USNS Comfort: A Floating State-of-the-art Hospital

Today I learned there is a floating state-of-the-art hospital, the USNS Comfort, which provides critical care to those in need during disasters. The 894ft ship has 12 fully functional operating rooms, X-rays and a CT scanner, a morgue and over 1,200 medical support staff.  According to published specifications, it also has 1,000 beds in a hospital ward. 

A recent CNN story about the ship in Puerto Rico says red tape is making it difficult for people to get on board for treatment and that it is currently staffed for 250 beds, of which only around 30 are filled. 

Hopefully the CNN story will get the red tape cut so people in need get treatment. 

This ship seems to me one of the best ways our tax dollars have been spent on a Navy project.

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