction either.

I kept looking out to the left out my window and counted about 7 lights now. All evenly spaces and was in kind of an arch, like the arch of an old fashion bow. Totally strange to me because I have never seen any lights like this before, so I was excited to think it was a convoy of military helicopters.

When I made it to my destination and got out of my car, I looked up and watched the lights come and pass right over me. 2 of the 7 lights went right over my head. When they went over, I heard ZERO sounds. Just a light that sputtered and it was completely black around the lights. I watched as the 3 light went over and in my head, I said this is really strange because I hear NOTHING. The lights traveled very slowly. I waited more than 5 minutes in the parking lot for the first light to travel over and then probably 3 to 5 minutes for the second light.
I headed into the store and did my shopping. Never once did I think of it as a UFO. I used to watch XFiles at that time and didn’t think of taking a picture. I was thinking they were silent helicopters that ran about a mile or more in length. After about 20 to 30 minutes in the store, I came out and the lights were gone.
It wasn’t for a day or two later when I heard the news and it made me think different about what I saw. The strange part, these lights were in northeast Scottsdale. Not southwest Phoenix like the Phoenix lights were reported and known for.
This event, these lights are burned into my memory like it was yesterday.





From North to South over Camelback mountain High in the Arizona sky Hundreds of citizens see a phenomena of lights Soundlessly, slowly pass by Uniform in motion and in V formation

The appearance was that of one mass And yet from directly under; more like five individual beacons, encased in spheres of fine glass Was it our “Dark Star” with a cloaking device or estraterrestials offering celestial advice? “The truth is out there” and one day we’ll know This verse is just to chronicle the event For History…….On with the show!

My mother and I were on our balcony which faces north to Camelback mountain. At approximately eight o’clock I observed five spherical lights the length of a football field floating towards us. My mother said “What ARE you looking at?” Mom, I said, “LOOK AT THIS; THERE IS NO SOUND!” Both of us were in awe as we KNOW the difference between ordinary aircraft and what we were looking at. She, the widow of an Air Force war correspondent and myself having logged MANY air miles as a flight attendant/travel agent/international tour guide. When it was reported as “flares” my comment to her was “NOW you know why I didn’t notify anyone!” What I did do was write the verse and commission an artist friend of mine who painted a 3 foot by 9 foot oil on canvass of the lights with camelback mountain in the background. It is almost as awe-inspiring as the event itself. Prints are available if inter- ested. If I had been online and known of this website on March 13, 1997; not only would I have reported it immediately but I might have saved myself the grief of wondering about a temporary tenuous grip on reality! Thank you for maintaining this website for everyone concerned.


2 large, bright orange/pinkish lights seen south of I-8 over the desert. Went from 2 to 3 to 4 lights. Small bright objects quickly left and returned to the larger lights. These smaller lights lit up the background clouds. Wife, in-laws, nephew and son witnessed with me.

20 miles east of Gila Bend, AZ on I-8 about 50 miles SW of Phoenix. I noticed two bright lights shining over the desert south of the freeway. At first I thought they were to very tall light poles. 2 then 3 then 4 lights appeared.

The lights went out and 3 more appeared lower in the sky immediatedly. It seemed a set of lights went off and then the bottom set turned on. Five indiviuals in my car witnessed these lights for approx. 20 mins from I-8 interstate. I could still see the lights as we entered Gila Bend’s business district. The lights always remained stationary. Smaller lights seemed to split off from the right edge of the rightmost light, do a very quick arc and return. The light from the small ones lit up the background clouds. No sound was heard. We tried to take a photo but it didn’t turn out. This was the same night as the famous “Phoenix Lights” were seen.
((NUFORC NOTE: Location of these lights may be important to understanding the nature of the events that took place later in the eventing, e.g. after 2100 hrs.. This is the only report NUFORC has seen to date, which indicates an earlier time. We believe that they had nothing to do with the object(s) seen over Henderson, NV; Paulden, AZ; Prescott, AZ; Dewey, AZ; Cordes Junction, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; Casa Grande, AZ; Tucson, AZ; and Kingman, AZ. ))


On 3/13/97 at approximately 7:45 p.m. my husband my son and daughter and I were on our way home from a friends house , We live in a community called Hidden Valley, about 8 miles South of Maricopa and 6 miles West of Stanfield and about 1 mile North of I-8 right off of Maricopa rd.

My husband saw it first and told us to look to the South over by Table Top Mountain, We watched as it flew over Hidden Valley. My husband said “There’s an F.O. , I said F.O. what’s that? My daughter who was about 13 then, said flying object Mom. My son who was 11 at that time, interrupted her and said you mean U.F.O. I asked him how he could tell that its not an airplane or something. He said, ‘cause it looks like a boomerang with orange lights., and it’s moving too slow for a plane.
It had 5 big lights, looked like headlights , but the one in the middle was white, and the other 4 were amber in color 2 on each side. It was very dark against the dim lit sky, you could see it was in a “V” shape and you could not see the sky between the lights . It was very large and looked to be as long as a football field from wing tip to wing tip. We watched it all the way to our house , which was only a couple of minutes. We got out of our truck and watched it for at least 10 more minutes as it was moving towards Phoenix it looked to be right over Phoenix International Raceway going towards Sky Harbor International Airport. We could see the airplanes, coming and going from the airport, and they were much faster and higher up.

I have seen some strange things in the sky where I grew up, west of Phoenix on 195thAve. or lovingly called Jackrabbit Trail, I’ve watched the jets from Luke A.F.B. scramble out to the White Tanks mountain range on several different occasions following a sighting near or around Litchfield Park, Rainbow Valley , Goodyear/Avondale, and Buckeye Arizona. One time we had a cigar shape U.F.O. hover over our own house, with a light so bright it was like lightning at night only not a flash but a steady ultra bright light, When my mother tried to take a picture with a Polaroid camera the whole inside of the camera melted, when she went to pull out the film, it was like melted strings of plastic or rubber and it stuck to her fingers like hot wax, she had a bad burn on her thumb and first finger from it. Then just as fast as it came, it just lifted up and out of sight, a few seconds later here come the jets from Luke A.F.B. That one I’ll never forgot about. I was only around 10 years old then. I am a firm believer of U.F.O.’s and you have to pretty self centered Call to think that we are the only ones in this whole universe.


I hope it’s ours ! If not, it’s definately ‘someone else’s’… (and FOR SURE, it’s not of human origin) !

I just found this web site and decided to enter what I KNOW I SAW the evening of 3/17/97 (like so many others did that night in the Phoenix sky). I was gardening in the back yard of my Scottsdale home. I noticed 8 or 9 soft glowing amber lights in the sky approaching me from the south in a V shaped (flying wing) formation. The ‘flying wing object’ gradually flew ‘directly over’ my home (in the course of about 5 minutes) at a perceived altitude of about 500 feet (about the same height of near-by Thompson Peak Mt. of the McDowell Mountains) at a speed ‘I thought to be’ about 40 MPH. The object was like a dark shadow (rather than a solid aircraft) and emminated a deep, soft, quiet, vibrating tone (like an electric turbine generator). I was stunned (in awe) and just watched it pass (as it veered slightly WNW). From that evening until now, ALL reports made by ALL witnesses have been discounted / unexplained by ALL governmental entities… *even though Sky Harbor air traffic control reported its unexplained existence in the Phoenix metro area that evening. I am well skilled in matters of aviation AND not convinced (either way) in matters of extra-terastrial ‘whatever’, BUT what I saw was not ‘unidentified’… *It was awesome and real… and it WAS NOT (I know for sure) ‘of ANY earthling’s doing’. ** A difficult thing to assess (from one who STILL doubts life exists anywhere else in our universe… close enough to travel here at the speed of light in a time frame of a million years or more). Of mention… I have had two other similar experiences (that are not of human cause). I assure you. They were ‘real’ too.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. We have amended the date above to March 13, 1997, the night of the “Phoenix Lights” events. PD))


I saw both of these events in Phoenix while my family and I were driving home.
The first event was the triangular formation. I saw no shape or surface to it as the angle we observed it from it was lower on the horizon. If flew over the Carefree area without noise.
I work in the airline industry and have spent many nights on the ramp. I know airplane landing light formations for just about every type of aircraft. This was no aircraft.
The second event were flares dropped over the Gila mountains. They acted exactly like flaires and it is my opinion that they were dropped to confuse everyone from the first event. I lived in Phoenix for 10 plus years and never were flares dropped from that position at night.
Sky Harbor is not far away and never once were flares dropped at night. It would freak the passengers out if they saw something like that while landing. Even the Marines in Yuma draw attention if they practice at night. Flying in the Southwest between California and Arizona, you can easily see night activity from far away.
Just as soon keep my name to myself. Just found your site and wanted to share what I know.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. We agree with his assessment about the flares. NUFORC has long argued that the flares, which occurred at approximately 22:00 hrs., occurred after the genuine UFO event had ended, which occurred at approximately 21:45 hrs.. PD))


A huge triangular object slowly drifting over Phoenix, AZ, 5 lights traveling probably less than 30 mph.

We were heading S. on 51st Ave from Luby’s (approx. Indian School Rd.) having supper celebrating the wife’s birthday. Saw the Lights over S. Mtn. and as we were camped out at the wife’s brothers place between Southern and Baseline, we followed the lights till we got home. They slowly headed S. over the mountain and out of sight. As i remember, there were 5 lights in a triangular patern.


These were individual craft flying in a distinct formation– absolutely not flares.

I’m writing regarding the well documented Phoenix Lights. I saw them from the base of Granite Mountain in Prescott, AZ., which is approximately 100 miles North of Phoenix. It was still light when I saw them traveling in a Southerly direction. The most important point I want to make is that they were absolutely not flares, as some would later claim. I come from a family of pilots and have my flight ratings as well. These craft seemed to be moving faster than most planes I have observed. They were traveling in a very symetrical formation– like an elongated triangle, with probably three lights on either side of a single light at the point. They simply looked like round white lights to me. They seemed more luminescent than typical jets; made no sound; left no contrails; contained no other plane-like lights; and again, seemed to be traveling very fast. I have wondered if they might be some new secret military craft, but couldn’t understand why they would fly over a highly populated area like Phoenix– wouldn’t make sense. This would also have placed them on Sky Harbor’s (Phoenix’s international airport’s) radar as well. Anyway, I don’t know what they were, but they sure as hell weren’t flares. I will always consider them as having been individual craft unlike anything I had previously seen. I wish so much I would have had a video camera. I know others reported seeing these lights at least as far North as I did. I just hope that my report will lend support to the idea that they were not flares. That was one of the most obsured conclusions I have heard. Hope this can be of some help to you.



We saw them, this is the first time I’m writing you. I was watching a program on Planet Earth talking about these lights today (02/21/11. In 1997 we were sitting on our front porch facing Phx, Az. The lights appeared,came toward usthen softly flew over us…I say softly cause there was no sound, none, soft. It was just balls of WHITE LIGHTS nothing else nothing. I know sometimes eyes can play trick, but this time I’m going with the eyes. We saw a ufo on March 13,1997.


The phoenix lights

it was sometime in the evening after dark, my daughter and i were leaving a movie theater on ray road driving west toward our home also on ray road. As we are driving i notice lights in the sky, i yell to my daughter “look look in the sky!” she leans forward and looks up “I see it what is that?” “its not a plane its hovering looks like a boomerang” we came to a stop to get a better look and you could see white lights in the shave of a v and you could just barely see the outline of the thing as it was dark. It was huge and it looked close, hard to say how close it really was as we were inside our car. We joked around about it being her first UFO sighting not sure what we had seen and then that night when we turned on the news it was all over the place! everyone had seen it!



“We’re on approach and I saw 6 lights over the airport in absolute uniform, in a V shape…It’s unidentified, it is flying and it’s 6 objects….That was the most viewed UFO event, over 20,000 people saw that.” – Kurt Russell, a well known American actor who is also a pilot, saw them from the air.



“It was a giant V, and the right side of the V went over us, the left side was a couple blocks over.” –

“When it finally got here and we realized this thing was coming right over us, we really started getting antsy,” Ley said. Then, said he and his son Hal, it went directly overhead in complete silence.
Tim Ley said that when the right side of what appeared to be a giant V-shaped craft passed directly over him, the left side was a couple of blocks away.


“Its coming across the sky, and its moving, its blocking and unblocking the starts. There is actually a shape.” – Tim Ley, Documentary “I know what I saw.” (1:56)


We were at my aunts house when we first noticed it. That was about 10 miles to the north north west (roughly) near Mesa Dr. and I forget what other road. There was a middle school nearby my cousin went to. Anyway, it was just after sunset, or so it seemed, I was still young. My cousin John Doe spotted it and called me outside. Then i saw it and called out my dad and broth (sic).
It was very large to my memory. Not as high as a jumbo jet or anything, but it was at least 5,000 feet up and massive, in the shape of a V made out of lights. They weren’t regular sized lights, they were relatively larger than stadium lights while standing at the bottom of the pole they are mounted on, but thousands of feet in the air and not extremely bright either. They were more like a yellow, old school street lamp as it looks through a rainy fog, maybe even distorted, but you could dismiss that as being mesmerized at the time.
After seeing it and watching it move towards the south (ish) direction, we went back into my aunt’s house for five minutes and then left. My dad, my brother, and myself all drove home and we stared out the window at it, as we went. We were headed back south along the freeway, from Mesa Drive towards Williams AFB. (… within about 10 – 15 mins from our house at most)
There was a point where we kind of ended up not under it directly, but we could see less lights off to the side more. (im writing the story on here as it recalls in my head, trying to be honest as possible without deleting things)
We were talking a lot at this point and I don’t remember as many visual details. We got home a few minutes later. My dad got inside and made his bed and crap, while John Doe and I were watching.
At this point we were farther away and the vantage point changed. We saw the same V shape, but it wasn’t as large. Also, you could see the thickness of the lights now, very thin in comparison to it’s size. They looked like those weird battery powered, ‘as-seen-on-tv’ lights ~ the round ones that you slap or press to turn on. The lights still appeared as if they were under that same fog, the same thickness, but from a further distance.
We watched this thing move all across the city for about 20 – 25 minutes in total, just like we did when they were too far away to judge, but still visible.



mike fortson phoenix lights

… Standing at the edge of our patio, facing west, and looking north, confussion struck me. For there was no plane crash, but coming from the north and heading south was one, single structure that looked like a giant boomerang. (the description of boomerang, chevron (best), and V shaped object all apply). This object stuck out like a sore thumb in the evening sky due to the fact we were looking north towards the Phoenix metro area, and the city lights gave us a grey background in which to view this huge black V shaped object. It was so low to the surface we could not believe it. I remember saying, “what the hell is that?”
The huge V shaped craft was moving slowly to the south. At this point, still northwest of us, we both saw a 737 in landing approach pass over the object. The plane was coming in from the west heading east. The V shaped craft was heading south from the north. As the 737 passed over the V shaped object, I said, “did you see that! Why didn’t the plane get the hell out of there?” But it didn’t. The pilot nor the planes computers saw nothing. (Just like the radars at Sky Harbor and Luke AFB. Nothing was detected.)
I would like to explain more on this incident. We live app. 23 miles ESE of Sky Harbor in Phoenix. Planes coming in to land (most of the time) will come out by us, bank to the north (left), proceed for app. 10-12 miles, bank left again (west) and land at Sky Harbor. This is normal landing pattern. I have talked to airline pilots, tower operators, and investigators about the altitude of planes coming in to land at Sky Harbor, at the point of the first bank north where we live. The altitude..1200′. The massive V shaped craft we saw was under 1200′ altitude!

As the huge V shaped craft proceeded south, it was almost in front of us, when my eyes followed the left wing to it’s end. We live 1/2 mile south of Chandler Blvd. The end of the wing was well past that and at least half way to Ray Rd. (1 1/2 miles north!) I remember saying to my wife, “that son-of-a-bitch is a mile long! As it passed in front of us all we could see is the left wing. That’s how low it was. At arm’s length the object was at least 30″+ long. I reported it was app. 1 1/2 mile west of us, going down Alma School Rd. But the closest part of the huge V, the end of the left wing was much closer. Maybe within a 1/2 mile. One thing that I remember the most is how this craft “floated” app. 30-40 mph. There was no visual means of propulsion and absolutely no noise. The altitude and speed of the craft never changed …

Link | link


Fife Symington, Republican Governor of Arizona for 6 years and during the sighting.

If you’d been here ten years ago and standing here looking at the, at the lights and the view, you would have been astounded, you would have been amazed. … The lights were really brilliant and it was just fascinating. It was enormous. It just felt otherworldly. You know in your gut you could just tell it was otherworldly. … I still behind the scenes tried to investigate it, but I got nowhere.


Well, I saw a just kind of huge craft just come right over squaw peak. It was just breathtaking.


He told CBS 5 News it was definitely not a military vehicle. “First of all, I saw the lights in geometric arrangements,” he said. “Very bright — they were high — they were bright, and then the delineation of a big wedge-like object. It was enormous — it was just massive.”


“I’m Fife Symington, in 1997, during my second term as Governor of Arizona, I saw something that defied logic and challenged my reality. … We called Luke Air Force Base and we called the FAA and we called various, touched base with people, I called my General at the National Guard… nobody had an explanation. People just sort of said, well, we just don’t know what it is. … I mean it clearly had a shape to it, and a big shape, and it was a constant shape, and you, you can’t control flares that way. There’s just no way they were flares.” – Documentary, “I know what I saw” (10:10, 12:14)



One person who was not surprised by the sighting is Lt. John Dover. The former Navajo Tribal Ranger … Dover says that on the night before the big sighting in 1997, calls poured into his office on the reservation. “These lights circled in a counterclockwise motion,” he said. “Very slowly from horizon to horizon. They passed over Winslow, Second Mesa, Tuba City, Cameron and the north side of Flagstaff around Wupatki.”

Dover grinned and said, “We thought there were going to be reporters coming in and saying, ‘What did you see?’ And then the Phoenix Lights hit and just totally eclipsed everything.”



“It was more like a boomerang than a straight V, and the lights were spaced pretty evenly” – Woman in Documentary, “I know what I saw” (2:03)


“It was actually five lights that were a V, one in front and two on each side. And it was perfect, it was a perfect triangle.” – Damien Turnidge, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (2:08)


“If you can imagine something the size of Camelback Mountain floating down Scottsdale road, you’d have some idea of the intensity of this thing.” – Trig Johnston, Captain, NW Airlines, Retired. Documentary, “I know what I saw” (2:24)


“The object we saw, if we opened up a newspaper, you could not block out the object we saw.” – Stacey Roads, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (2:29)


“People say, Mike, ‘Naw, you saw a B2 bomber.’ My response was, we could land all 40 of our B2 bombers on the wing of that craft.” Man in Documentary, “I know what I saw” (2:39)


“You know it’s one of the biggest things I’ve ever seen, that moved like that I mean it was just enormous. I don’t know if it was as big as an aircraft carrier. It might have been, because I’ve never seen an aircraft carrier fly.” – Seth Adams, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (2:47)


“It barely missed that mountain. It came floating over the mountain. … It was 8:30 at night, my daughter was coming over here and she ran in and said ‘Mom, you have got to see this.’ – Sue Watson, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (3:10)


“It was gunmetal black. It wasn’t shiny, it wasn’t invisible, it was more of a dull bluish-black color.” – Woman in Documentary, “I know what I saw” (3:40)


“When you look down the street on a hot day in Phoenix, above the streets it’s like really wavy, and you see everything kind of distorted, that’s what it looked like up inside the middle of the craft.” – Hal Ley, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (3:55)


“It was just gliding and then it stopped and it like, the sides retracted a little, and (indicates forward motion with hands) then it was gone.” – Erin Watson, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (4:06)


“Acceleration to deceleration, it was no noise the whole time. And I know what I saw and I didn’t see what you’re telling me I saw, I didn’t see flares, I didn’t see A10 Warthog … so how about we work together and try to figure out what this thing is?”  – Brian Watson, Documentary, “I know what I saw” (4:13, 5:49)


These are second hand but interesting.

The object passed over the Sky Harbor Airport where air traffic controllers spotted the object but were puzzled as to why it did not show up on their radar. At least one commercial pilot also saw the objects from the air as he passed over them. Radioing the Sky Harbor Airport, the American West pilot requested information on what “those nine lights were”.

The National UFO Reporting Center also noted that reports were pouring in from the Phoenix area. One man, who claimed he was a airman at the Luke Air Force Base, stated that the US Air Force had launched 2 F-15 fighters and that one of the F-15s had intercepted the object over Phoenix. Although cursory research on the inventory of F-15s at Luke Air Force base has proved inconclusive, this account was further collaborated by a truck driver who was delivering materials to a plant near the Luke base. He stated that he had watched the UFOs intently as he drove down Interstate 17.
Upon arriving at his destination, he climbed on top of a pile of materials while the crew unloaded his truck. He stated that he was observing the strange amber lights when suddenly 2 F-16s (not F-15s) followed by a third “blasted out of Luke with their afterburners on full”. He detailed how the planes banked sharply and headed straight towards the UFO which then shot straight upwards and disappeared in an instant. He noted that the aircraft passed right through the spot where the object had been. The man’s story was somewhat collaborated by a UFO researcher’s Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) to the US Air Force.
The Air Force admitted that they had indeed dispatched F-16s at that time but noted that the aircraft were on a “routine training mission” and had no involvement with the strange lights being reported all over the area.


This was a small sample. I don’t know if it was representative of the 700+ that were interviewed. A team analysis of all available testimony indicates up to 8-10 different large objects, although since witnesses describe configuration changes we can’t rule out one object being another in a different configuration.

… there were many anomalous happenings going on throughout Arizona for many hours on March 13, 1997, including a parade of different craft and multiple orb formations attached to and separate from these craft. … using the latest technologies of Google Earth, Larry Lowe has molded the multiple mass sighting reports into stunning visual illustrations so we can understand what these phenomena looked liked, as well as where and how they traveled. We call this grand endeavor the Geospatial Animation Project.

In a coordinated effort to correlate time lines and witness observations, information for the simulations were provided by reports compiled by investigators, Michael Tanner and William Hamilton (Skywatch International), from the combined database of Village Labs, interfaced with reports provided by the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFOC) in Seattle, Washington and those of former councilwoman, Frances Emma Barwood in the weeks and months following the March 1997 incident. This is a combined effort, with the support and input of AZ MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. We’re talking team work!
The samplings below are but the first in a series of forensic simulations of the events that took place throughout AZ on March 13, 1997, based on multiple witness accounts.

It becomes apparent when looking at times, location and object description that there may have been as many as 8-10 different large objects displaying themselves in Arizona that night, with perhaps as many as two dozen separate sorties–one flight path by one object. This does not include the many reports of groups of lights seen in formation or flowing individually.

This overview shows the ground paths of various objects observed between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM on March 13, 1997.

This overview shows the ground paths of various objects observed between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM on March 13, 1997.

V-1 Square wing tipped v-shaped object, 60-degree sweep, small canopy dome, and five lights

V-2 Similar to V-1, no canopy dome,

V-3 Boomerang shaped, v-shaped object, 120-degree sweep, and pointed tips, 6 sets three lights each.

V-4 Mile wide v-shaped object 90-degree sweep, amber/red lights on side, trailing red orb.

T-1 Mile wide black triangle, variously reported with many lights, windows and no lights.

T-2 Equilateral Triangle estimated ‘2500 ft on a side, three white lights on tips and one red light in center.

O-1 Pearlish White oval, estimated a mile long by three quarters of a mile wide, amber lights on side.


At first I thought some skeptics are too fearful of the unknown, and that illogical “military flares” and “distant airplanes seen through binoculars” explanations may comfort them, but after writing this post, I heard of threats to those officials who pushed for investigation.

“It goes all the way to the top… Look at all the people who disappeared or died because they got a little too close.” – Phoenix Councilwoman Frances Barwood who interviewed 700 witnesses.

Yikes. This is more serious than I thought. I’m out. Plenty of other things to investigate. Don’t blame people who want to keep living on free to help others.

Councilwoman Barwood thinks that people are shut up because those in power don’t want to lose power, but from where I sit, having blogged strange news all these years–like some guy in Croatia whose house got hit by space rocks multiple times over a span of several years–, I see it differently.

The people doing the damage control might be doing what they are to save the planet. Respect to the men in black. We might be glad for what we don’t now know.

Flares and distant planes do not usually blot out stars and airport lights in a huge pattern that covers several blocks, but  flares that released a gas to blot out the stars could. I’m still pondering how that gives the clean lines of the ship’s hull that people saw. Perhaps magnetic smoke particles in some kind of containment field or netting.

Also, the object is reported to have “blotted out” the lights of Prescott Valley airport, as viewed from the cockpit of a twin Cessna approaching the airport from the northeast.

… the object(s) passed through the airspace of at least 3 commercial airports–Prescott, Phoenix, and Tucson–even though the air traffic controllers knew nothing about them.

Does the military either fly, or release 3000 degree flares, over commercial airliners on the tarmac of a major international airport??


Ruled out by evidence of credible witness statements: flares, mistaken helicopters, planes in formation, Chinese lanterns, birds, clouds, the solar plane, a team of amateur hoaxers with drones, swamp gas, mass hysteria.

What’s left?

I don’t think we can even secretly build ships a mile wide (5,280 ft) much less several miles wide. Even military stealth balloons at that scale seems too improbable. There could be materials advances that allow for gargantuan ships, but that doesn’t cover the witness statements on the way the lights and craft moved. Holograms that projected a solid constant body and blotted out the stars seems improbable as well.

There’s the option that this was a manufactured event, that claims of there being 10,000 to 20,000 witnesses are false, and that a special psychological operation used a few hundred actors as a test of information manipulation, but IMHO a hoax of that scale, given Snowden, Wikileaks, etc. would not have stood the test of time as this has.


Also on the options list is the theory that our reality is a simulation and the Phoenix Lights were a glitch in the Matrix. 😉


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