Cheap iPhone/iPad stylus, until you get a real one

A proper stylus can save you and your finger from excess cell phone radiation. The trick is, it has to be the right shape and it has to conduct electricity. You may have to experiment with shapes until you get it just right. After trying a bunch of things which did not work like erasers, wide metal pen tips, aluminum foil over pencils, and even putting a small sponge in the hole left from removing the eraser of a pencil, I found something that does, the example above.

Well, it works somewhat, except you get stupid typos and then can accidentally publish things you don’t mean to, like this post, which I intended to save as a draft instead of publish. 

WordPress is annoying at times. I wish it had an, “Are you sure?” prompt before publishing.
Anyway, sometimes I can touch the phone for hours with no problems, but other times it’s like I’ve had too much and my hand burns, my finger burns, and I even get painful bumps on my fingers if I have them around the phone for too long. It’s like I’m allergic to my phone. Ever happen to you?

It’s not entirely surprising. Cell phones are, after all, sending microwave signals, and they are much like unshielded microwave ovens. The farther away you can be the better. It’s the same for Wi-Fi routers. The billion dollar cell phone industry will tell you otherwise, but there are years and thousands of papers on both non-thermal and thermal biological effects.

When you must use the cell phone, I highly recommend a stylus and selfie stick to keep your distance from your phone. I always try to hold it as far away from my body as possible. 

I also keep my phone in something called a “block it pocket,” when I’m not using it. It’s a black pouch that stops a lot of the radiation. You can tell it does work somewhat, because if you leave it on, after you take it out of the pouch the phone will be searching for a bit until it finds the network again.

Another thing that works to block the signal is silver mesh, fabric with silver medal embedded. I found mine pretty cheap at a costume supply place online. If you try this, let us know what works for you.

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