Videos: Humans with Jetpacks Race Against Cars

Two different videos (with amazingly few views on YouTube) show humans wearing jet packs racing against cars. Neither video shows the outcome of the race, but this is not a fluke: These are two different jet packs.

Think about it. Something as non aerodynamic as a human body can fly with a jet pack. Why, then, would circular winged jet powered aircraft be “too unstable” to stay in the air?

The Avrocar flying jet powered disk from 1960-1961 supposedly never got more than a few feet off the ground.

I’m not saying there aren’t aliens on earth, and I’m not saying there are, but it is reasonable to consider that governments and inventors created successful and largely unknown jet powered circular winged aircraft since 50 years ago when Avrocar was hovering around the ground.

If you are a rational evidence-based explorer with an open mind, if you neither accept nor reject things without adequate proof, you are likely one of the few smart people on earth. Stay true to your “perhaps” stance while the other 99% of humans accept or reject ideas based only on rumors, hoaxes, peer pressure, fear or laziness.

Happy truth hunting!

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