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Unbreakable Metal Ring in 200M Year-Old Rock? Nope. Hoax. Here’s proof.

I hunt true strange stuff daily, but it has to actually be true. DiscloseTV’s claim of a metal “ring” found in a 200 million year old geode is not. Proof: I dug up the original photo, no ring.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.55.21 PM

A ring of a seemingly unbreakable and unknown metal-like material has been found within a geode of 200-million-year-old stone. This is only one of many so called “impossible artifacts”. The object was quickly sold to a private collector. It is not unusual that such relics disappear into secret archives locked away from the public.


One site had this to say:

Polished metal ‘artifact’ inside a geode.. purported to be millions of years old…..scientists repress the facts? Just how easy IS it to grow your own crystals?…..not very hard. How easy is it to hoax people? Pretty damn easy.


The idea behind hoaxing one of these so it looks real seems possible. Here are some fake geodes made of chocolate, for example:

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.25.55 PM

Could a white one with metal in it be manufactured? It seems so from the YouTube videos I’ve watched on how to make your own geode, but this one does look pretty real. Without examining the supposed rock and the supposed super metal, this can not be verified.

Are we stuck then? No. Let’s take a look at another angle. I did an image search for the image without the “ring.” Bingo. Some unscrupulous person has taken a photo of Tim Sheffler holding a “typical geode,” and they photoshopped the image to add the metal. It’s the exact same image, just mirror image flipped, which shows it was not a physical hoax, but a digital one.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.24.12 PMTim Sheffler displays a typical geode, a naturally hollow rock containing quartz deposits. While geodes are found in many parts of the Unkted States, the gem-like qualitiy of these stones are unique to the extreme northeast corner of Missouri where the Sheffler family has welcomed rock hounds for four decades.



If you are a photographer, if you do digital image work, or if you just have above average visual intelligence, you will instantly see that the two images above are the exact same photo.

If you have any doubts about that, I can help. I created this animated gif by flipping over the image with the “ring,” resizing the two to match, and giving each frame a one second view time in an infinite loop.


You can see what was added, and that no one grew any crystals for this. You can also see that they lightened the photo a bit when they added the ring. I do want to pause to admire the work here, because it is a quality job. I especially like the way he or she placed the metal matching in the line with an existing white crystal at the top.

It is cool to show that history is not what it seems. That is true in some amazing ways. George Washington was not the first president of the USA, for example. (See the evidence.) That someone is out there faking things like this geode scam, however, saying it is a 200 million year old manufactured metal “ring” (What ring? It looks like a hair clip…) is really discouraging. Can we teach people that the truth is cool again? We might survive extinction if so. Truth requires honesty, actual work and real proof instead of spreading rumors and speculation to get attention.

Sometimes it’s just someone making a buck on advertising to a fake news web site, but the culture of vanishing reality is much more frightening. Decision makers are acting on unfounded and unproven conclusions. This is stupid. It destroys people’s lives, results in witch hunts and at times it disgusts me.

What are we teaching our next generation in this attention seeking “like” culture? The truth doesn’t matter. Fans, followers, hearts, likes … attention is a currency. Fame at all costs.

Hoaxes like this just dumb us down and waste our time as a species.  Join me in finding the real strange truths. The real ones are out there.

Unlikely things happen every day.



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