How to Fact Check a Photo

First, find a questionable photo. Here’s one. It looks like an alien in an underground tunnel, with perhaps some alien ghosts.

Spooky, eh? Now, go to the web site and upload the photo from a screenshot on your phone or from your web browser. The resulting page will show other images like this one. (This works great to find scammers with fake profiles on dating sites.)

To trace a photo back in time, go to the drop down menu and select to view by oldest (or sometimes largest) to see where the image originated.

We learn that the image was first apparently posted, as far as Tineye knows, in April, 2011 by a blogger who was once in Lisboa, Portugal.

You can see a bit more in the found original image. We can tell now that it is a photo of a photo, thus making digital fakery a little less likely. This digital image, Tineye says, was first found on the blogspot site hyperboreanvibrations.

What I expected to see, when I searched back in time, was just an image of this tunnel, without the alien. Well, the earliest photo found also has the alien. Does the white border of the original suggest a Polaroid? I don’t think so. The label tape, bottom left, seems to be on a sheet of glass which is in front of the alien tunnel image. It looks like a wooden frame.

Does this alien look like what I think are fake looking alien mummies supposedly recently found near Nasca, Peru? Aliens of this type have no external reproductive organs and wear no clothes, it seems. It is a pretty cool image. You can even see a shadow of “his” arms where they may have been an instant ago as they moved.

Can we find anything earlier? TinEye usually solves the mystery, but in this case I turned to Google Image Search. The results again surprised me. I cropped out the alien and just searched for the tunnel. Google decided that the best match out of 25.27 billion images was… an alien base on earth.

Of course, this just means that there is no other image of that particular tunnel from that vantage point that Google knows about. To take this a bit further, you can filter your Google image results by date. After you upload an image and do your search, click Tools, then you can search by date range. I did this to see if there was any image before April 2012.


The result was that, yes, there was an earlier German web site with this image from 2002. The translation into English mentions a lecture from 1990.

Genetic experiments are carried out in humans, with the aim of creating new breeds (all documents relating to the experiments with humans in the Third Reich, were confiscated by the Americans after the war, they continue to work on the same line, billions of taxpayments are transferred to this area (Hamilton-Lecture, CBR – UFO Briefing, 3.3.90, page 1b).


Weird claims. My tax payments are buying stuff for aliens? I’m not a true believer or an illogical debunker, I just go with the evidence. If there is evidence of aliens, I’m all for it.

Ignoring the image and searching for the reference, the earliest I found was a German pdf originally posted in 1987. It’s a bit odd that a document created in 1987 would reference a lecture that would take place years later… but I assume this is an error, or the PDF was updated later and retained its original creation date? The document was large and about supposed Nazi UFOs, which I’ve heard before, but I didn’t see the alien in the tunnel.

More Link

That’s as far as I got… until I found a reference from 3/7/1970, again referencing a lecture that would happen 20 years in the future. Hmm…

I followed links to YouTube videos of old lectures of “Capt. Bill Robertson – UFO-Briefing” (ah that’s who “CBR” is, as in Hamilton-Lecture, CBR).

The Captain seems to have the same multi-level drawing used in other web pages in connection with the tunnel alien, perhaps he created it, but if he ever shows the tunnel alien, I missed that part.

I also ran into a site that hated the Captain in no uncertain terms and insulted him as crazy. None of my business. This alien is none of my business either, but I set out to figure out who created the photo and when.

If real, it is damn odd to me that such a thin being would walking down such a long tunnel … with invisible feet.

Sometimes you just have to keep at it. I eventually found what I originally expected: a higher resolution image of the exact same tunnel from the exact same vantage point, … but without the alien.

Bingo. This is not an alien in the Dulce, NM base. If anything, it is an alien in the Baksan Nutrino Observatory beneath the Caucasus Mountains in Russia.


This overlay match shows it is the exact same photo. You can switch back and forth at google image search to see that quite clearly.


The following sites or people using them did not, as far as I can tell, fact check the tunnel alien image. Hello my fellow alien interested web sites:

A real word of caution: Look, wonder, speculate, Google around and solve mysteries, but after years of investigating strange stuff, I don’t recommend getting too “deep” into the underground alien stuff, if you get my meaning. When I thought alien bases were just fun and games, I explored the area where this photo was claimed to originate. I didn’t break any laws, climb any fences or cross any lines. My girlfriend (a reporter) and I just drove around the town a bit, parked and looked at the distant mountain with binoculars.

Aliens or not, we were stopped by a heavily armed group of men in multiple cars at a roadblock as we were leaving town. Pretty intense. Perhaps they really were, as they claimed, just a local tribe with concerns about “poaching,” but I believe you can disappear if you go poking around any US secret government sites. No joke.


    1. If the validity of the image is important to the claim being made, or if I want to know the origin, I typically will have checked it.

      Let me know if you find any article in the past where I may have missed a fake so I can update it with a correction.

      If everyone kept an open mind, did a little fact checking, and shared findings, we would all have a more accurate world view and would collectively make better decisions, right? If we each do a little detective work, crowd sourcing reality can raise our species intelligence.

      We have this amazing untapped power to heal, innovate and solve problems.


      1. Absolutely. I love that you do that. I couldn’t agree with you more. To me, healthy skepticism is wise in the day of the internet. I believe that it is not the same thing as the torch and pitchfork line of attack many take. Verifying is not the same as trying to take someone down. I really enjoyed the post X. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly. Dogma. Humility and compassion are needed. Using “perhaps” and “it seems most likely” as mental habits can tone down the ego involvement that blocks learning and self progress. Glad you enjoyed.

        Liked by 1 person

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