The Earth Does Not Really Revolve Around the Sun

Here is a strange truth: Our planet is not revolving around the Sun. The Earth and our sun both revolve around a point known as the barycenter. (Red dot in image) What’s at the barycenter? Absolutely nothing and this does not violate any laws of gravity.

How can this be? 

Sun and the planets are involved in a “cosmic dance” around a common center of mass. The planets all tug on the Sun and cause it to orbit the solar system’s barycenter. 

The barycenter is often but not always outside the photosphere of the sun, although never outside the Sun’s corona.

This dance happens over the span of years. In the following illustration you ca. See that the barycenter entered the Sun’s photosphere in 1949 and stayed within the photosphere until 1954. 

The limb of the sun is its apparent edge. This limb of the Sun is part way into the photosphere. 

The Earth actually orbits around a gravitational balance point, not around the sun. 


You may want to know this for a test if you intend to join the US Space Corps, now under consideration for public recognition as a branch of the US Air Force.

The White House and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are speaking out against a congressional proposal to create a new “Space Corps” dedicated to fighting future wars outside the earth’s atmosphere.


Space wars?


    1. Hi Rusty. It’s true. Look up the barycenter of the solar system, or better, reason it out: Imagine a string between a big ball and a small one with the whole thing spinning. The small ball pulls a bit on the big one, causing the whole thing to move around a point that is not the center of the larger ball. It’s really what you’d expect when you think about it. True strange stuff.


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