Illusions: Which Order Tells the Story Best?

Which is the correct order for these life-like white animals by Amol Jadhav?  There is more here than meets the eye, of course. The genius behind it is that once you make a discovery, you aren’t done. Or are you? Is it your imagination, or did the artist create a story on purpose? How deep does that story go?

The mind fills in more than we realize… and sometimes less than we expect. There are many layers to this visual illusion, each a new realization.

Hint: Three? Four? Five? Seven? Ten?

I sat with it, the way people used to sit and look at paintings long before there were movies. I had some real tears thinking of missed opportunities in my life. A dog. A cat. A rabbit. Simple times. Love. Simple outlines, each a trigger for memories of emotions slipping into the fading black, the life I want back, the imaginary past.



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