Avoid Spam: Temporary Phone Numbers

This is potentially very useful for those who value their time and privacy. Many places make you give a phone number and they send you a text code to verify you. Then they later sell your phone number or get hacked and you get fake and spam calls, or someone hacks your phone or steals your identity. To prevent that, you might try using one of the phone numbers at this site:


You enter the disposable phone number that appears on the site, then check the number’s messages on the site. From what I can tell, it is used for people who want to stay anonymous on dating sites (most of which are scams) and such.


I have no connection with this site. Use at your own risk, but it doesn’t seem risky because you don’t enter any of your own details in order to use it.

Obviously don’t use it with any site that lets you look up your account by phone number, because everyone can see your confirmation code for each multi-use phone number.

Spam calls are a huge problem. 

Americans are plagued with the second-highest amount of spam phone calls each month, ranking just behind India, according to a new study.
Truecaller, a popular caller identification and anti-spam application, found legitimate organizations and scammers alike operating around the world are hitting millions of cellphone users with spam phone calls. Brazil, the United States and India topped the list, all with individuals receiving on averages 20 spam calls per month.


Privacy, for those who enjoy it, is a constant battle. It used to be very difficult to be famous, now it is very difficult (if you want to have a normal social life online) to not to be famous.



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