Places are Memories

Tonight I walked with God. By this, I mean I found a random number generator, asked questions of the God behind it, then followed the directions. This adventure took me to some old places I once lived, a trip down memory lane, a night to reflect. God, in this way, led me to a Starbucks, to a police officer, to a nearby city with beautiful houses, then to a beautiful place to watch the moon rise.

Then I asked about my fate and consulted a page in a book at  random, and was told, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29

That was a relief.

I believe that if this is a simulation, one way to talk to the Intelligence running it is by means that seem like chance. Just be sure to run sanity checks and ask good questions, because God will goof around a bit with you to make sure you are paying attention to your own inner voice of reason. 😉

All in all, the guidance tonight was surprisingly powerful, cohesive and enlightening. I felt like I was tapping into the engine of creation at times. Do you believe in randomness?

19 thoughts on “Places are Memories”

  1. Not sure what you mean by randomness – I do believe in a Higher Power (God). I also believe we are given signs, support, serendipitous events that cross our path, – we just need to learn to listen and see, be discerning, question the veracity, understand the message. Sounds like you had quite the adventure 🙂

    1. Ask the God a yes or no question, say it is heads for yes, tails for no. Flip a coin. Do you believe there is communication in this way with the God?

      1. Yes, God can communicate with you in any way he wants. Did you use a random number generator and GPS to pick coordinates of the locations to visit?

        I use a random number generator and invite God to pick the next book of the Bible for me to read. I use the shuffle playlist option on my media player to pick the next video or song…. and let God pick the next message. I also set my web browser’s home page to a random Bible verse generator so every time I open my browser, I give God an opportunity to speak to me.

        And sometimes I receive dreams and hear words in the dreams and sometimes while awake. You will have better results in communicating with God if you have a humble spirit, a sincere desire for truth, and godly sorrow for past sins with a desire to do better. Love is the key to open communication with God.

        The Bible gives examples of how God communicated using Urim and Thummim [Exodus 28:30], and casting lots [Jonah 1:7]. This could be similar to flipping a coin or to receive an answer “by chance”. But, there is no chance and there are no coincidences. But God, wanting you to have total free will, will not compel you or any of us to believe. If we would rather believe in chance, he allows it. If we would rather believe in God, he will communicate with us, according to our faith.

        My friend, I don’t really know you, but I am happy to see you writing more about spiritual matters. You are not alone and this is not just a simulation for you only…. we are all one big family with God as our Father. I hope you will continue seeking Him.

      2. Thank you. I was baptized Catholic, but became convinced over time and as I studied history and other subjects that religious people were largely ignorant of the facts supporting a scientific world view. I believed most people of faith clung to the idea of an afterlife due to an inability to accept the transitory nature of human existence, to accept that consciousness is a brain thing and when our brain cells stop working there is nothing more. This view makes everything random and meaningless, but it seemed the truth best supported by the evidence.

        Now, however, since I see the universe as a simulation, I can feel how it’s all true, the science, the different religions, miracles, belief in sins, belief that there is no good or evil but what we create by our beliefs, all of it, somehow true at the same time as my fiancé once said, because the universe is not just a simulation, but an amazing parallel interaction of simulated simulations, of which we are each a part.

        I will keep seeking. The God willing.

      3. If the questions are from the heart, yes. Wording the question is the tricky bit. I guess it is a limited form of divination. Personally I prefer to use a pendulum or oracle cards (not tarot).

      4. Confirmation can come in many forms. Trusting in your inner voice – your intuition – is one. Serendipitous occurrences and signs are another. Acknowledging and recognising them as such instead of dismissing them is the trick.

      5. Of course it’s all just kind of a gimmick. We all have the God voice instantly accessible in us, I assume.

  2. It sounds like God wants you to know Him, Luke 11:10 “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” and Deuteronomy 4:29 “But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

    1. Thank you. There was a time I felt that these words were superstitious ancient writings, but they aren’t ancient if there was no other life before my own life, something true from a certain point of view if this is a simulation.
      If I myself created a universe where the simulated beings in it could do as they wanted, I might certainly build in rewards for those that said my name and followed my commandments and visited a place of worship to me. In fact, we program random neural networks to achieve things we can’t do ourselves, or want done in new ways, simply by setting up reward guidelines for systems that tend toward doing what we ultimately want out of the system.
      Seek Him? Know Him? My heart is an organ, my soul an idea, my time an illusion, my preconceptions an energetic engine of projections.

      1. That is an interesting idea. God is outside of time, but time was created for people. So, there is such a thing as literal time, there is a literal, tangible history, but for God “a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years.” What inspired you ask God to talk to you through numbers? God uses certain numbers a lot in His Word, for instance seven is the number of perfection and completion, forty is the number of trial and testing, etc.
        May I ask why you think the idea of a Creator is small minded and superstitious? From what I can see by the complexity of His creation, God is VERY sophisticated. The Bible is incredibly accurate too, as though inspired by an omnipotent being. It is historically accurate, prophetically accurate, scientifically accurate, and archaeologically accurate. When the Bible talks about the heart, it denotes an emotional/moral/intellectual center, not necessarily the organ itself. The soul is part of our being that is eternal, it is the essence of who we are.
        How did you come upon your beliefs about the simulation? What is the purpose of your life? Are other people real in your simulation?

      2. Random numbers, especially as generated by atomic decay, are a way to tap into the fabric of reality, as I see it.

        I’m not persuaded by numerology, but I know others enjoy it.

        The Bible was written by people who did not understand respiration. To them, breath was life. They called life breath the spirit. Look in older versions of the Bible and you will see this is true. It thus seemed small minded and superstitious to me, the idea of the Holy Ghost. A wind of spiritual animation, a soul, created to offset natural fears of mortality a self aware brain experiences.

        Self organizing systems create their own complexity without a creator. A snowflakes are an example. Local atomic forces cause patterns as dust attracts moisture while tumbling in the damp cold air.

        You could say that a God made the atomic forces and I could not dispute that, however.

        Is the Bible accurate or is it actually just vague enough that it allows projections? In other words, if I was to write a book for all future generations to know I am their God, I’d put in a few undoubtable specifics. These volcanoes will go off at these times, mention the dinosaurs, tangible verifiable stuff. Instead, I’m told it is not in there because the God wants us to have free will to believe or not. Strange game. What’s the point of that?

        My views of the simulation started by noticing what seem to be impossibly unlikely events, in my own life and all around me.

        The purpose of my own life is to explore, to help others, to create, to love, to be well, while it lasts.

        Are others real? Am I? In the simulation theory, we are all equally real and unreal. We are each real simulations.

        That allows an eternal soul and it allows for reincarnations via a core of deep knowledge that can be loaded into different lives.

        What do you think?

      3. I want to apologize for speaking so candidly in my last post. I believe God’s Word with all my heart, and because of that I believe in Salvation for those who love Jesus and Hell for those who don’t. Please know that I spoke out of love, not wanting you to face God’s judgement. We all deserve His judgement, it is only through Jesus that we are forgiven. I did overstep the boundaries of respect for your views and opinions and for that I am sincerely sorry.

      4. I felt no disrespect in your words. Thank you for sharing your views so candidly. I was not offended, and so please forgive me if I share my own questions with equal candor.

        Some have trouble believing in a God who would create beings, give them free will, then burn them in hell forever if they make the wrong choices. It puzzles me too. What’s the point of eternal punishment? I mean, what’s in it for God?

      5. I’m glad for you to share your questions! This is a good one and I think it deserves a better explanation than what I have the knowledge and skills to convey. The link I am sharing is by Chuck Missler, I am blown away every time I listen to him. He will not give any glib Christianese answers but even goes so far as to delve into quantum physics to help explain heaven, hell, eternity, and God’s character. I think he might be able to shed better light on your questions about soul, spirit, heart, head, physical vs metaphysical too. I’m going to watch it too, let me know what you think.

  3. You could know more about the spiritual than you are letting on. Yeah, being baptized Catholic does not save your soul.

    Regarding the simulation idea…. and I don’t know if you really believe that or if you are casting that out there for us…. but what is true that is related is that this physical life is only a trial life. In that way, our life in this world is a simulation. The eternal life is what you are building up for yourself in the spiritual realm. That is why Jesus warned us to not store up riches here, but store up for yourself riches there, in heaven, where thieves can’t steal and the riches don’t fade away. And for that, you need patience.

    The Lord will reward every thing we do here in this trial life. Every act of love receives a good reward. If we don’t receive his forgiveness for our acts of evil (our sin) we shall reap a bitter reward. So choose wisely. Think of it as a simulation, if you must, but consider then that your real life is the one to come. Plan accordingly. God will reward every man according to his works. And Jesus is the Author of your eternal salvation, if you obey him. What an awesome offer…. to have Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, to lower himself to help us in our pitiful estate.

    1. The simulation theory makes the most sense right now, so I’m serious about it. If true, our every thought may be known, as our thoughts would be part of the simulation’s programs. If we have connections back into the system, that explains ESP.

      As with our NSA, the Simulator(s) could choose to look in on an individual or not.

      Some acts of “evil” are open to interpretation. Is fighting for your country or religion evil? It is to the ones you fight. That’s why I choose to be no kind of zealot, to work internally for peace. We still have multiple religions and no world peace. It bothers me that sometimes our government kills innocent civilians and also imprisons people indefinite without trial, zaps us with DNA damaging body scanners at airports, protects corporations over public health, and spies on every American in its hunt for terrorists, for example. This all seems evil. Is it to you?

      How does an individual discern the greater good in daily life? Should you fight to eliminate nuclear weapons, human trafficking, and hunger world wide? How far should you go with that? You may say read the Bible or search your heart or ask a priest, but none of these has resolved certain gray areas. You just have to pick a direction, decide with your supposed free will if you believe you are acting for the greatest good, right?


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