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Silly debunk: Google Mars Data Center

Hoaxeye has done some real work and in the case of the Mars Data Center hoax has shown solidly that Google created the prank with parts of the rooftops of their own data center buildings.


Claim: the Google Mars Data Center is real (NASA’s base)

It seems this April fools day joke was a good one. Some people claim that Google’s Mars Data Center is actually real. Example: SecureTeam10’s YouTube channel, video titled “DID NASA Forget to Edit this Out on Mars?”

SecureTeam10 is not alone with their claims. Several UFO/conspiracy websites have posted articles with similar claims despite the fact that they have been debunked many times. Debunk example: Google Earth Blog.

Collected claims from the video:

  • (April Fools)… was a pretty cruel and unfunny joke and there are few strange things about it…
  • …there are no parking lots for cars or anything like that…
  • Why would Google choose… to photoshop a base into a single frame on Google Mars and then not tell anybody about it…
  • Google months later revealed that it was an April Fool’s Joke…
  • this actually may be…

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