Ballet Dancer Saves Man’s Life in NY Subway

Cool. Nice hero work. Did others help Gray Davis lift the unconscious 58-year-old man off of the tracks?

Subway heroes come in all types: Army veterans, utility engineers, professional ballet dancers. 
The latest transportation savior is more likely to be seen in tights and dance slippers, leaping across a stage at New York City’s prestigious Lincoln Center, than performing a random feat of heroism in his city’s subway system.
Nonetheless, American Ballet Theater dancer Gray Davis did just that: Over the weekend, he came to the rescue of a 58-year-old man who’d fallen onto the tracks at the 72nd Street Broadway-Seventh Avenue station.
According to police, the incident occurred just before midnight on Saturday. The injured man, whose name has not been released, was allegedly pushed onto the tracks by a woman who initially fled the scene. (Carolyn Mack, 23, has since been arrested on assault charges, though she claims she did not push the anonymous man.)

Davis, who’d been waiting at the subway station with his wife, ABT soloist Cassie Trenary, and his mother, Janie Krabbe B. LeTourneau, saw the man fall. “At first I waited for somebody else to jump down there,” he told The New York Times. “People were screaming to get help. But nobody jumped down. So I jumped down.”
Not only did he jump down, but he reportedly lifted the unconscious man to safety, and, upon hearing an oncoming train, “swung” his way out of danger.
“I never realized how high it was,” Davis said of the subway platform ledge. “Luckily, I’m a ballet dancer, so I swung my leg up.”
Davis and Trenary were in the process of heading back from one of her Lincoln Center performances. Although Davis, who’s been with ABT for around 10 years, was not dancing that night due to a herniated disk …


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