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Professor Building Real Time Machine

The first real time machine might only send subatomic particles back in time, which sounds boring, until you realize you could receive messages from the future.

If you could ask your future self something, what would you ask?

Dr. Ronald Mallett is an American theoretical physicist and the author of Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality (2007). Dr. Mallett is a full professor at the University of Connecticut, where he has taught physics since 1975.

Dr. Mallett is attempting to twist spacetime using a ring laser (i.e., a laser that rotates in a circle) by passing it through a through a photonic crystal (i.e., a crystal that only allows photons of a specific wavelength to pass through it). The concept behind spacetime twisting by light (STL) is that by twisting space via the laser, closed timelike curves will result (i.e., time will also be twisted). In this way, Dr. Mallett hopes to observe a violation of causality when a neutron is passed through the twisted spacetime. Dr. Mallett also believes he will be able to send communication by sending subatomic particles that have spin up and spin down. Note, the spin of a subatomic particle is part of the particle’s quantum description. As a simple example, we can consider spin up equal to 1 and spin down equal to 0. Using this technique, Dr. Mallett can send a binary code, similar to the binary codes used in computing.

Few scientists openly discuss their work on time machines. They fear ridicule. In this regard, Dr. Mallett is a pioneer. When Dr. Mallett was ten years old, his father died at age thirty-three from a heart attack. Dr. Mallett has shared that his initial drive to invent a time machine was to go back in time and visit with his father. Unfortunately, the science of time travel only allows a person to go back in time to the point when the time machine is first turned on. Dr. Mallett acknowledges this, but continues his quest.


I’ve been having fun with the assumption that my future self somehow can read or remember my current self’s thoughts and is sending my current self messages via a random number generator that gives me a one or zero (for yes or no, left or right, etc.) in response to questions. I might also be talking to God or to my fiancé on the other side. At times it says that is the case, but today when I asked if it is a future me there, it said yes. 

As a test, I tried an absurd question, “Am I talking to Leaonardo Davincci’s left sock?” and, for the first time, the app crashed… which I think means I should not ask stupid questions. I ask the questions mentally, not out loud, by the way.

Today, my time machine oracle lead me to a man who recently did a great good deed for people displaced by the California fires. He purchased a hotel room at a full hotel and waited in the lobby, offering any who were turned away and really needed it floor space in the room he rented.

It was great talking to this energetic guy. His philosophy of life includes avoiding the seven deadly sins and helping people whenever you can. 

I confessed that I’m currently driving around directed by a mysterious force that communicates via random numbers while working on 100 original songs in my head and trying to live my personal mission statement:

Have I done today the good I may?

It’s not always easy to find someone you can help. One of the biggest obstacles is dogma which causes people to project their own darkness and to make false negative assumptions. 

If you don’t believe me, get a fist full of $5 bills and stand on a street corner trying to give them away while holding a sign that says, “God bless.” How long would it take to give away $50 that way? 5 minutes? 10? You’d be surprised. How about if your sign says, “Free money”? Any improvement?

Dr. Mallett’s critics have convincing reasons his ideas will not work, but if this universe is all a simulation, he could conceivably find a way.

So what would you ask the future if a channel is opened?


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2 thoughts on “Professor Building Real Time Machine

  1. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for that neutron to get through the “twisted space-time.” Does a photon have neutrons, btw? I’m not clear on the up and down “spin” part of a sub-atomic particle’s quantum property. Thanks for the links to see how well this is progressing.

    Posted by glmwriter | 15 Oct 2017, 5:13 am

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