A Roman War Tool Still Influences the World

You may have heard the quotes, “Truth is the first casualty of war,” or “The winner of a war rewrites history,” but few know we still today experience a history rewrite by Romans who won an ancient war.

If independent historical religious researchers are correct, the Flavian emperors of Rome left behind not just language, pottery, art and architecture, but an entire religion… one you’ve most likely heard about. 

Watch this video:

There you have it, a real mothership of conspiracy theories. It seems to be compelling evidence that Christianity is a manufactured religion, a Roman war propaganda tool. The writers built the story of Jesus from the life story of Caesar and combined Roman ideology with existing Jewish ideas. 

The writings, adapted from previous works, contain useful, practical moral guidance and wisdom, intriguing human stories, and, built in, at the center of it all, an invented, non-historical, peaceful Jewish king (Jesus) who teaches non-violence, hard work, prosperity, charity, paying taxes to the Roman emperor, obeying laws, accepting Romans rules, etc. 

If the Flavian theory is correct, the Gospels were stories crafted to replace the religious text of militant messianic Jews who refused to accept the statues of the roman emperor in their churches. Coordinated and/or written by Flavius Josephus, a Jewish general turned Roman propagandist, they were a way to control the masses, and because so many of the ideas were uplifting and helpful, they and the beliefs they contain are still around today. 

I’m slightly concerned about retaliation for even posting this as a theory, because I think people get pretty crazy about religion. Most of America is still Christian and that includes some of my best friends, new friends, and many beautiful people with good hearts. They’ve spent so much time believing, helping others… I wonder if they should know about the Flavian ploy. One friend told me that without Jesus he would be lost, he would go on a rampage. I wouldn’t want that, of course.

Should I even have posted this video? 

After a lot of thought, I’ve concluded that it won’t matter. First, I’m not reaching many people with this blog. My previous daily 5,000 viewers has dwindled due to Facebook sucking the life out of the web, and second, people will simply not listen/read if they do not want to hear. Problem solved. 

You can’t change a superstitious mind with historical evidence when it comes to religion or other deeply held beliefs. Believers tune out or deny contradictions because religion is such an useful part of their life. 

Occasionally those who are in turmoil who are already doubting their faith will get angry at non-believers, but that’s not terribly common. 

Then again, crazed zealot fools are still really killing for their religions because they listen to vocal radicals in positions of power in different religious camps, hate filled and fearful voices doing their best to incite profitable violence and divisiveness. 
Be good to each other and to yourself. It doesn’t take a threat of eternal damnation nor a promise of immorality to show basic human kindness and to live a worthwhile life. I think it comes down to how compassionate you learn to be and practice being with your time on earth.


10 thoughts on “A Roman War Tool Still Influences the World”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about too much backlash other than general nuisances like me. I have written a brief response to your article on Jesus not existing (on my blog) and will be covering this theory in the future as well.

    Good day-


    1. Thanks, I was just skimming it. Looks interesting. Good luck. I appreciate the link and you getting people interested in my site.

      I don’t have millions of followers theses days, that’s an old stat I need to update.

      I won’t change anyone’s mind. I’m just one more small voice and opinion in a sea of others.

      1. “I won’t change anyone’s mind. I’m just one more small voice and opinion in a sea of others. ”

        Same here! LOL

  2. I’m glad you posted this. I truly enjoyed the video. I read a fair amount about the origins of Christianity, and this makes a lot of sense to me. Pope Leo X actually admitted, “It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”

  3. Interesting. I had not heard that. Here’s the quote I found:

    At a lavish Good Friday banquet in the Vatican in 1514, and in the company of “seven intimates” (Annales Ecclesiastici, Caesar Baronius, Folio Antwerp, 1597, tome 14), Leo made an amazing announcement that the Church has since tried hard to invalidate. Raising a chalice of wine into the air, Pope Leo toasted:

    “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors.”


  4. Most of the deities in nearly all religions are either aliens or (manufactured) humans that helped the rulers. Unfortunately these are essential for us ……… to remain guilt free.

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