Imaginary superheroes, to parts of your mind, are real. Use them. Tap that strength, truth and fairness.

Include in your days service to others, make art, improve yourself. Try to be the best you possible, love well … and still life and luck may not go your way. Tragedy may find you. 

Own your parts of events, your choices, even just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s enough itself to end you. Lightning does not care if you are thinking of Love when you stand under a black cloud. It strikes, as lightning must, when charged.

The Parot of Doom may put you on a list, for example, but for every day you still have the ability to make choices, make good ones. What more can anyone do?  Join the League of Righteousness? Where to start? If you admire their power and magic, start by acknowledgement of their enevitable win, what they want will be, as the God of this simulation is with them. 

Align your actions with the righteous. Though it may not change your fate, do right, daily mate. What else might get a Black Death bear to erase your name from a blacklist? Ask, and shall you receive? 

Focus on positive friends. Good missions. Long term thinking. Faith in what is right. What others think are not our thoughts, but they can influence us. Our thoughts are not our actions, but they do prepare us for action. To have good actions, lead with good thoughts. Avoid crap. Use your free will and your free won’t

We learn behaviors from others around us. Associate well.