The Tick, to Cheer You Up

Do you know this feeling: alone and lonely in a strange hotel in a strange part of a strange town, car under security cameras,  not knowing if you are being stalked from city to city by someone with a key to your car? In case you don’t, it’s dislikably draining and marginally maddening. 

This morning I swam 50 laps in a cold dirty fitness pool then spent hours dealing with the theft of my passport a few days ago. In my spare time, to lower my worrying, I’ve now watched every episode of both “The Tick” series on Amazon Prime. 

Tonight I took a walk in this dangerous hood to face my fear of the unknown. I wept for my lost love, as I often do. Now I sit and look at what should be a bright sun, but see only a hazy red disk barely there in the 360 degree blanket of smoky doom.

 The fires everywhere in California have turned the evening sky apocalyptic.

At least this place is quieter than the last… On cue, a woman outside starts yelling.

Weaver, Theiver, Sneether, Seether, Either, Neither!

It sounds like she is says. I have to laugh.

Today, in a third city apart from the other two where items appeared in my driver’s seat, while I was consulting a security expert of sorts, two more items appeared in my drivers seat. This time they were mine, a business card from someone I spoke to and a study participant phone number on a slip of paper I tore off of a flyer a few days ago. 

This happened in broad daylight and my own security system detected nothing. For a person to have gotten in, they would have needed be a silent ninja with an invisibility cloak and the ability to disable my security measures. I’m beginning to accept that these things are miracles from the God of this simulation or my pants pockets have secret expiration times after which they eject things… or the obvious answer, a micro anti black hole appears in my drivers seat when I am gone from it… which is probably the same answer as the first.

How are you tonight?

The Adventures of Xeno the Sometimes Sad in the Land of Car Seat Micro White Holes


    1. Yes, real strange. Did enjoy the Tick! At first I thought the second one with the unmasked tick was not as good, but I got into it and liked it just as much. You?


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