FUU? The Election Thief of Conway County

Smoky California haze, a sunset or sunrise? We may never know some things. For example, it appears two people conspired to steal elections, one hiding it in plain sight in an autobiography titled, How I Stole Elections.

Marlin Hawkins served as an elected official in Conway County, Arkansas for 38 years — for most of that time as sheriff. He built up a legendary political machine, being able not only to win reelection for himself (19 times) but also to deliver votes for other candidates. He often boasted that he could accurately predict the outcome of every election in the county.

It was long suspected that he was rigging the elections, especially since absentee voters would always vote for him by a wide margin, but no one could ever prove anything.
After he retired in 1978, Hawkins eventually wrote his autobiography, which he brazenly titled How I Stole Elections (available on Amazon). He joked that he “stole” them by “treating my neighbors right.” 

But no, he stole them by ballot fraud. 
His book came out in 1991. The year after, some people who were remodeling their house discovered a whole stash of marked ballots from a 1968 election hidden in their attic. The house had previously been owned by one of Hawkins’ deputies.
Hawkins got away with it because the statute of limitations had expired in 1974. He died in 1995.


Don’t believe the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary because someone tells you. Go with the evidence, but truly, what seems obvious from facts is not always.

(1992) Mr. Hawkins said his adversaries are linking him to the 1968 ballots to hamper sales of his book …  “I didn’t know any more about those ballots than you did,” Mr. Hawkins said in the interview. “I don’t want anyone accusing me of violating the law. I stole elections by helping my neighbor.”


You might decide to live by what seems most likely. Many do. This, however, ignores the factuality of unlikely events. It seems likely the Sheriff knew, but his deputy may well have done all of the election stealing without his knowledge. 

There is a third option to picking a side.

FUU: File under unknown.


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