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Strange Sightings: Whispy Ring UFOs

A mysterious ring-shaped UFO appeared in the sky above the M62 roadway in West Yorkshire reportedly, “terrifying drivers who had ‘never seen anything like this’.” What might these strange sky circles be? 

On 27 April 2016 a video showed the bizarre cloud-like phenomena hovering above the Magic Castle at the popular theme park in California.

In the footage witnesses were heard exclaiming in shock as the mysterious ring floated above them.

In 2015 eerie footage emerged of a 100 metre-wide (320 feet-wide) black ring of smoke floating over clear skies in Kazakhstan.

It was seen 40 miles north of the capital Astana and hovered in the sky for 15 minutes before suddenly vanishing without trace.

In 2014 one was spotted above Warwick and stayed in the sky for three minutes. It was believed to be smoke from the pyrotechnics used at Warwick castle.

The latest sighting was made by Kimberley Robinson who was in the car with her roofer boyfriend Danny Cooper, 26, when she looked up and saw a mysterious black ring. 
The 22-year-old photographed the strange black mark on her Samsung phone.

The circle resembles a giant smoke ring but West Yorkshire Fire Service say there had been no reports of fire at the time of the sighting on Sunday just after 1.30pm.

The Met Office said that the ring did not appear to be weather-related.
Full-time mum Miss Robinson described the circle as ‘the weirdest thing I have ever seen’.

She said: ‘Me and my boyfriend were driving today and noticed a black flying ring in the sky.

‘It looked a bit smokey but the shape was a solid ring.

‘We hadn’t ever seen anything like this before do we have looked into it and no one knows what it is.’

‘In this case it isn’t an extraterrestrial spacecraft from planet Zog sent by evil aliens, but the byproduct of cannon fire of a battle reenactment at the nearby Yorkshire Wartime Event.’

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs and other mysteries for the Ministry of Defence, also debunked the phenomenon.

He said: ‘Despite exotic theories about UFOs, aliens, or portals to other dimensions, I believe there’s a decidedly down-to-earth explanation here.

‘A so-called smoke vortex can arise when you have a blast through a circular structure like a smokestack.
‘So these weird effects can be caused by accident – or indeed by design. 
‘I realise that by debunking this I’ll probably be accused of working for the Illuminati or something, but I genuinely think we can close the case file on this one.’


Here are more photos of them:

They are like ghost ships slowly morphing and literally vanishing into thin air! 

Spooky and terrifying? Perhaps.

Here is the spoiler for those terrified of ghost rings and their wispy alien drivers, because irrational fears and misinterpretations of facts destroy lives.

So, my fine Hobbits, who is driving the otherworldly contraptions? 

No one knows. 😉


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2 thoughts on “Strange Sightings: Whispy Ring UFOs

  1. Oh my conspiracy theory folks will love this! Thanks for sharing it!

    Posted by Patricia | 13 Jul 2017, 9:28 am
    • Glad you enjoyed. The best unexplained UFO sighting to me is the Phoenix lights. I still can’t explain the different ships and lights thousands of people saw during that event.

      Posted by Xeno | 13 Jul 2017, 10:09 am

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