Bears Invading Cars

Do you check your car carefully for bears before you get in? If your car appears to have a bear in it, don’t wait around to see if the bear finds a way out of your car. Bears kill and eat people. Not often, but it happens.

A North Carolina couple captured photos of their car being destroyed by a bear that opened an unlocked door and trapped itself inside the vehicle.

Michael and Ashleigh Watkins said they awoke Wednesday morning at their North Asheville home to a sheriff’s deputy knocking at the door.
The deputy had some bad news for the couple — there was a bear wreaking havoc inside their SUV.

“He opened the door himself,” Ashleigh Watkins told WHNS-TV. “My husband and the deputy waited for a game warden to arrive. Once he did, the warden opened the door and let the bear out.”

She said the bear must have been drawn to the car by the promise of snacks, however scarce.

“I had gum and a protein bar in there,” she told WLOS-TV.

Watkins said the car was “totaled,” with the interior “completely destroyed” by the bear.

She said the game warden believed the bear to be young.

“He seems to be an adolescent,” Watkins said. “He’s bigger than a cub, but not full grown according to the game warden. He also has an injured paw on his right leg.”

The couple said there was one silver lining to the situation — the damage was covered by their insurance company.

“Insurance did cover this,” Watkins said. “The description on the claim is ‘animal attack.'”


How smart are bears? Smarter than most people think.

The thing about bears that perhaps fascinates people the most is their remarkable intelligence. They are the most intelligent native nonhuman animals in North America, and many modern bear biologists accredit them with the equivalent IQ of the great apes, some even dare give them the equivalent intelligence of a 3-year-old human.


In experiments, captive bears showed that they could perform numerical tasks, including distinguishing the number of dots on an image.

Even though bears have the largest relative brain size of any carnivore (still not as big as primates…


It helps to think of bears as having about the intelligence of a three year old. They can get into things and can even count, but they probably can’t work a door handle to get out of a car once they get in.

Are bears in cars common? No, but it happens more often than you might think. 

This gives me second thoughts about car camping in certain places in the country.

You could always set up an electronic perimeter defense system to set off a loud alarm, however, giving you time to start the car and drive away if you are sleeping in it.


      1. My heart hurts for the plight of wildlife – human greed and population growth has robbed them of their homes and plundered them of their food supply


      2. I like to browse a lot of different blogs because I think everyone has a piece of the puzzle of existence. My simulation theory says I will live your life and you will live mine at some loop of time. E pluribus unum. This worldview makes everyone on the planet equally fascinating to me. Each person seems to be trying to solve an equation or puzzle with their life. I like to try to get each person’s core equation. Some are clear to me, some baffling.

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