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These are a few thousand articles from Xeno’s True Strange News … not to be confused with the 1950’s True Strange magazines (pictured). Explore the weirdest and most interesting things that happened in the world during the last 15 years.

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About True Strange and the New True Strange

There was once a magazine called True Strange put out by bodybuilder Joe Weider and his brother Ben, according to Robert Deis. The articles below are not from any of those magazines. The short run pulp “Men’s Adventure” True Strange magazines were published from 1956 to February 1958. Xeno, an American mindbuilder, purchased the domain in 2017 and moved content from another “true strange stuff” site he ran for years in an attempt to revive and improve upon the True Strange brand.

True Strange News

Most of these are now removed as of August 7th, 2017, so they will be bad links below.  The titles are amusing, perhaps.


The earth does not really revolve around the sun, exactly

Mystery four dead liver less great white sharks

Strange food warning human placenta pills

Invented: urine power that kills bacteria

Birds play a drum for love

A Roman war tool still influences the world

Do all raccoons ride alligators?

Star Trek Continues: great free new Trek episodes

Survive Super Artificial Intelligence

Avoid spam: temporary phone numbers

Piglet with monkeys face

British man wanted to press charges against bacon eating cat

Don’t sleep outside: teen wakes to crunching sound of bear biting his head

Bears invading cars (amazing photos)

Three fingered alien mummy?

1st President of USA: NOT George Washington

Your brain has what amounts to a “sprit eject” button

Strange sightings: whispy ring UFOs explained

How everyone alive now on earth is your cousin

Mystery: artificial eyelashes appear in mans bed but no kinkajou

The last animal life on earth will be … microscopic bears

Saturns mysterious massive hexagon

120 million fine for robocall scammer

Scientists find one of most massive objects in universe

Back when the earth had two moons

Irony: altitude sickness stops second man on moon

Aquatic life possible on Pluto?

42 principles of Maat 2000 years before ten commandments

Earth algae can survive over a year in vacuum of space

Photos of largest heart in solar system from earths fastest spacecraft

Astronomers find matter that spontaneously pops in and out of existence

Our solar system may get many more planets

NASA six earth like planets orbiting one star just 37 ly away

Closer look NASA photos of trees on mars

Ultra rare quasicrystal found in Russian meteorite

Anti-radiation vest may allow space exploration

Strangest of possible worlds

NASA to announce discovery beyond our solar system

A Closer look at the tree stump on mars

How big is this universe?

Most of the universe forever unreachable

Movie idea: Moon as an automated ancient spaceship that saves us

NASA probe to touch the suns corona

NASA ground based long range sensors find lost lunar orbiter

Total eclipses will end as moon slips slowly away

Gene therapy brings hearing to deaf mice

NASAs space submarine

Worlds largest non secret human aircraft

Hints of martians: donut on elvis birthday, cleaning events

One-time therapy could turn off severe allergies for life

Did Russia interefere with the USA hacking its own election?

Ballet dancer saves mans life in ny subway

Phoenix lights

Fair warning: it is illegal to sell fake drugs for god

Ninety-nine million year old bird preserved in amber

Deep sea find: a faceless fish

Robert Bigelow on 60 Minutes: I spent millions and ET is on earth

What the bleep NJPD, kicking an innocent flaming bystander?

Verizon bought Yahoo, so here is my new Protonmail address

PTSD treatment: injection in neck resets nervous system

Bigfoot suit sold for 2500

Goat born without eyes and with human lips

Aggressive bees swarm huntington beach woman invade home

Massive 6 8 california quake triggers alert 92 years later

Strange exits: french fitness blogger killed by whipped cream dispenser

Strange sliding feet kinesthetic hallucination

Poupee de son

Elvis “reincarnated” (Impersonator in Canada, speaks French)

Researchers pulse rate can predict how long you will live + free sample 60 bpm meditation audio mp3

2014 Grammy winner best rock song

Conjoined twin porpoises caught in the north sea

Industrial band bills DOJ for using its music as a torture device

Proposal: lawmakers must have logic skills

That nutty theory that Paul McCartney died and was replaced in 1966

I have the genetic mutation for perfect absolute pitch

What kills lyme spirochetes?

The Beatles White Album unplugged, unborn

Holophonic sound: get a virtual haircut

Man can play back four symphonies in his head at once

The secret band few know about but everyone has heard

John Lennon talks about the illuminati

Beethovens symphony no 9 by 167 theremin nesting dolls

Elvis met the Beatles

Fighting superbug bacteria with other bacteria

Video: Buddy Rich, fastest drummer ever

Cheap World War I antisceptc may save your life

Legs escape uterus in strange pregnancy complication

That time fluoride killed 47 people in a hospital

How to age more slowly

Good news: type 2 diabetes is generally reversible

Wifi at 10000x less power invented

Ultrasound restores memory in alzheimers rats

Study: female doctors are 5 times better

Scientists use plekha7 to turn cancer cells into normal cells

Belly fat was really 130 lb benign tumor

Regeneration of human skin a step closer

New hope for depression and anxiety

In test, AI outperforms doctors for diagnosis

Common chemicals causing diabetes mechanism melatonin mimic

Deadline: act to protect organic food and your health

Zuckerberg disease foundation buys ai engine to scour scientific papers for possible cures

Can lithocholic acid slow human aging?

Fox news admits gmos are a real safety issue

Huggable breathing robot pillow could cure insomnia

Subway denies chicken is 12 percent something else

Lawsuit: Monsanto ghostwrote roundup cancer study

Experiment: an hour of laughter therapy backfires

Project: start your own doomsday seed vault

Want to live longer? Eat more fruits and veggies

Eating nuts may prolong life

Pre-viking brew surprisingly good

GMO labeling to be outlawed

Monsantos roundup new deadly scam exposed

Is human urine the key to better farming

Rat cake revolts man on his 96th birthday

Kangaroo eats penguin

Biotech companies chemical attack on food supply

Bill Gates predicts an end to poverty in 20 years

A toxin by any other name: Aspartame name changed to aminosweet

Non invasive blood glucose monitoring using near infrared spectroscopy edn

Hot pockets recalled, may contain diseased and unsound animals

Camel milk for diabetes or impaired fasting glucose

Longevity foods: the amazing azuki bean

Shoe rubber chemical removed from subway bread found in nearly 500 common foods

Company proposes meat from celebrity tissue samples

NASA study civilization collapse difficult to avoid on current course

Pope Francis washes youths feet at detention center

Boycott these products to stay healthy

How to become pre diabetic overnight

Why is an orthodox jew flying in a huge plastic bag?

Healthy bacon flavored mushrooms

Florida: decomposing bat alleged in packaged Walmart salad

Louisiana teachers can continue to teach creationism

The pagan origin of Easter

Woman says she could see smell god

Video footage shows Pope Francis performing exorcism

Jesus of Siberia

Louisiana counts the cost of teaching creationism in reputation and dollars

Confessions of an atheist freemason religion and more

Florida parent says religious zealots got teen daughter arrested for lesbian relationship

Quantum gravity takes singularity out of black holes

Creationism camouflage, Ohio school board mulls policy to counter controversial evolution

Long backlog for godless wedding services in Ireland

Worlds oldest Buddhist shrine discovered in nepal

Tennessee judge orders babys name changed from messiah report

Right wing Christian group claims scientists are peddling dinosaur hoax 2

Group unveils satan statue design for Oklahoma

The Tonga cloud Jesus

Miyoko Shida demonstrates the power of mental focus

Are there any known virgin births? Sort of

Former pastor decides to spend a year without god

Kettle resembles Hitler on J C Penney billboard passersby say photo

Thor attacks Jesus in Rio, damages a thumb

Teleportation of consciousness rediscovered

An end to US operation Paul Revere

New Vincent Van Gogh painting sunset at Montmajour surfaces

New hair style the lizard

Richter painting breaks record for living artist

Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures

Happy birthday M C Escher

Hong Kong jails man for blackmailing transformers crew

Giant dragon skull on beach is advertisement

Sir Patrick Stewart is done with X-Men roles

Fanette Guillouds art

Quadruple entendre beat by Xenos sexdecuple entendre

Time travel realistically colored photos from the black and white past

Man arrested after airport screeners see bomb like watch

Street legal replica of the batmobile tumbler on sale for 1m

How to find your ancient statue doppelganger

Are quantum computers proof of multiple universes?

Artist tries bizarre new feat hatching chicken eggs

Surreal AI art with googles deepdream

Solar power users may sue wa government

Autodraw free autocorrect for drawings

Solar power may get cheaper with new breakthrough

Continuous nuclear fusion comes one step closer

Clue to earthquake lightning mystery

Microbial team turns corn stalks and leaves into better biofuel

Solar freakin roadways

British Ikea selling solar panels for free energy after 7 years

Portabello mushrooms could power your future phone

Every streetlight in NYC to go LED

Lightning is more powerful than we thought

13 year old builds working nuclear fusion reactor

Worlds largest solar plant is visible from space

A map of human problems

Radioactive waste into safe diamond batteries lasting thousands of years

The 1m electric asparagus generator hope or nope?

Germany breaks its own record for solar power generation

Wind power can cover americas total energy needs

Vatican publishes guide on how to deal with supernatural phenomena

New pathway can increase biofuel yields by 50 percent

Peer to peer energy trading networks are growing

Drilling surprise opens door to magma powered electricity

Consciousness found to collapse quantum wavefunction

Yes Men strike at homeland security conference

Test your psychic powers understand the odds of guessing 20 coin tosses correctly in a row

France decrees new rooftops must be covered in plants or solar panels

Google 100 renewable power by 2017 entire countries to follow

Why not have real wind up cars?

Wind power without blades

Ex FBI employee: no bodies at flight 93 crash site, claims she saw angels

Montauk chronicles claims time travel mind control aliens at camp hero

Poltergeist activity

Dead hubbys face appears on wifes bedroom wall

Elevator hidden camera girl scares trapped hotel guest

Berrys mom was told daughter was dead, thanks sylvia

Poltergeist coincidence

Ghostbusters website tells you who died in your house

Mystery as scots couple capture spooky green figure on camera

School shooting expert threatened over sandy hook investigation

Quantum jumping communicate with your subconscious mind tonight

Albert Einsteins lost theory resurfaces shows his resistance to Big Bang theory

Hoxsey, the quack who cured cancer

What are the odds of this?

Research: we unconsciously react to events up to 10 seconds before they happen

The Noahs Ark of US creative history is a nuclear bunker

Air Force aircraft returned from Vietnam is postwar source of agent orange contamination

Volunteer to transcribe declassified documents

Plans to destroy the earths protective radiation belts

Ouija board outperforms computer in the laboratory

Light turns itself on in my house

The origin of Santa Claus, have you heard this one?

Barack Obama will win say peruvian shamans

Mothman reappears april 2017 in chicago

Spooky action at a distance in the quantum world shortly before final proof

NYC psychic on trial on charges of conning clients

Saddle ridge hoard buried gold coin stash worth 10000000

Major fire at Wilbur Hotsprings hotel march 29th

Former NSA senior analyst blasts obama and bush for enabling deep state crisis

The real Hogwarts library may have copy of every UK book

A house made of newspapers

Yes, internet connected ovens exist … with a Sabbath mode

No consciousness in control: self driving car crash no one hurt

World Wide Web inventor wins computings nobel prize

How hackers may have triggered 156 emergency sirens in dallas tx

Earth day thousands of scientists to protest in the streets

Robots to take 38 of u s jobs by 2030s

Voice cloning

Wikipedia to create fact checking news service google changes to help

Breakthrough: old mice made young with cell penetrating peptide

Ransomeware attack hits 99 countries

Boeing 737 autopilot

Fight-bit: device predicts fights among couples

Ironman 3 trailer

Compare to star trek buildtheenterprise

Breakthrough: artificial photosynthesis cleans polluted air makes energy

Carrie Fisher to return as Leia in new Star Wars film

NASA meets star trek fans

The clear face of bigfoot screens from secretive sasquatch project leak

The Hobbit ring that may have inspired Tolkien put on show

California man defrauds state loses Star Wars collection

Mars has no alien life just rocks

Sci-Fi Humor: A bad lip reading of the Empire Strikes Back

Sci-Fi Humor: Waiting in the Bushes of Love

Scientists create a fluid with negative mass

X-Files return season 11 with 10 new episodes

Warp speed may actually be possible

Lenoard Nimoy March 26 1931 – february 27 2015, sniff

Woman sees dragon faces

Carrie Fishers Star Wars audition video

Meditation improves brain function

Mindbrain withdrawal makes quitting harder

How many feelings are you able to feel

Brain balls grown from skin cells spark with electricity

What is ASMR? Do you have it?

Monkeys trained to pass self awareness test

Neuroplasticity the brain that changes itself

Persistent grief try meditation

Lost time

Research shows how to boot your iq

Google to elevate disagreement is your gut reaction valid

Consciousness on off switch discovered deep in brain

How to do apt automatic positive thinking

Coordinated internet sabotage 420 am in california fbi investigating

US or allies apparently hacked leading cybersecurity firm Kaspersky lab

Can you solve a chess puzzle that could prove quantum consciousness

Drones dropping drugs into prisons

Hacker remotely turn off moving cars engine

17 device can steal keyless entry cars

Jeb Bush pro torture candidate

Have you heard of putpockets

What are you feeding the total information awareness network

Hollyweed prankster alters l a landmark sign

21587 drug convictions tainted by falsified evidence

Life in jail for heavily drugged killer unable to testify

Police body cams will recognize all faces

Thieves use heavy equipment to steal atm

Man claims aliens targeted his home with meteorites

Bizarre ancient life forms found in mexican cave revived by nasa

Woman killed by clothing donation bin

Brain balls the beginning of better beings

Microsoft to store lots of data on dna

Deputy fired shot into suspects gun barrel jamming it

Cancer treatment success with genetic modification of t cells

Video: people with extra body parts

Pope mass extinction happening now

Study: nose shape is from your ancestors climate

The bodys newly discovered 79th organ

Mystery answered by drones narwhal tusks a fishing tool

Scientists demonstrate method of turning spinach leaves into heart tissue

Engineered microbe makes fuel from co2

Oraville dam spillway fails 60000 to 100000 evacuating

20 million face famine and declassified us plan to help

Cyclone debbie leaves shark in road

Weird weather 155mph twister winds and baseball sized hail stones

The 8 richest men have as much wealth as bottom 3 6 billion

NSA paid British spy agency 150 mln in secret funds new leak

Largest dinosaur footprint found atmosphere and human survival

Hundreds rescued from dramatic San Jose floods

Why does popcorn pop?

15 killed dozens missing in garbage dump landslide

Vitamin e and other antioxidants dispel static electricity

A professors plan to save the earth refreeze the arctic

German scientists freeze light for a minute

Astronomic news the universe may not be expanding after all

Earth day 2017 over 400 science protest signs

Oldest star in universe discovered

Scientists shatter world record, thinnest glass created just one molecule thick because of accidental discovery

Underwater bullets in super slow motion

Scientists create never before seen form of matter

Federal judge rules entire NSA data collection program unconstitutional a violation of the 4th

Carbons new champion theorists calculate atom thick carbyne chains may be strongest material ever

Unknown cloud seen from space station

Theoretical element 115 exists study confirms

Submit your Nobel peace prize nomination by february 1st simple instructions

Large Hadron Collider discovers new sub atomic particle the pentaquark

Maybe Space-Time is just an illusion

Canada to pull out of Afghanistan

Kaliningrad european fears over Russian missiles

2 wks of military drills in downtown la

Researchers demonstrate accelerator on a chip

Rev Martin Luther King Jr april 4 1967 beyond vietnam a time to break silence full speech

Obama: draft women into the military

Coldest spot in known universe NASA to study almost absolute zero matter at iss

NSA can hack and spy on any iPhone any time

Physics lecture universe could wink out of existence

Abandoning the people of afghanistan

Strange radio signals could be messages coming from aliens on distant planet scientists say

The war pilot who stopped a massacre

California robot is teaching itself to walk like a human toddler

Google now a military contractor with bigdog robot

Best uses for self reliant autonomous army robots

New the vaginal sound system babypod

Snowden nominated for nobel peace prize how to add your own nomination

Happiness and the size of your precuneus

Iconic singer David Bowie dies at 69

Roswell NM selected as drone training area

Ccientists can now establish your gender from a fingerprint

RIP Severus Snape /Alan Rickman

North and South Korea ready for war

Google/NASA our quantum computer is 100 million times faster than normal pc

Real popular vote: nobody for president won by a landslide

Alex Jones: memorial day is a hoax

NASAs new office to fight an asteroid apocalypse

All advanced life on earth might have come from one biological mistake scientists say

F-16c fighter jet crashes in suburban washington neighborhood

Alien megastructure star mystery deepens

Secret to indestructibility stealing dna

LA police: all cars under criminal investigation as part of license plate reader surveillance

Ninja breaks in steals sword

Genetic fountain of youth boost lifespan 25 per cent

Edward Snowden: here is how we take back the Internet, video ted talk

Robert Steele: Snowden an operation by Obama to take NSA down a notch

Urine powered fuel cell socks generate electricity when you walk

US charges Chinese military officers with cyberespionage

CIA: Russia hacked us election to make trump win

Strange error two million facebook users dead briefly

Scientific discovery neanderthal genes to thank for allergies strong immune system

Doublethink looks like this

Secret CIA maps declassified

Legionnaires disease spikes in flint amid poisoned water crisis national guard activated

A hunk of sea ice bigger than india has vanished

Bizarre spherical cloud over japan

Who is watching you watching the X-Files reboot

More species on earth than stars in our galaxy

World wide monitoring system is listening

Robotic cheetah that can jump over small walls

Quick, claim your land adopt the earth from NASA

Congress passes bill which grants unlimited access to communications of Americans

Bizarre codelike markings appear on icelandic lake

Strange rainbow cloud heralds massive undersea quake

Anti-trump protests spread across USA

Top FBI official: tech companies need to prevent encryption above all else

Police dept covers up its NSA style warrantless cell phone tracking with fake cell towers

Glasses will identify faces in crowd

Venezuela, here is my voice

Feb 11 the day we fight back

New law: prison for being gay in uganda

What if the Earths ice caps melt?

The Angry Birds game web site usurped by hackers over spying

Claim: Nanrbot kill switch in bodies of 98 of US population

Chilling Chile Christmas quake

Apple wants to serve you ads using mood reading tech

Georgia police strip search drivers during minor traffic stops

Watching wild weather worldwide with what?

Doctor perform lifesaving surgery on Roona

Record icebergs are floating drought solutions

The awesome voice of 10-year-old anna Christine Nichols (videos)

NSA using Google maps Angry Birds to monitor phone users

Inventor of web: a Magna Carta is needed

State of mind: the psychology of control

Government watchlist puts computer parts orders on hold

Something by the Beatles just bass drums

Colombia: would be robber struck by bus

Austin TX police arrest woman for jaywalking failure to identify

Video pizza delivered by drone the next big thing

Wi-See wi-fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

Stalkers dream: Google glass and facial recognition for the common man

Whale knocks surfer unconscious at Bondi beach

Dolphins steal the show in US surf contest

Eight, er, seven real hoverboards that work

EU has secret plan for police to remote stop cars

Three theories of deja vu video

Snowden: not all spying bad but NSA program divorced from reason

UFOs, anti-gravity and a football helmet alien

Walmart shelves in Springhill Louisiana cleared in EBT glitch

If you believe or dont believe in aliens, why?

Video cooking tip: fastest way to separate egg whites from yolks egg within an egg

How to fly a model helicopter using only your thoughts

Silver disk seen parked at end of NASA runway

Stealth motorcycle for special forces being tested

Reminder of yellowstone threat: animals fleeing the park

Three football field sized UFOs seen in West Virginia

Baseball player knocked out by skydiver

William Cooper lecture: behold a pale horse, full 4 hour lecture

So-cal UFO, meteor april 10

Hoax whistleblower leaks Michael Jacksons final phone call

FBI drone ambitions date back to the 1990s

Forbidden cancer cures

Pillars of light appear in sky over korean city

Rihanna tracks alien activity

NASA flying saucer launch delayed by rough seas next try wednesday

Vaccine pioneer admits adding cancer causing virus to vaccine

Whitby councillor claims to have fathered alien child from the northern echo

Rhode Island witness reports silent triangle ufo hovering over field

The truth is out there british scientists claim to have found proof of alien life

Obama makes history mentions area 51

Claim: US navy – nasa secretly has a fully operational space fleet

Lawsuit alleges NASA is failing to investigate alien life

Flying car predicted in three years only 14m

5000 year old flying machine found in afghanistan

Man faces charges in alien invasion school threat

Australia newspaper hosts series about aliens

UFOs in leaked Snowden documents

The crab on mars

Scientists claim to have found evidence of alien life

Amazon customers review ufo detector and its hilarious allentown celebrity examiner com

American botanical council publishes revolutionary analysis unlocking mysteries of 500 year old manuscript

We are the ones flying (some) UFOs

Asteroid mysterious breaks up

200,000 people apply to be first to live on mars

Skeptic sees alien creature

Stunning video shows Virgin Galactics Spaceshiptwo complete supersonic test flight

What are ultra terrestrials?

Something on mars … moved

New calculations: entire universe could collapse quickly at any time

Extraterrestrial intelligence overwhelmingly likely to be post biological

Mysterious orange flash lights up Russian night sky

Telescope finds motherlode of alien planets

Mars rat spied by NASAs curiosity rover

What is that thing on Charon? Close up photos of Pluto and moon Charon

Mystery of jelly doughnut martian rock solved

NASA open sources more than 1000 computer codes in bid to spark innovation

NASA paper em drive seems to work defies newtons third law

NASA captures best photo yet of strange lights on dwarf planet ceres

Largest supermoon since 1948 tonight

Snowden: aliens using encryption may keep us from detecting signals

Oregon bartender gets $17,500 tip

Companies will read your brain to set maximum prices you will pay

Chinese state media brags of plan to establish death star moon base

US government being sued for tax fraud

Someone just bought 148 million worth of bitcoin

Get ready to pay more online supremes refuse to hear internet tax case

NASA owns the moon, offers mining opportunities

NSA storing all your data for decades on magnetic tape

NASAs Hubble extends stellar tape measure 10 times farther into space

Well, bitcoin is crashing

Rocket men two start year long space mission

Why I just spent 170 on a few tubes of toothpaste

Blue diamond worth tens of millions discovered

Dunes on pluto

New clues in suicide of JP Morgan banker add to mystery

Obamacare surcharge appearing on restaurant bills across the country

Can you spot the hidden dwarf galaxy?

Americans spent 56 billion on pets in 2013

Gut microbes predict undernutrition

Farmer to become millionaire after 2 dinosaur skeletons discovered on his land

I will not watch your advertisement

Bitcoin passes 1000 mark for the first time up over 62 in a week

The true size of alaska revealed

The IRS and SEC want to snoop through your email without a warrant dont let them

All non africans are part neanderthal, genetics confirm

Vanishing treasures tomb raiders exploit chaos in egypt

The FBI seized all of tormails data and is using it to catch hackers

Genetic Adam: humanitys last common ancestor

Archaeologists tricorder reveals objects ancient origins

Bitcoin near total collapse

Ancient jewelry had extraterrestrial origin

More than 600 ancient seals and amulets found

Skull may change story of human evolution

Glass penny sells for 70,500

500 year old hidden butt song from hell listen

Caveman with blue eyes shocks scientists

NSA contractor allegedly stole documents far more sensitive than Snowden took

Teens metal detector find: WWII plane with pilot

Dissecting UN UFO rumours

The app we most need an interactive roadmap of human progress

First dino blood extracted from ancient bone

Eerie otherworldly blue clouds descend over antarctica

Petroglyphs in North America dated to up to 14,800 years ago

Video: slick parking maneuver gone wrong

New robots moves may surprise you

Math explains history simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies

Six dead many injured in train derailment in paris suburb of bretigny sur orge

Mysterious package found in century old time capsule

US begins flying deportees to mexico city

30,000 year old giant virus revived

Meet the NASA scientist devising a starship warp drive

Virgin Galactic ship shakes its space flight feathers

Foldable car armadillo

Passenger jet vanishes without a trace

Vatican updates thou shalt not list, see 42 principles of maat 2000 years before ten commandments

Grasshoppers journey hints at new era in spaceflight

US phones to lock out drivers

Tattooed fish aliens or t shirt

Explore the world a floating auditorium in thailand

Strange exits: big game hunter crushed to death by elephant

Baseball sized snail destroyed in australia to protect crops

Report train derails in spain killing 69

Bigfoot captured

Real time flight tracking

Venus the two faced cat still a mystery

Leggiest animal in the world found near silicon valley

Worlds largest cave son doong prepping for first public tours

Man caught smuggling more than 10 percent of an entire species

Giant squid filmed in its natural environment nature news comment

Hitch hiking robot destroyed by idiots

Bigfoot shaped rock is a rock not a bigfoots fossil skull

This is what a bald raccoon looks like

World record: Thomes Coville sails around world in 49 days alone

92 years of bigfoot sightings map

USM: Unidentified Sea Monster

Tunnel collapse on radioactive waste rail cars

The pink fairy armadillo of argentina

Giant snotty jellyfish invades tasmania

Mysterious ocean creature sighted over 100 years ago is real

Monster earthworm breaks UK record

NASA will pay $18,000 to watch you rest in bed

Albino like bald eagle spotted in washington state

The ghost shark is real

How to find the name of a song if you only know the tune

Scientists resurrect bonkers extinct frog that gives birth through its mouth

Justin Bieber murder plot documented by New Mexico court

Happy 21 12 rush fans

Scientists sequence genome of living fossil fish

Metal robot metal band

Ravi Shankar, Indian musician who influenced the Beatles, dies at 93

Mysterious giant pink blob off cuba identified by curious researcher

Pandora makes me need an iPhone mute button

Playing a record with a paper cone

The drone built to find bigfoot the project to finally prove sasquatch exists cant get off the ground

Listening to music prompts numerous brain changes

Phil Ramone dead at 79 grammy winning producer worked with billy joel, ray charles, tony bennett, paul simon

Theory: chupacabra is a breeding experiment

Learn the periodic table of elements song

Frank Zappa on UFOs

US jaguar population two second caught on film

Happy Birthday, who owns the song rights?

Longtime NPR jazz host Marian Mcpartland dead at 95

Can you hear this fast?

Joe South, singer of “games people play” dies aged 72

Parasitic DNA proliferates in aging tissues

Linda Ronstadt: parkinsons disease has left me unable to sing

Send for the bard, carnyx discovery leaves archaeologists little the wiser

Google reportedly acquires AI company deepmind for 400m

Winnipeg deep freeze as cold as uninhabited planet

Japanese government seeks approval to dump Fukushima groundwater into sea

Davie Bowie set for fastest selling album of 2013

A japanese toothpaste that heals cavities

Invention eats air pollution

Town attacked by mountain of tumbleweeds residents trapped in homes

Practice makes perfect, not so much

Swimmer nabs monster lobster off california coast

Anti vaccine docs being murdered?

Perfect pitch may not be so perfect

Florida coeds have the right to bring guns on campus

Facebook AI can identify objects in your photos

Sweden becomes first western nation to reject low fat diet dogma in favor of low carb high fat nutrition

Customer with fast moves takes down startled deer in store

What is your fitness age?

Breathe through your nose and live longer

Patients being disappeared from hospitals in US?

Ebola virus outbreak epidemic is out of control

Daylight savings time is rough on your health

The great blood glucose meter conspiracy gbgmc

New hope for diabetics from babies who make too much insulin

Scientists make robots that can walk and jump on water your move jesus

The real causes if heart attack

Guess my fasting blood sugar

Fukushima cleanup brainstorming

Genetically engineered virus cures patients of skin cancer

Type 2 diabetes cure: lose a gram fat from pancreas

A pill that dissolves steadily over 2 weeks

Cellular reprogramming reverses aging in living animals

Massive waterspout

Metallic hydrogen created

Stopping radio frequency interference rfi

Weird but true netflix skype kindle predicted in 1965

UK police arrest couple suspected of holding three women captive for 30 years

Trending batman bin suparman jailed in singapore

Thunderstorm asthma is real and a killer

Gray whale dies bringing us a message with stomach full of plastic trash

Government launches two nights of spraying residents and mosquitoes with poison in yolo county

GM wheat could permanently damage human genetics by silencing hundreds of genes throughout the body

How to grow your own organic food in small spaces

Common blood pressure drug reverses diabetes in mice

Vermont senator continues fight for gmo labeling defeat of monsanto protection act

Modern wheat perfect chronic poison says expert

Researchers ten percent of ozone pollution in california is from asia

NSA chief says data disrupted billions of terror plots

USDA expands investigation into escaped test Monsanto GM wheat

Scientists extend lifespan of lab mice by 40 percent

Raw milk confirmed as low risk

104 studies pesticides linked parkinsons

Dashcam high winds blow moving semi onto empty police car

Sleep aid from the pumpkin patch ontario doctor creates all natural solution

Strawberries can reverse precancerous progression

Horse fooled by mask (vide0)

FDA finally listened and removed arsenic from chickens

Its not alive: lab grown meat is here, but will vegetarians eat it?

Graphene as a superconductor

South Korea bans japanese fish

Ten year old boy wins Alaskas contest for giant cabbages

FDA antibacterial chemicals may pose health risks

Scientists turn hunger on and off in brain

Link between gluten and alzheimers

Surprising sex specific benefit from a vegetarian diet

Why are owls attacking people in Missouri?

Pacific tuna salmon and herring are fukishimad

University creates sperm bank for honeybees

Sen. Leahy on NSA spying we must return control of government to the american people

Wifi mandatory in every car, block it

Warming arctic may be causing jet stream to lose its way

Study confirms link between omega 3 fatty acids and increased prostate cancer risk

Indias pepper spraying parliament branded a disgrace by media

How to send a secure truly private email

FDA names taylor farms as source in parasite outbreak

Doctors implant women with lab grown vaginas

Action alert FDA proposal attacks pastured laying hen farms

Satanists claim theft is hate crime

rkansas legalizes sale of raw milk directly from farms

The Sikh shooting: DOJ and FBI warned of planned terror attack in april

Toxicology expert speaks out about roundup and gmos

Teacher accused of having group sex with students on video

Jesus statue oozing holy water an indian skeptic debunks miracle faces possible jail

Giant underwater ice balls in lake michigan

Tomatoes are christian egyptian salafi group warns

The psychedelic cult that thrived for nearly 2000 years

Is wifi making you sick? Bioinitiative 2012 says yes

Jesus wife mentioned on fourth century papyrus fragment

Ebay bans sale of magic spells potions and other witchcraft

Video the devils bible

Lightning strikes vatican on the day the pope resigns bolt hits st peters basilica hours after benedict xvis shock news

Our babys the devil, say colombian parents whose child can walk at four weeks and breathes fire

Top six vitamins you should not take hmmm

Shape shifting jesus spent his last supper with pontius pilate claims just deciphered 1200 year old egyptian manuscript

Losing our religion the growth of the nones

Claim: FEMA ordered 102,000 boxcars with shackles

No water deliveries for CA agriculture

Cardinal OBrien faces vatican inquiry

3d printer capable of building a house in a day could change construction forever

Scientists identify first potentially effective therapy for human prion disease

Researchers unveil large robotic jellyfish that one day could patrol oceans

NSA backdoors in intel and amd chips

What happens in the brain to make music rewarding

Longest thunder rumble

Chinese actress accepts proposal by drone

80 year old becomes oldest man to climb mount everest

UFO over Republic of Khakassia stirs the locals video paranormal

Leopard sparks panic in north indian city

Jury awards 41.7m to student disabled on field trip to China

Living social hacked, 50 million affected

Scientists adroitly manipulate a quantum bit using laser light alone

150 year old bible worth 1570 found lying on city centre bench

Flawless diamond sells for record 26 7m at auction

FDA approves morning after pill without a prescription

Rejected italian ad a womanly last supper

Who is socially smarter, the dog or the wolf?

Raid in russia brings underground sect to light

Colo gov signs first bills in history to establish legal regulated pot market for adults

Mormonism, a peek inside temple rituals and family life

Radioactive water spills over fukushima barrier flooding surroundings

A neurosurgeons experience with the afterlife proof of heaven or narrow expertise

Seahorses stalk their prey by stealth

ZTE will sell its firefox phone on ebay for 80

Massive solar flare could have caused eighth century radiation burst

Evidence (supposedly) of time travelers on the Internet

Family returns home finds stranger moved in claiming home as his under obscure ohio law

Pat Robertsons ominous warning: demonic spirits may lurk in your newly purchased clothing

Bloggers have first amendment protection

Have archaeologists discovered the mysterious lost city of Ciudad Blanca?

Iranian scientist claims to invent time machine

The origin of the holy ghost

Authorities hunting for nuclear gauge lost in West Virginia

Solar plane sets distance record on us tour

Falling cemetery headstone kills toddler in texas

California man arrested for more than 100 calls to 911 claiming satellites control him

Puzzle of how spiral galaxies set their arms comes into focus

Elton John: Im lucky to be alive after operation

Working gun made with 3d printer

Snowden: Booz Allen Hamilton has lists of machines all over the world the NSA hacked

Berndnaut Smilde creates a raincloud in a room as art

The owl overlooked

Fracking waste too toxic even for a hazardous waste site

Stop sign yarn flowers must be stopped san diego officials say

Those fish oil supplements might cause cancer

Miniature body part jewellery by percy lau

Claude Monet and the subjectivity of color, Galileos pendulum

UK porn ban prime minister declares war on adult content

Lost Da Vinci painting found in scottish farmhouse

Scots work out musical cypher at heart of Da Vinci masterpiece

Parody of the last supper as restored by Celia Gimenez

Mona Lisas skeleton found

Superman strength bacteria produces gold

Apple to sell charger replacements following counterfeit safety concerns

Elderly woman ruins valuable artwork

What is the shape of space?

Letters: US should leave Edward Snowden alone

Chester zoo: perfect imprint of an elephant left in the sand where it fell asleep

Film studios request removal of takedown notices

Monkey steals a hubcap

Mind blowing video of blue lava pouring out of indonesian volcano

Ant meets helicopter

China to ban smoking in public by end of year

Virginia woman fights for ownership of renoir painting she allegedly purchased for 7 at flea market fox news

Memory boosting chemical is identified in mice

Blood red babbling brook mystery solved

How many people are in this frog?

Ghostbuster arrested for conducting penis exorcism

Dubai offers gold to fight obesity epidemic

Bowling a perfect game 300 score

This optical illusion lets you see your own brain waves

Internet troll paid by corporations

Google engineer blasts NSA

Brain chemistry altered by early life experience

US Navy triples funding for clean energy in Hawaii

AI beats four best human players at poker

NY, VA 7 eleven stores raided as part of us investigation into human smuggling

Museum discovers new Van Gogh painting

Obama announces new NSA surveillance rules

House rejects effort to curb NSA phone surveillance

100000 led spheres flowing down a japanese river

Soon drones may be able to make lethal decisions on their own

Does marriage depend on dna happy hormone gene key to wedded bliss

Question bridge art exhibit at the oakland museum the black male experience

Qoman jailed for not returning 2005 video rental

Radioactive art tackles fall out for japan

Newly discovered lava filled planet where years are just 8 5 hours long

Human cells grown in pig embryos

Liu Bolin, the invisble man

Claim: car that runs on water invented

Dali work stolen and then returned by mail

A freaky birth death doughnut of human arms (cool animated gif)

Nano material sets record turning heat to electricity

Man with ballistic panels sewn into undergarments attempts to use torch to cut into atm

Man gets a refund over missing explosion in jack reacher

Urine powered generator unveiled at international exhibition

NSA taps Google at will

Rotavirus india unveils cheap rotavac diarrhoea vaccine

New type of solar structure cools buildings in full sunlight

Kansas republicans creationists oppose new science education standards

Deep canadian mine yields ancient water over 1 5 billion years old

Power your car with pee

The amazing monkey orchids

T-shirts developed that could charge mobile phones

Solar powered plane solar impulse prepares for flight around the world

Uranium from seawater idea boosted with shrimp shells

Testing artificial photosynthesis

Sun will flip upside down within weeks say nasa

Earthship biotecture renegade new mexico architects radical approach to sustainable living

The meteor shower of perseids coming on august 11 and 12

New material holds big energy hope

Sodium air battery offers rechargeable advantages compared to li air batteries

Why glial cells should be included in the brain initative

US lawmakers seek to end bulk NSA telephone records collection

Microalgae produce more oil faster for energy food or products

Three metre long giant squid has been found floating off the south coast of Australia

Video: wild horse dislikes alligator

Artificial leaf gains the ability to self heal damage and produce energy from dirty water

A flasher with intestines growing from face

Indian man arrested for drinking tea in a suspicious manner

New process generates hydrogen from aluminum alloy to run engines fuel cells

Doomsday prepper sentenced to 21 months in federal prison

Google outraged by government snooping

Is anything stopping a truly massive build out of desert solar power?

Scientist spots ghost universe from before the big bang hidden in microwaves

Wello iPhone case heart and blood pressure monitor

New study suggests a better way to deal with bad memories

Astronaut spots ufo outside space station but then its identified

Survival using artificial glaciers

Anti joke the man with half of his head a giant orange

MIT energy scavenger harvests power from light vibrations and heat

How too much sleep can make you ill by increasing risk of heart disease diabetes and obesity

One ton king pig laid to rest during funeral service in China

Nikola Tesla museum campaign earns 500,000 online in two days

UK sisters are worlds oldest siblings

How Anonymous picks targets launches attacks and takes powerful organizations down

Why the radioactive banana comparison is spurious

Solar cell consisting of a single molecule

Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you dont want the government spying

Stuxnet and flame appear to be close cousins

NASA a nuclear reactor to replace your water heater

Vermont passes gmo labeling law

Psychic looking for Kiesha finds adults torso

1 killed 3 hurt accident at ark nuclear plant

Grandfathers ghost story leads to mysterious mass grave

Christine Odonnell: I am not a witch

New solar cell coating could boost efficiency

Scientists find first real evidence you can see the future

Hexed radio morning show hires witch to curse Lebron James

Compressing air for renewable energy storage

Is this evidence that we can see the future?

Panic after “devil attack” at school

Amazing Kreskin predicts war on terror will end in 150 years

Scientists built a mini laser gun that generates anti matter

Journal article on esp is expected to prompt outrage

Former lost extra reenacts paranormal experiences

Artificial photosynthesis to make plants green with envy

Paranormalia plans for the million dollar challenge

Oldest living person at 117 is last born in 1800s

Ghana coach says witchcraft is reason for team split

Demon behind the sofa scary face goes viral as twitter and facebook users spread the fear

New model of blood circulation offers cure for heart problems

Pub punters terrorised by bum pinching ghost

Tuna carry fukushima radiation to california

Mother gives chinese quadruplets numbered haircuts metro co uk

Synesthesia may explain healers claims of seeing peoples aura

Worst US drought since 1956 hits residents and crops

Earth experiences back to back asteroid close encounters

Politician pulls gun on man during tv show

Worlds first manned flight with an electric multicopter youtube

What the hell is it? Bizarre organism appears after lightning strike

Bizarre mind control caught on camera

Facebook removes beheading video again after uproar

Russian man jailed for assaulting fortune teller who predicted he would go to jail

Bible of hung kuen kung fu published

Healers nab 12 more djinns

Top 100 life lessons

Collusion for firefox

Carters weird science

50 of children will be autistic by 2025

Tourists escape death by bear

Psychiatrist suspects girls disappearance linked to mental illness

Turtles fossilised in sex embrace

Strange election results in nation and California

Join a telepathy experiment

Ice rink with embedded dead fish sparks uproar

Gitmo prisoner describes pain of forced feedings

Mexican grand warlock predicts Obama loss in 2012

New telescope optics can directly view exoplanets by hiding interfering starlight

Judge fines himself after his phone disrupt court proceedings

Fans flock to home of resurrected musician

Fighting to free knowledge paid for by taxpayers and winning

Australian man breaks bungee jump world record

I am 2.8% god, how about you?

Remote viewer solves murder

Flatwoods monster a 1950s military psyop

Penn temple team discovers what keeps a cells energy source going + 21 foods naturally highest in calcium

Game meant to be played in 2000 years gets buried in desert

Sperm damaged by heat from laptop

Researchers jamestown settlers resorted to cannibalism

Revealed: cold war era US plan to nuke the moon. Brains of the operation? astronomer Carl Sagan

Byrd came oh so close, but probably didnt reach north pole

Pendulum swings back on 350 year old mathematical mystery

Fossil records crab death march

US Special Forces getting constellation of mini surveillance satellites to hunt down people considered to be dangerous

Ford describes glimpsing gun before assassination attempt

Oz the great and powerful trailer 2013

Queens world war iii speech revealed in newly released uk archive papers

Yes, atomic bomb that fell in us almost went off says document

Syrian internet and phone blackout enters second day

How Leon Foucault taught us to watch the world spin

Several immortal animal species. Humans next?

North Korean minister obliterated

Sherlock Holmes and the expiring copyright

Did ufo hacker McKinnon find evidence of a secret US ufo fleet?

Vizio fined 2 2 million for monitoring tv watching habits

NASA: tractor beams may actually work

Former surgeon general c everett koop dies at age 96

Psycho neural immunology

That “sunken millennium falcon” mystery solved its a …

Google depixelation technology

Michelle Obama, celebrities private information leaked by mystery website

Video jetpack skiing at 75 mph

Long Island man faces jail for laughing too loudly in own home

A lucky photo

Warp drives may come with a killer downside

Albuquerque NM: FBI flying saucers NM memo, bureaus most viewed

Marvel comics to US govt: mutants are not human and should not be taxed as such

Real life X-Files: meet the people who claim to have been abducted by aliens

Researchers trace languages of billions back to one ancient ancestor

Lucasfilm abandons Grady Ranch project

Nicholas Read star wars ewok faces jail for flashing

Early reviews praise dark knight rises

Here she is statue of liberty reopens on independence day

The … another amazing spiderman

A zombie enters the race to become the next president of the united states

911 videos

Warp drive more realistic than previously thought

Today is the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination

Humor: Hitler finds out about Disney buying Star Wars

Tolkien superfan re creates hobbit house from 2600 balloons

Secret weather modification devastation

Star Trek into darkness trailer teaser

Captain Kirks predecessor Star Trek was rand corporation predictive programming

Breakthrough: data stored on a single atom

Delorean hovercraft goes for a spin

The starchild skull: alien or hydrocephalic child?

President Hugo Chavez, hero to Venezuelas poor, is dead

John Roberts tells Starbucks clerk his credit card was compromised

Frakensparrow: robot created from dead bird

Arkansas fusion center admits it spies on antigovernment groups

World naked bike ride spring 2013 this is crazy

Brazil police puzzle over 7 gift wrapped skulls

Federal court admits Hepatitis B vaccine caused fatal auto immune disorder

Life on mars scientists live together in Utah desert to simulate life on red planet

Time travel is a breeze with the Gadabout 1050

Bug bombs cause partial collapse of New York city building

Wikileaks: just a preview bigger showdown over secrets coming

Review: Bill Shatners world we just live in it

Obama DOJ formally accuses journalist in leak case of committing crimes

Best audio mixing lesson from an iphone app heareq hear before and after examples

Five leadership lessons from James T Kirk

Video power tower falls in philippines

LTE cell phone radiation affects brain activity in cell phone users

Brain scans show why psychopaths dont feel your pain

Starship enterprise pizza cutter

A new map of how we think top brainbottom brain

Coconut oil peanut butter new advances for alzheimers

Sci Fi experiment dominion dinosaurs vs aliens is far smarter than you think

Mindfulness meditation helps pain anxiety and depression

Thor sighted at stonehenge

Bo Bergmans: “shut down the Internet” letter goes viral in Sweden

Meditation alters genes rapidly triggers molecular changes natural society

Hangar 18: 1980 full movie

Scientists study woman who can have out of body experiences on demand

Star Wars hyperdrive space flight explored by physicists

Why North is up on todays maps

Trump tests HAARP? Odd theory

Fascinating: William Shatner boosts Vulcan as name for pluto moon

Warrantless cellphone tower dumps becoming go to tool for law enforcement

Frisbee becomes an olympic sport

NSA also serves economic interests says Snowden

3D printer can build synthetic tissues

Deadly explosions in China

Texas bill cops to collect traffic fines on spot via credit or debit card

Target says 40 million credit debit card accounts may be affected by data breach

Breakthrough in neuroscience could help re wire appetite control

New world record? Is Mbah Gotho 146 years old?

North Dakota cow thief is first american arrested jailed with drones help

UFO invasion planned for april 5th

Video: bighorn sheep breaks window. Know why?

Scientists discover bees of the sea

Mussolinis most secret bunker discovered beneath historic Roman structure

Teen wins legal battle to be frozen

S. African man with penis transplant to become father

Man is his own childs uncle says DNA testing

Why elephants could hold the cure for cancer

Japanese government to monitor killer jelly

Scientists turn dangerous cancer cells into harmless potentially cancer fighting immune cells

Sleep through your alarm

President Obama: NSA surveillance was necessary to make sure Boston bombings weren’t part of bigger plot

Mice inherit fathers fears even with zero contact with father

With 91 of americans opposed, US plans to murder Syrians as early as thursday

Scientists pinpoint age when childhood memories fade

Deep impact mission ends leaves bright comet tale

Video: great grandmother skydives on her 100th birthday

French court fines mother for 3 year olds jihad “i am a bomb” T-shirt

Hairy USA? No, its a cool wind map

Mystery: outbreaks of tornadoes in the USA getting worse

Official embassy attack threat had no basis in fact

First human head transplant planned in 2017

NSA responds to new reports on top secret spying program xkeyscore

Dropbox takes a peek at files but its totally nothing says dropbox

The 150 things the worlds smartest people are afraid of

They got away with murdering my son mother of police beating victim

Adobe says source code customer data stolen by hackers

Beta blockers killed 800,000 in 5 years

Man stopped going to work, no one noticed for 6 years

Birthdays today: elvis, david bowie, xeno

Which is faster: a charging rhinoceros or a moped? (Video)

Scientists grow monkey arms in the lab

Palestinians build solar car from scratch

Those who report on their governments human rights abuses should know of murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Rudolph the radioactive reindeer reminds us

Mountain Dew will dissolve rats on contact

Karma experiment results good deeds are punished

New York Times web site was taken down

Mexican woman denied treatment gives birth on clinic lawn

Video scientists make worlds smallest animation with atoms telegraph

Rosie Vela

Russian researchers find more evidence to support notion that lightning is caused by cosmic rays

Chinese man has new nose grown on forehead

This subterranean telescope may have just seen humanitys first cosmic neutrino

Long term complications after adult braces

Stacking 2D materials produces surprising results

Light bursts out of a flying mirror

First ever high resolution images of a molecule as it breaks and reforms chemical bonds

How to fit 1000tb of data onto a 12cm optical disc

Einsteins gravity theory passes toughest test yet bizarre binary star system pushes study of relativity to new limits

Photons may live for 1 quintillion years but experience it as 3 years

Government lab reveals quantum internet operated continuously for over two years

Antigravity gets first test at cerns alpha experiment

Mysterious object blocks seattle tunnel drilling

Quantum camera snaps objects it cannot see

Large low flying homeland security helicopter to test for radiation

Quantum internet towards realization of solid state quantum network

Facebook publicizes government requests for member data

Quantum microscope peers into the hydrogen atom

Invisible gravity waves detectable with quantum mechanics

New method can image single molecules and identify its atoms

PA haunted house drops nude option

Do it yourself invisibility with 3D printing

Quantum tunneling computers answers faster than light

The Higgs boson and a new physics could make the speed of light possible

Severed hand kept alive on mans ankle

Microscopic “flowers” created with chemistry

President Obama and Iranian president discuss nukes by phone

How to build a personal offline doomsday survival archive

Scientists transform cement into liquid metal

Citizenfour wins oscar for best documentary

Trillions of carats of secret russian diamonds

Chladni figures amazing resonance experiment

Students invent device to extinguish flames with sound

Breastfeeding mums stage mcdonalds protest after mother is told to stop giving her baby milk

Swedish researchers create an impossible material by mistake

Obama ends NSA phone record program

New lithium air batteries could be 10x more powerful 5x cheaper

NASAs new superhero humanoid robot

Diabetes research: have you gone from pre diabetic to normal?

Robin Williams widow says depression didnt kill him

Paypal hack discoverer paid $10,000 bounty

Development of a surgically implantable artificial kidney

Your gut home to an entirely new life form

Not possible: “good guys only” software backdoors

US drops bombs on great barrier reef marine park

Beijing smog industry getting away with mass murder

Japan launches largest warship since world war ii

Origin of life puzzle cracked hydrogen sulfide hydrogen cyanide and uv light

Gizmo: a medical ethics free zone

Obama: outside of self defense a US president may not unilaterally authorize military attacks

Wireless charging set for huge growth in next 10 years

Russia claims syria rebels used sarin at khan al assal

US violates defense zone after chinese threat to shoot down aircraft

Link found between gum disease and heart disease

Colbert skewers governments global threat alert powerless NSA spy grid

Kidney grown from stem cells by australian scientists

Custom virus developed which kills only cancer cells

The forgotten cold war plan that put a ring of copper around the earth

Lego is a tool of satan warns polish priest

British baby given genetically edited immune cells to beat cancer in world first

North Korea puts army on alert warns US of horrible disaster

So you are saying I cant have tigers?

Lab grown vocal cords sound like the real thing

Verizon wins net neutrality loses as court ruling opens door to a tiered internet

NSA director alexander has to ask permission to answer a question

White House says multiple sources on syria chemical weapons, Colin Powell had multiple sources for false Iraq claims too

The chemistry of love

US chemical weapons report in syria fabricated

Can cutting carbohydrates from your diet make you live longer?

Did big Internet companies handicap start ups in FISA rule changes?

US non exploding radioactive weapons blamed for birth defects and cancer in iraq

Scientists create first lab grown limb

Kansas lawmakers mull anti fluoride bill

Indian submarine ins sindhurakshak catches fire sinks

Reptilian humanoid startles bikers in the sonoran desert

Coventry residents left baffled by mystery independence day noise

10 year old norwegian boy steals parents car and tells police he is a dwarf mail online

You are being tracked: ACLU reveals docs of mass license plate reader surveillance

Severe drought has US west fearing worst

Whats better to have an awesome beard or a girlfriend?

Verizons creepy idea to spy on tv viewers

Obama on spying: nobody is listening to your phone conversations

Mobile contacts are now the real social network

Using the power of brain waves to prevent car and plane hijackings

911 family members demand the fbi come clean about sarasota saudis

Woman sued by her two frozen embryos

Car Arrest: NHTSA may mandate that new cars broadcast location direction and speed

Drinking water from air humidity

How the nsas domestic spying program works

Enormous sink holes discovered in china

So far from home: photo of earth from saturn

Guardian says Britain made it destroy Snowden material

Media buries psychiatric drug connection to Navy shooter

Google argues for right to continue scanning gmail

Life producing phosphorus carried to earth by meteorites

Users sue Linkedin over harvesting of email addresses

Documentary: Resonance. Cell phones disrupting melatonin production may the causal link to cancer and other health problems

Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

Big brother spying is reaching scary levels

Best UFOs of april 2012 (video)

Federal appeals court: police cant paralyze you to search your body for drugs

Mother has third set of twins at 500000:1 odds

Selfless act paying off for Boston homeless man

What the heck is this little alien creature?

Former NSA director advocates Chinese style Internet

Hairpin turn micro RNA plays role in wood formation

Heroic human chain saves drowning boy in New Zealand

New government scanning system watches everyone

Heres exactly who to blame in Congress for authorizing government spying

Army tests new hybrid airship

Former president Jimmy Carter: Canadians should get credit for Iran hostage crisis, Argo movie wasnt entirely accurate

Dont freak out if you see a B 52 bomber targeting your home

Antarcticas hidden Lake Vostok found to teem with life

UFO, I know what I saw, Beyond the Blue: full movie + spielberg supports govt disclosure on UFOs

Hacked photos show Colin Powell at Bohemian Grove

Surfing pig sensation in New Zealand

School experiment discovers garden cress wont germinate near a router

BPA finally banned from baby bottles replaced by deadly bps chemical

Meet the 6 legged robot lizards that may one day roam mars

Invisible wetsuits confuse attacking sharks

Actor Robert Pattinson “shapeshifting” during interview

Blanket surveillance total secrecy what could possibly go wrong

Improve sleep and mood with light

Great white shark attack caught on camera 24-03-2013

Biologist discovers a new species up his nose

Robot revolution androids are coming

Mars trip to use astronaut poo as radiation shield

Federal government funds 400g smoke detecting underwear project

Hair loss hope scientists grow human hair cells in culture

Sirius: a UFO documentary trailer

Consumer report potential carcinogen found in certain soft drinks

Fastwalkers UFO documentary, full video

iPhones on ATT get government carrier settings update

National Geographic brazilian alien sighting

Lockheed Martin p-791 hybrid aircraft

Ten million more Android users text messages will soon be encrypted by default

Ancient “aliens” found living beneath the icy surface of Antarctic lake

People watching alternative to Youtube: Recent uploads at Photobucket

New research suggests bacteria are social microorganisms

New alien planet habitable zone rules

Link between human and monkey communication found

Will aliens give us a one world government?

Brandons Roswell claims new to Gates

Astronaut sings Bowies Space Oddity song in zero gravity

Another weird shiny thing on Mars

Would anyone care about the discovery of martian life?

Stem cells mimic human brain

Sirius filmmakers release Atacama humanoid sex and age

Closest earth-like world could be 6.5 light years away

Monkeys killed by airborne ebola

John Keel on the mothman

UFO documentary reveals humanoid of unknown classification

Language and tool making skills evolved at same time study says

Chinese UFO linked to rocket

Researchers use Moores Law to calculate that life began before earth existed

Calico, googles ambitious new project to stop illness and aging

Area 51 batplane caught on video

Friday the 13th would you board flight 666 to help?

Case Brandon CIA agent interview about Roswell on coast to coast

UFO over Santa Clarita

Denver UFOs still have the mile high city abuzz

The birth of the new the rewiring of the old

Mysterious light blamed for circle of fire

Student says his camera shot a giant ghost

Ancient “alien” burial site discovered

Scientist says atacama humanoid is human but still a mystery

One of Americas secret flying saucers declassified

Dont go to mars if you arent prepared to find something unsettling

Zombie UFO crash landing, a new FEMA exercise

Erie County witness overcome with fear watching rectangle UFO

Largest habitat on earth found deep inside oceanic crust

Earth telescope captures images twice as sharp as Hubble

Images of star being born captured

Petition to aliens to disclose

Biggest US rocket blasts off with spy satellite

Hubble and NTT capture strange alignment of planetary nebulae

Cosmic caterpillar seen

So many sun loops

Bizarre 6 inch skeleton shown to be human

Birdheaded man on mercury

Detected radio bursts evidence of exotic phenomena

Local news crew sets out to debunk UFO film, ends up confirming it

NASA goes low tech sends balloon to study comet Ison

Lonely young planet drifting in space without a star

Viral video of explosion in space is a weather balloon yes really

Meteorite pulled from Russian lake one of worlds biggest

Happy Halloween, enjoy this witch face in space

US military advisor suggests pardon for UFO hacker

One ton GOCE satellite plummets into Atlantic ocean

Files reveal UKs special branch “men in black” caught on tape

Pregnant weightlifter provokes online storm

Study: more than 300,000 homes are foreclosed zombies

A 1950 lecture on UFOs by Brother Manly P Hall

Could the banksters grab your bank deposits?

How to buy bitcoins annoymously in the US, perhaps

Apple can track you even after your iphone battery dies

Australian billionaire orders 117 life size dinosaur robots from china

False White House explosion tweet roils market

Comet Ison to fly by Mars

How did 300m minesweeper become scrap metal? Navy wants answers

Facebook co founder among 679 who renounced US citizenship to avoid taxes

Curiosity mars rover views eclipse of the sun by phobos

Dog dies after eating penny. Pennies minted before 1982 contain zinc

Robot spacecraft ready for launch to study moon dust NASA says

Feds shut down payment network Liberty Reserve. Is bitcoin next?

Youtube launches “pay to watch” subscription channels. Here are 25 alternatives to Youtube

Mars soil analysis reveals surprising amount of water

Paypal accidentally credits man 92 quadrillion

Solve a math puzzle win 1 million

Ladee enters moon orbit w97 of nasa furloughed

Study finds poverty reduces brain power

Are the rich jerks? See the science

The UN vs the asteroids

NSA collection of us phone records violates constitutional rights ACLU says in court

Microsoft shells out award for Windows 8.1 exploit as bug bounty continues

Claim: how to grow a new tooth in 9 weeks

Brains cleaned while you sleep

Bocuments show blair government let us spy on britons

Powerball winner covers rent for his neighborhood

Ethical debate on face transplantation has evolved over time

Lead based underwear for Fukushima protection

Samoan airline says pay by weight plan fairest way to fly

The United Arab Emirates to build the worlds first sand stadium

One ton of gold seized in small car

500 american FBI agents to operate in UK for olympic games

Video: rollerman skates down Chinese mountain

Senate oks Internet sales tax with overwhelming bipartisan support

How to watch the olympics online without cable

UFO over olympics opening ceremony? (video)

New app lets you boycott Monsanto and more by scanning items in your shopping cart

Texting competition prize defended by US champion

Black belts white matter shows how a powerful punch comes from the brain

Florida woman claims massive powerball pot

Brazil arrests dozens of corrupt policemen

Golfer Mark Mihal rescued by friends when 15 ft sinkhole swallows him on a St Louis course

FBI spent 2 years searching a song for obscene lyrics

Magnitude 6 0 quake shakes northeastern Japan

M-disc, 1000 year back up available now

Theravent better than external nasal strips for snoring sing to treat snoring

Nymph insect with iridescent tuft of hair discovered in south america

Sexual frustration decreases lifespan, at least in flies

Deadly Pemex explosion caused by methane attorney general says

A potential cause of autism key enzymes are found to have a profound effect across dozens of genes linked to autism

How to build a happier brain

Hidden Ireland mystery of 5000 year old empty tomb on top of a Wicklow mountain

Worlds oldest calendar discovered in Scottish field

Judge says living Ohio man is legally dead

Ancient Maya city discovered in Mexico

Discovery of oldest primate skeleton ancestor of humans and apes

Cave paintings in Mexico carvings uncovered in Burgos

Mayan temple in Belize bulldozed to make gravel for road

In New Mexico daredevil skydives from 18 miles above earth

Secret streets of Britains Atlantis are revealed

Two million year old creature had mix of ape human traits

US judo fighter expelled from olympics after testing positive for marijuana

Ancient clockwork

Mars could have supported life nasa says ica stones tell of humans from mars

Einstein, Godel and the science of time travel

Russian researchers find unidentified signs of life in the bottom of an antarctic lake

2013 Boston marathon winner Lelisa Desisa

Giant camels came from the great white north

NASA still perplexed by astronauts flooded helmet outside space station

Rock solid proof of alien life scientists claim fossilized algae inside meteorite

Chinese bowl found at garage sale fetches over 2 2 million at auction

Nigerian woman faked own kidnapping to extort money from husband

Buddhist builder buried alive for two hours survives by meditating

Mount Etna volcano blows rings

Rail dig may have found londons lost black death graves

Light completely stopped for a record breaking minute

Acetaminophen linked to fatal skin reactions

Ancient bones found 100 years ago belong to undiscovered species

Ancient egyptian city lost for 1200 years begins to reveal its secrets

Taiwan lawmakers brawl over nuclear plant bill

Afghanistans heritage is at stake

George H W Bush shaves head in support of boy with leukemia

Fukushima end game radiated water has nowhere to go

Robot finds mysterious spheres in ancient temple

Fukushima now in state of emergency leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily

Fast food chain yoshinoya to grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima

Massive prehistoric bird extinction linked to human colonization

The crisis at Fukushima 4 demands a global take over

Fukishima radiation reaching west coast of North America

9 year old girl gets dinosaur named after her makes all other children, adults jealous

Fukushima radiation levels hit 2 year high

Four wings extra feathered limbs may have helped early birds fly

Report: radioactive isotope found in Arafats remains

New feathered dinosaur fossil challenges bird evolution theory

Teens death from synthetic marijuana results in first colorado lawsuit

Connected vehicle technology helps drivers avoid crashes

Samuel Arbesmans milky way transit authority map

Letting Tepco clean up Fukushima is like letting …

Game makers accused of spying in greece transferred to lesbos

Super fast space travel would kill you in minutes

Odd even gas rationing to be instituted

Fukushima could be 15000x worse than Hiroshima with removal of fuel rods

Mars or bust: Dennis Tito plans to send couple on 2018 mission

Applicants wanted for a one way ticket to mars

Fukushima, the employment disaster

3D printed car is as strong as steel half the weight and nearing production

Bidder buys $1.5 million space date with leonardo dicaprio

20 foot boat that drifted to California is tsunami debris

Reporters confirm radiation levels 1200x higher than normal on Cali beach

Radiation on Mars trip would have unknown health effects

White House knew Mike Rogers withheld details of NSA surveillance from others in congress

Bank to spy on customers via cellphone location tracking

Star Trek deflector shield could protect mars mission from cancer risk

Road cleared for self driving cars in california

Russian police seize painting of Putin in womens underwear

Driving the 2012 Tesla model S

Mushrooms make wind to spread spores

Fooling the appstore one code chunk at a time

Airport baggage handler accused of stealing 84000 worth of belongings

Wash patient appears leukemia free after 7 days of bold new treatment

Studies suggest combining renewables can fully cover energy needs by 2030

Meet the thousands of people ready to die on Mars

Cancer care really is a postcode lottery new search engine confirms that the north has much higher mortality rate of disease

Pilot, 76, walks away from crash after deploying planes parachute

Moon mission to look for hopping water and electrified dust

What are you doing to celebrate the end of the world today? the mayan calendar ends today, Oct 28 2011, or not

Man amazes crowds by calling crow conference

Plane crash at alaska airport kills all 10 on board ap reports

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Sexual satisfaction in women increases with age

Found 140 days later car key from rental in maui

Homeland security secretary janet napolitano stepping down to run uc system

Women happier in relationships when men feel their pain

Looming us financial disaster

Searching for a life saving kidney and finding the kindness of strangers

Researchers find epigenetic factor in monogamy for voles

Water python eats crocodile after epic fight

New York man killed by remote controlled toy helicopter

Crees led bulb looks like an incandescent and lights like one for under 10

California IDs first wolverine in 80 years

Pennsylvania sinkhole, Doris Jenkins home evacuated

Strangers spot people with compassionate genes in seconds oxytocin receptor empathy

Surprised? Monsanto openly wrote own Monsanto protection act

Dementia sufferers told white lies to keep them happy nurses and psychiatrists admit therapeutic lying to confused patients

Antarctic flood produces ice crater

Sandy Hook fact check: shotgun in a glove box?

Healing abandonment issues

New York town finds 850 snakes in mans home

Desperate bulgarian man sets himself ablaze

Love in the time of neuroscience

Sighting of mystery animal in hale

Chilling legal memo from Obama, DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens

Married cancer patients live longer than singles with the disease

Mystery of the one in a million frankenstein fish

Starfish mass horrific suicide mystery

Being overweight is linked to lower risk of mortality

Giant wombat grave found in queensland australia

Limbless amphibian species found

Drones will zap protesters into submission

Police order gardener to cut offensive middle finger shaped bush

Weird sea creature caught on film on high res video

Researchers identify endocrine disrupting chemical in bottled water

Man pulling off bigfoot hoax killed

Proof scientists in siberia yeti exists

Mariana Trench, deepest ocean, teems with microbes

Family finds snake with two heads one on each end of its body, uh, what?

Giant owl … or photoshop?

Oxygen mystery: how marine mammals hold their breath

Idaho scientist seeks to launch aerial bigfoot search with blimp

Yetis in the lab scientists get serious about search for mythical beasts

Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered

Scientists ID new species of monkey in Congo

Killing bigfoot OK in Texas, if he is Texan

F-35 stealth fighter en route to Nevada air base forced to land at Texas commercial airport

Sasquatch sighting by Nunavik berry pickers

Bigfoot spotted in Idaho

Finally, Windows XP no longer most popular desktop system

Strange meat-eating sea sponge found in deep ocean

Pacu testicle eating fish species caught in Lake Lou Yaeger in illinois

Drone hacked over Austin

Found: whale thought extinct for 2 million years

Dead east river monster confounds new yorkers animal experts

Leprechauns once wore red not green

Bizarre poodle moth

How medical ripoffs threaten your health security

DNA pioneer James Watson takes aim at cancer establishments

Travis and I see a chupacabra

Supreme Court asked to stop NSA telephone surveillance

Henry Mollison, the amnesiac, we will never forget

Blurry bigfoot captured on video in Provo canyon

Obamas drone killing program slowly emerges from the secret state shadows

US solar installations climb 33, led by California

Melba Ketchum announces bigfoot DNA results without data

Stark Love: Iron Man 3 grabs the global gold

Mafia boss peppe pesce gives himself up

Missing hospital exec disappears during Montauk vacation

Proposition 8 backers petition supreme court to block gay marriages in California

Derek Paravicini, a blind musical savant

Popcorn lung: Wayne Watson wins $7.2m in US court

Winner king of the blues contest: Johnathan Boogie Long

Spontaneous conduction the music man with no written plan

Doomsday asteroid apophis more massive than first thought

Bye bye local legend, Don Mclean refutes tale of songs origin

Removal of restrictions can decrease music piracy

W almost admits 911 was conspiracy

Etta James, soul legend, dies in California

Google to unveil online music store

Why do mysterious lizards have green blood?

Explore the world

Psychiatrists protest against disgraced academics lecture at research centre

Playing pop music via paper posters with conductive ink

Split screen Bohemian Rhapsody by Richie Castellano

Court ruling on genes is a victory for common sense

Davy Jones claimed credit for Charles Manson Monkees rumor

Head injury turns man into musical savant

Tupac Shakur hologram seen at Coachella may go on tour

Tainted Chinese herbs harming, not healing

Rock legends REM announce split

Video stroboscopy of the vocal cords

Russian surgeon arrested for taking heroin from patients stomach

S-978 could put Justin Bieber in jail for streaming music online

Brilliant chopin performance by 9 yr old piano prodigy

Nonstick chemicals may trigger heart attack

Jackson doctor Conrad Murray sentenced to four years

Easy genetic screening could save your life

Royal Caribbean cruise to end early more than 600 sick

David Bowie top of the pops footage found by cameraman

Evolution could explain the placebo effect

Choral work seeks record breaking bass singer

Lost bicycle swallowed by tree (amazing image)

Drone toy for kids draws criticism

Spider silk spun into violin strings

School bus 52, a farm on wheels (video)

Scientists map all possible drug like chemical compounds

FBI and RCMP bust al Qaeda major terror plot in Canada

Researchers: Neanderthals taught humans how to use bone tools

Sony releases unlimited music app for iPhone

NASA: new planet forming far from its star should not exist

The spectacular thefts of Apollo Robbins, pickpocket

Man with worlds deepest voice hits notes that only elephants can hear

Google declares end of youtube

Researchers find evidence of early man in caves near naples

Telephone scam artist call back

Mars rover draws naughty image

Pope starts tweeting to followers

Video: zombie face on ISS

Putin to pilot hang glider at head of endangered siberian crane migration

Opinion: Egypt give Bassem Youssef a break

Lost farallon tectonic plate found beneath California and Mexico solving geology mystery

Kentucky police set up “eating while driving” checkpoints

Utah girl dies in freak trampoline accident report

Microsoft fixes big boobs coding gaffe

Volkswagen levitating car

Dr Mercola attacks your bra

Man flew past aircraft at 3500 feet

Our brains are wired to see doing harm as worse than allowing harm

Now that justin tv is shut down, where to watch South Park?

Faux T-Rex feeds a 500 lb alligator

LAPD to get stealth motorcycle

Dupont sends former cops to enforce seed patents

Spiders build sculptures of other spiders

Fish caught near Fukushima shows 2500 times legal radiation limit

Ohio man arrested for driving car with empty hidden compartment

Doctor bets against traditional Chinese medicine

Peanut oil in vaccines behind widespread peanut allergy epidemic

FBI director be deeply skeptical of government

GMO dangers scientific evidence

Take action against sneaky biotech industry rider to allow illegally approved gmo crops

Cop arrests firefighter for refusing to move truck

Sign the petition against GMO salmon

Multi toxin biotech crops not silver bullets scientists warn

FDA loophole allows false labeling of trans fats

Breast milk reduces risk of sepsis and intensive care costs

Flawed government report thwarts state raw milk initiatives

Common pesticides can kill frogs within an hour

Woman addicted to deodorant eats 15 sticks a month

McDonalds hamburger looks the same after 14 years

Crops not cops biggest US drone market

Bono: fight poverty to reach the zero zone

Bees tell birds to buzz off

Secret plan by big food behind Whole Foods decision to label GMOs

Soaring bee deaths in 2012 sound alarm on malady

Man chops off own penis on penryn street

Twinkies sale approved by judge

Seeing the flavor of foods

Vitamin C helps control gene activity in stem cells

Top senator apologizes for Monsanto protection act after public outrage

The amazing human body

Robber steals 53m in jewels at Cannes hotel

New research points to benefits of eggs even for those at cardiovascular risk

The internet hit 512k bgp routes today causing widespread network issues

Iranian parliament pursuing lawsuit against cia for 1953 coup

FBI report implicates Saudi government in 911

Apple unveils stunning new mac pro

New microplasma device could potentially revolutionize archaeology

Holder OKd search warrant for Fox news reporters private emails official says

10,000 live turtles found packed in luggage at Indian airport

Blood vessels in the eye linked with IQ cognitive function

Second child files suit for lung transplant gets on list

Neverwet protects electronics and fabrics video

NSA leaker Edward Snowden: I am not a spy for China

Cancer is a result of a default cellular safe mode physicist proposes

Have an orgasm instead of doing a crossword its better for your brain says scientist

Avoid alkaline water machines

Dragonflies with backpacks may advance the science of prey capture

Awesome giant handwhale cloud over lake tahoe

Britains Atlantis found at bottom of north sea a huge undersea kingdom swamped by a tsunami 5500 years ago

Pioneering adult stem cell trial approved by japan

O3B to launch first 4 satellites start providing internet connection in remote areas

Steve Jobs refused cancer treatment for too long says biographer

London driver says skyscraper melted his car

Mysterious stinking foam errupts from road in china

Ark of Covenant to be revealed after leaking roof in Ethiopian chapel

Ted Nugents wife arrested for gun found in luggage

Are super intelligent aliens hiding within our atoms?

Girl in India sacrificed to ensure better harvest

Sun erupts with a CME toward earth and mercury

Smirking face of the devil discovered in Giotto fresco

Jewish Indiana Jones admits torah fraud

Tattooed preacher who cures cancer by kicking people in the face

Jesus may have been a hermaphrodite claims academic

Ezekiel saw clouds after a sunset and the milky way

Research team confirms existence of higgs boson elementary particle

Ancient underground city in Turkey

People who make snap decisions based on gut feelings are more likley to be religious

Preston Stevens, 9, says stray bullet missed him because god pushed him

Yoga is the work of the devil says vaticans chief exorcist and he doesnt like harry potter much either

The unsinkable rubber duckies by James Randi

Nephelim aliens no neanderthal

Bible evidence that god is not all knowing

Timbuktus tombs destroyed by militants

Jesus Stingray: does christ appear on this dead fish?

Are religious people better adjusted psychologically?

Whats in your wallet? Wait, you dont need one

Naked men started flat fire in Wiccan ritual to get rid of negative vibes

Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz: religious nuts beat daughter 7 to death for mispronouncing word

How to have psychic powers

Man jailed in Indonesia saying there is no god (Facebook)

Dinosaurs and aliens banned from citywide tests

Bradley Davidson allegedly causes fear and alarm with black pudding

Taxes: not one cent you pay goes to this country

Quantum woo

Former NSA official: we are now a police state

Norwegian driver hits bear after trying to avoid moose

Study: religious sites riskier than porn sites for viruses

Tech trade groups push for party platforms to oppose un web regulation

Conjoined grey whales found in mexico

DNA clues to Queen of Sheba tale

Priest fined $1000 for ear biting

Camel roams southern California streets after escaping circus

Roswell UFO was not of this earth and there were ET cadavers, ex CIA agent says

Ignore industry experts scams and vote yes on proposition 37

Immune globulin therapy

Air forces hypersonic x 51a jet fails latest test flight is lost over the pacific

Worlds smallest book

Dog stumbles upon 300 million year old fossil

Russian flight controllers find UFO with aliens that speak in cat like language

Obama: shame on us if Newtown doesnt bring new gun laws

Portuguese men of war sightings on Cornish beaches

Elvis Presley sleeping in front of a garage killed in SF by woman driving car

Accused of complicity in alzheimers amyloid proteins may be getting a bad rap

How to protect yourself during flu season

NATO accidentally shoots 2 Afghan boys says latest civilian deaths were due to mistaken identity

Quantum computing no cooling required

Giant alien planet in supersized solar system

UFO sightings at international space station on the rise and you can help find them

Electric shock machine can boost learning and memory

Florida man swallowed by sinkhole

Bitcoin hits record exchange values with cyprus banking crisis

Jet skier breaks JFK airports 100m security system

Best optical illusion award

Eight million tons of plastic garbage dumped in oceans every year

UC to pay nearly $1 million in pepper spray lawsuit settlement

Synthetic DNA created, evolves on its own

A zero point energy effect movement of pyrrole molecules defy classical physics

Immune system lectures

Doctors plead to study tamerlan tsarnaevs brain in bid to find biological basis for the boston bombings

FAA documents: drones over us pose huge safety risk

Ohio school sends boy 5 home over mohawk haircut

Intricate crop circles in the shape of tibetan buddhist symbol to represent perceptions of reality carved into landscape

Girls say vindicated by US court win over boobies bands

Where does the word smorgasbord come from what does it really mean?

Learning during sleep, is it possible?

Common core state standards initiative

Politically charged 911 test question provokes outrage from Corpus Christi mom

Navy seal to release book on Bin Laden raid publishing company says

For scientists, an exploding world of pseudo academia

Oakland mayor Jean Quan puts lock picking class in newsletter

Scientific study proves tv making kids dumber

Homeland security uses minority report style system that uses algorithms to predict behaviour

Autistic kid draws cartoon bomb suspended from school

Indefinite domestic military detentions

More religion less science for Indonesian students

The secret to a long life … minestrone

Self publishers accuse Paypal of censorship

High school student scores perfect act score

Megaupload shut down by US officials, Anonymous targets DOJ and FBI websites in retaliation

NHS health and safety chiefs ban dangerous metal paper clips

NASA launches sting operation to retrieve tiny moon fragment from 73 year old grandmother

Climate change effect big brother spy cameras to prevent uninsured drivers from getting gas

Dogs in England must have microchips by 2016

Theresa May unveils plan to fight anti social behaviour

Durrell Brooks sentenced to three days in Ohio jail for sagging pants

New bizarre species of small dinosaur identified

Feeding the homeless banned in major cities all over america

Texas school district tracking school children with rfid tags

Fear for house prices as estate resembles giant penis when viewed from above

Oregon man sentenced to jail for collecting rain water

Obama moves to authorize domestic drone strikes

Sacred lotus genome offers insight into aging

Microwave auditory effect and evil puppetry

US militarys plans for flying saucers explained in declassified documents

Perhaps we are beings of light after all

The beginning of everything new paradigm shift for the infant universe

Stop and frisk police tactic violated constitutional rights federal judge says

Prion-like proteins drive several diseases of aging say leading neurology researchers

Happy 100th birthday big oil tax breaks

Collateral murder

Five legged frog saved from cooking pot in china

Man tries to cut off his arms at California home depot

Cain Motter makes fine art from melted credit cards

Supercomputers will fit in a sugar cube IBM says

Dont scratch the itch scientists find neuro transmitter that could be key to stopping the sensation

Van Gogh did not kill himself authors claim

Environmental toxins linked to childhood obesity

Near miss asteroid to return even closer next year

Engineering the 10,000 year clock

Earl of Glasgow asks to keep graffiti mural

MASH star Harry Morgan dies, aged 96

Lightning storm captured raging beneath the milky way

Florentijn Hofmans big bunny art in Orebro Sweden

Oldest artists workshop in the world discovered

GM silk worms make spiderman web closer to reality

Marilyn Monroe statue protects people from the rain

Shroud of Turin a fake created by Leonardo Da Vinci

Berkeley art museum Andy Whorhol polaroids and more

Do I look like David Duchovny?

British Darth Vader fighter dies aged 89

Colored sand and vibrations

Muppets diss Fox news in response to accusations of being anti oil

Chinese pillow fight hundreds in Shanghai organize stress beating holiday party

Billionaire Warren Buffett to perform for China over Chinese New Year

City carved out of ice in China

Mona Lisa copy reveals new detail

New York woman fired after donating kidney to help boss

Book of the Dead fragment found in Australian museum

All presidents, bar one, are directly descended from a medieval English king

Dinosaur killed by aliens?

Torture in US prisons: historic senate hearing takes up solitary confinements devastating toll

How one man took a secret super material to his grave

Black and white silent picture the artist wins best picture at the 2012 oscars

Zombie attacks continue: man gets naked, bites off chunk of mans arm continues fighting after three or four tasings

Psychiatry divided as mental health bible denounced

Light emitting nanotubes get brighter with zero dimensional states

An artificial retina with the capacity to restore normal vision

Could snail slime be Frances next miracle beauty cure?

Mystery surrounds deaths of 877 dolphins washed ashore in Peru

US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google

Mercury poles give up hints of water ice

Andre Hartman, shark whisperer, puts great white sharks in trance with touch of hand

Curiosity captures “UFOs” on Mars

Stellar wind spy program revealed

5 million volt cattle prod developed for crowd control

Scientists discover dark lightning

Oldest known pottery 20,000 years found in China

Fathers age linked to autism and schizophrenia

First objective measure of pain discovered in brain scan patterns

Owners of Jersey shore psychic arrested on counterfeit charges

NASAs opportunity rover discovers “blueberries” on Mars

US teen exorcists visit UK to banish evil of Harry Potter

More research shows Morgellons disease has a physiologic physical not mental basis

New Jersey braces for once in 17 years cicada invasion

No viral cause found for breast cancer and brain tumors

Card counters days are numbered

NSAs lax ban on usb drives may have contributed to prism leaks

Air powered car coming to India

Let them sing it for you

Earth has less water than you think

Best free tools for learning to read music

Postal worker flees street after attacks by dive bombing seagulls

How to play chess anywhere

Vote toy of the year awards FBI vs barbie

NSAs Utah spy supercenter crippled by power surges

Zork prompt

Apple rejects app that tracks US drone strikes

Flash mob of christmas carolers force evacuation of California mall

Citizen scientists help find life on Mars

Day of the Dead 2012 in SF

DYI lucid dreaming device makes your dreams come true just not in real life

Dog sniffed out cancer in her owners breast

One man shows how to move Stonehenge sized blocks alone

The mining of Mars begins, planet not grey inches down

Paul the psychic octopus available as iPhone app

Apollo landing flags shadows cast by us flags put up in the 1970s are visible on the moons surface new photographs reveal

Debate begins over use of drones in Oklahoma skies

State of war declaration is a faulty translation

Puzzle gamers solve scientific mystery that could help cure aids news from gamepro

What is an antibody?

USC scientists clone carbon nanotubes to unlock their potential for use in electronics

Vitamin D proven to boost energy from within the cells

Colorado movie theater shooting suspect offers guilty plea

Scientists alarmed over ethics of drug trials remaining unpublished up to five years after theyre finished

Nutella heist 5.5 tonnes of spread stolen

US Pakistan drone pact revealed by Musharraf

Switch lighting amazing new led bulb to replace your others

System provides clear brain scans of awake unrestrained mice

Generating green electricity waste heat converted to electricity using new alloy

Cars could run on recycled newspaper tulane scientists say

FDA fatally didnt act deaths in 19 states

Use a bottle as a light bulb

E. coli bacteria engineered to eat switchgrass and make transportation fuels

Fewer children mean longer life

Earthquake causes 2,700 identical japanese haircuts

Fracking: is there really 100 years worth of natural gas beneath the united states? No, more like 11 years

Why do innocent people falsely confess?

LEDs offer a brighter future says report

Swiss build the worlds first solar powered ski lift

Wind power gains as gear improves

Microbes may power up space robots

Graphene battery turns ambient heat into electric current

Electricity anytime anyplace

New nanotechnology converts heat into power when its needed most

Researchers generate electricity from viruses

SF turns christmas trees into energy source

Touch of gold improves nanoparticle fuel cell reactions

Clean fusion power this decade

Genetically engineered stomach microbe converts seaweed into ethanol scientific american

Optoelectronics graphene shows its colours

Soaring prices keep leukemia drugs from patients experts say

Worlds oldest operating nuclear power station closes down

Piccard sets world record giant solar plane completes spain morocco flight

Robin Williams july 21, 1951 – aug 11, 2014 apparant suicide

Obama tries to take the spotlight off gas prices

Steel yourselves, movie fanboys, for superman-batman

Confusing twitter hashtag leave Cher fans in mourning

Researchers UJI use semi conductor materials for artificial leaf, produce hydrogen in water using only sunlight

Original batmobile sold for 4 2m at us auction

Dear Abby columnist dead at 94

Astrophile solar cyclones hold fusion reactor clues

Skyfall James Bond Movie trailer

Sir Roger Moore, james bond actor, beaten up by first two wives

Human corpses harvested in multimillion dollar trade

TV star Richard Dawson dies at 79

Did Homer Simpson solve Fermats last theorem? Popular cartoon has strange link to math

Helium breathing gibbons sing like human sopranos

US wildlife agency destroys 6 tons of contraband ivory

Congressman says Lincoln depicts Connecticut vote erroneously

Email company reportedly used by Edward Snowden shuts down rather than hand data over to feds

The FBIs secret file on Marilyn Monroe intimate details kept

Giant eyeball found on florida beach

Robocop headset lets police see through walls

Elvis Presley crypt pulled from auction

Stone age art gets animated

Centuries old frozen plants revived

Leicester couple pelted by raining yellow plastic balls

Why do my armpits smell like nachos?

Earth raises a plasma shield to battle solar storms

Bond denied for man who threatened to eat judges children

49 android pc system

Muscle testing training course applied kinesiology

Viagra overdose forces man to have his penis amputated

Sweet misery the eye opening story behind aspartame

Afghans fear mysterious school poisonings

Visible spectrum can it be color shifted

NASAs curiosity rover zaps Mars rock called coronation

New study sheds new light on planet formation

Ex cop killed after firing at US courthouse in W VA

Quantum causal relations: a causes b causes a

Red dot becomes oldest cave art

Living stem cells discovered in 17 day old human corpses

New light on possible fifth force of nature

Better asteroid detection needed experts tell senate panel

1345 pound man extracted from house on order of saudi king

New Mexico man sentenced to playing poker to avoid prison

FBI releases blurry photos, video of Boston bomb suspects

Japan PM says 2 nuke reactors must be restarted

Eye wired open

Junk DNA uncovers the nature of our ancient ancestors

ATT throttling lawsuit: ATT loses, wont appeal. Matt Spaccarelli calls ATT

Hungary battles to stem torrent of toxic sludge

A leap forward in gesture control interfaces

Kosovo medics accused of trafficking kidneys

Why complex life probably evolved only once

US road painters write shcool outside north carolina high school

Stem cell patch may result in improved function following heart attack

Saturday is read comics in public day

US Navy completes successful test on boat powered by algae

The flipping sun to cause unprecedented catastrophe

Filippino politician captures his killer on camera

Rhiannon Brooksbank Jones has tongue lengthened to help her speak Korean

Memphis man shoots teen who refuses to pull up saggy pants

Jodie Foster helps revive SETI ET search

iPhone app heart rate monitor

US ricin letter suspect charged

Missing link between big bang star creation found

The great pyramid of Garut

90 of Alaskas untapped oil reserves vanish

Toddler connie lloyd born with clown nose birthmark has 3 hour surgery

Google earths lost city of atlantis removed from the map

Earth may have had water from day one

Researchers capture first ever images of atoms moving in a molecule

Anomalies and curiosities of medicine published 1896

If modern humans are so smart why are our brains shrinking?

Mali clashes displace nearly 130000 UN warns

Man hit by six meteorites. Being targeted by aliens?

Singer James Blunt stopped world war 3

Neolithic acoustics of Stonehenge

Zoo animals react before earthquake

The rise and fall of dark warrior epilepsy

Ohio deputy orders summit county jail inmates to dance gets fired

Secret door into house

The demystifying adventures of the Amazing Randi

Human dominoes smash Guinness world record

Draco a cure for the flu

Researchers: photo of Jim Morrisons ghost is real

James Randi million dollar paranormal prize to continue after all

Renee Jackson attempts to rob Arkansas convenience store with utensil, cops say

See ghosts? There may be a medical reason

Malibu homeless man jailed for strangling pelican

Ghost hunter killed in fall from building

Sting claims he once confronted a ghost

Texas man finds his car 42 years after it was stolen

Mystery of Windermere street where gadgets go haywire

Ripples from the future a link between the real world and the lucid dream world

the UKs Sun and Daily Mail fooled by iPhone ghost app

Amityville horror house for sale

Strange paranormal photos light beings orb with a face

Coincidence or precognition?

The periodic table of irrational nonsense

Intuition through time what does the seer see

Saudi Arabia urged not to paralyze man as punishment for a fight

Loud crash at 3 am? It may be exploding head syndrome

Are you asleep? Exploring the minds twilight zone

Brutal fatal cleaver assault in London called a terrorist attack

Tweeters ask, is there anybody famous there?

Colorado psychic arrested for telling clients their money was possessed by evil spirits

China unveils powerful 2.5 petaflop supercomputer

ESP trainer app

Project alpha, lookback with Michael Edwards

One emp burst and the world goes dark

A 4 dimensional shape

Screams in italy as horror film terrifies the young

Retuning the brain may cure tinnitus finds study

What SETI will do when they find ET

Trademe lists two bottled ghosts for sale

Quest to crack secrets of lost D-day pigeon

Birds smarter than seven year old kids

Has mystery of the Ëœwem ghost photograph finally been solved?

End of the world nigh? Authorities reassure Russians over Mayan armageddon prophecy amid reports of unusual behaviour

Robot skin built with touch superior to humans

Radio ghost mystery at former RAF station

Judge restricts more materials in 911 case

Over 2 million dumbasses in CA voted to not know if they are being poisoned

Alien hunters should look for artificial intelligence

The CIAs secret experiments to turn cats into spies

Retiree pays for halloween decoration takes home real skeleton

Woman shorts ignite after picking up rocks at beach

Maunsell forts

USB, the satanic data connection? Is your computer possessed?

Man saws off foot to avoid work in Austria

Controversy erupts over Neil Armstrongs “one small step” moonwalk quote

Seth Shostak: are we a biological miracle?

Somali pirate six toe joe captured by royal navy sailors

Genomes link aboriginal Australians to Indians

Chess experts use brain differently than amateurs

A suit that makes you feel 75 years old (assuming you are younger than that when you put it on)

Monopolys hidden maps help World War II pows escape

WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ decoders

Stuxnet worm hits iran nuclear plant staff computers

The $1 billion mission to reach the earths mantle

Papyri point to practice of voluntary temple slavery in ancient Egypt

New ultracapacitor recharges in under a millisecond

Modern day Noah opens doors of Ark creation

Violin played on Titanic revealed for first time

Spacex chief eyes huge mars colony

Six wounded in Boston marathon blasts

Forty million japanese in extreme danger of life threatening radiation poisoning mass evacuations likely

Inactivity as deadly as smoking

Police shoot and kill 8th grader at Texas school

Study shows how sad movies make people happier

Police arrest 31 people over 50 million brussels gem theft

Jeff Hawkins develops a brainy big data company

US set to be top oil gas producer in 2013, EIA

Walrus and girl exercising

Vitamin D: more may not be better

Drone strike kills 19 ahead of US-Pakistan meeting in Tokyo

NSA spying would not prevent another 911

Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings under guard at boston hospital 12 dead at least 132 injured in blasts

Black bears show counting skills on computers

How lasers can switch off cocaine addiction

Real life barbie doll wants to live off air light

The 22 ingredients for a human

MU study: couch potatoes may be genetically predisposed to be lazy

Ridley Scotts new alien movie influenced by ancient astronaut theory

Tiktaalik roseate, a real extinct animal evidence of evolution, not a hoax, not discredited

Suspected gas leak was fermented herring

Free Xeno song, music mp3, major Tom saves the earth

Why and how is NASA censoring an 8 minute sci fi horror movie

Trust your memory? Maybe you shouldnt

Hobbit filming finally under way

Action comics no 1 sells for record 2.16m

Anti-cancer agent stops metastasis in its tracks

Stimulation of brain area leads to strange visual effects

Middle earth according to Mordor

US had plans for a full nuclear response should the president disappear or be killed during an attack

Lady Gagas born this way delivers huge first week sales

Source code, official first 5 minutes hd

Locust alert in middle east as plague descends on egypt and creates panic in Israel

Real R2-D2 power source revealed

Darth Vader claims land plot in Ukraine

Super 8, super great

Boxing: bad for the brain

Star Trek sequel

Who would win Gandalf or Dumbledore or Obi wan Kenobi

Han Solo in carbonite ice molds

Spock attends his last Star Trek convention

Science fiction timeline of inventions listed by publication date

6 newly discovered sketches Tolkien himself did for the Hobbit

German TV fail: star treks maquis not involved in bin laden mission

US government monitors all phone calls, all emails, and all internet activity

Fukushima disaster holding the nuclear industry liable

Man sues BMW alleging motorcycle seat gave him two year erection

Why having sex is a healthy habit

Mysterious tourettes syndrome outbreak in US school prompts further tests

Cake in face leads to stabbing

Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at supreme court

Killer beast warning to north crofters

Shatner on Star Trek v Star Wars

Man buys lottery tickets, is struck by lightning

German tv boldly shows nazi Star Trek episode

Universal cancer vaccine developed

Pew: majority of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana

Error undoes faster than light neutrino results


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