Once blacked out NSA UFO document revealed + Fast erratic oval missiles

Ever wonder what types of things are blacked out in those UFO related government documents? Here’s a chance to see, in one case. A document previously redacted (link to doc on NSA web site PDF) with a few big black ink blocks by the NSA was just fully disclosed. Jack Brewer posted the released document recently on his UFO trail site.  In this case, what was censored was a recommendation for training on dealing with surprise. In other words, the government reasonably omits things that show potential vulnerabilities to an enemy.

Nothing new to see here? Perhaps. Do you already know about the fast moving erratic oval missiles from Russia that destroyed Americans? (More below.)

The NSA has released in full the document UFOs and the Intelligence Community Blind Spot to Surprise or Deceptive Data, following an FOIA request to review redacted sections for further declassification. In a letter dated July 17, 2017, the Agency responded that the previously partially published document was processed as a Mandatory Declassification Review and subsequently released. …

We first explored the doc, composed at some point prior to 1979 by an unnamed author, here at The UFO Trail in the January blog post, NSA UFO Docs. Two redacted sections of the seven-page file were noted. The first section provided an example of how human response to perceived unusual phenomena can be detrimental, particularly from a military perspective. Images below show previously redacted pages on the left, with the now fully disclosed pages on the right.



Offering an example of detrimental responses, the author explained how a USAF technician “was engaged in first level traffic analysis and intercept processing against Soviet Bloc countries,” when one of the countries began to report an unusual radar track. It was described as “a high flying fast moving object with an erratic flight pattern.” Although identified as occasionally moving against the wind, the Bloc “began reporting the object as a balloon.”

“The next Bloc nation picked up the object and continued the designation of balloon despite the erratic flight pattern, high speed, and against the wind maneuvers,” the author continued.

It was further explained that the airman noted a variety of emotional reactions taking place among personnel within the American processing facility. Such reactions included “everyone was more edgy and silent than usual,” as well as “aggressive and distracted responses” to requests for clarification of some of the data.

The author concluded human flaws leave us blinded to unusual or surprising material. Some people, however, it was suggested, “are less affected by strange phenomena than others, though still frightened by it, they remain capable of reporting it with a fair degree of objectivity.”  …


Here’s a bit more background I found useful on the people and groups involved.

The January, 1997, Volume 43 of The Skeptics UFO Newsletter is available at The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website. Its author, the late Philip J. Klass, described a batch of docs released by the NSA due to various efforts, including a lawsuit launched by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS). I point out the work of Klass because not only did he discuss the docs we’re going to explore, but primarily because he speculated about the possible author of some of the NSA material. Klass suspected Tom Deuley, a long time MUFON director and former NSA employee, was “almost certainly” involved in compiling a portion of the information held by the NSA. I bring this up not to be overly conspiratorial, but because I find the chain of events interesting, and I suspect some of you will agree. To try to be clear, please allow me to emphasize it is not news that Deuley was employed by the NSA or that he discussed the UFO community with his employer, but it warrants mention in relation to the following material.  …

CAUS sued the NSA in the early 1980’s to release its UFO files. This resulted in a chain of events which included the affidavit of Eugene F. Yeates. The long and short of his statements suggest the reasons the NSA desired to selectively withhold information had nothing to do with the UFO community’s popular suspicions and collective definition of UFOs. The concerns, Yeates stated, were about national security involving matters of communications intelligence (COMINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT).

Did you notice that fork in the road? Some people always chase aliens, and if there aren’t any around, they’re not interested. Others always debunk aliens, and if they’re convinced they’ve established there aren’t any around, they’re not interested anymore either. If, however, you’re interested in how the intelligence and UFO communities bump into each other in dark alleys, then thanks for sticking with me and we’re well on our way. …


Follow the above link for more if interested.

Now, those ovals…

Not shown, but visible in the download is an appendix, and I found one item in it that surprised me. It was previously declassified, and is visible even in the redacted version on the NSA’s web site. It states that the Russians used fast erratic moving oval guided missiles to destroy Americans. They did? When? Where?

The item was number 8 among several other known historical accounts of military victories that happened due to some surprise element. Notice that the word “mental” below appears to have been added with cut and paste. It is that way in the document on the NSA site as well. What other words longer than “mental” fit there? Optical? Manufactured? Holographic? Interesting.

The point is, for the Intelligence Community instant denial of UFOs can get us killed if an enemy makes their weapons look and fly like UFOs. The way I read it, Russia already pulled this off, but that fact never made news as far as I know. What were those erratic fast moving oval guided missiles from Russia? Leave a comment or email me if you know. Will it take further requests and years to get details on what Americans were destroyed and what we know about that technology?

Russia was working on a super fast “unstoppable” hypersonic cruise missile in the news, (up to 4,600 mph or 7,400 km/h) but it does not appear to be oval nor to have an erratic flight pattern.

Remote controlled missiles (not oval shaped) have been able to take evasive action since at least 1967. See the document “ANTITANK MISSILES TAKE EVASIVE ACTION” National Zeitung (National Newspaper), No. 256, November 3, 1967, p. 3″ which says a Soviet film “Loyal Sons of the Homeland” shows “Antitank rockets can take evasive action in flight and hit with deadly accuracy by remote control.”


Erratic flying missiles (not oval shaped) were employed during the vietnam war (emphasis added):

On 23 April 1972, the recently organized ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) 20th Tank Regiment was attacked by the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) employing the 9M14M Malyutka anti-tank guided missile for the first time. The 20th was the only South Vietnamese armor unit equipped with the M48 Patton tank. This first employment of the Malyutka destroyed one M48A3 and one M113 armored cavalry assault vehicle (ACAV), and a second ACAV was damaged.

During this engagement with the weapon, the ARVN tankers appeared fascinated by the missile’s slow and erratic flight, but through experience, they soon deployed counter measures against the weapon system. Upon launching by the enemy, ARVN crewmen would fire all their weapons towards the Sagger’s firing position, which would make the gunner flinch and lose control of his missile. Although the gunner could take cover away from the launch site, the joystick control wire only allowed 15 meters of clearance. During the engagement, the ARVN eventually lost eight tanks to the 9M14M missile, but had developed tactics to defend themselves against it.


The idea that Russia (or other human groups) could have UFO-shaped missiles puts a new and chilling context on this event:

… in 1967, Robert Salas was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The former Air Force captain was monitoring a launch-control center equipped with 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles when UFOs appeared in the sky above them just as something unexpected occurred to the 10 defense weapons.

“As we looked at the display board in front of us, the missiles began going into an unlaunchable, or no-go, mode. They couldn’t be launched — it went from green to red,” Salas told AOL, explaining how it was extraordinary that so many missiles could malfunction at the same time.

In the aftermath of that incident, Salas and his crew were told to keep quiet. He reported, “They wanted us to sign papers, saying we’d never talk about this and swear we wouldn’t even talk to our wives or any of the other airmen on the base — nobody.


For all we know, however, it could have been an exercise by a secret American saucer force to prove a point and wake up another part of US forces to the threat potential. It is fun to speculate what the NSA really knows about UFOs.

Back to the original point: Would you enjoy a job working in the “less frightened by strange phenomena” office? You might do well if you can stay present and notice what is going on during something surprising, without bringing your past experiences and resulting emotions into it right away. In other words, you’d want a team to be less crazy and fearful of the unusual compared to normal human fearful crazy reactions.

Dealing in a level headed way with surprise would be valuable training for everyone.

Strange things happen every day.



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