Humility Lesson #23: Your Identity

To most every person who encounters you, years of good you’ve done for others are irrelevant. What maters is that person’s experience of you. How did you make them feel? Respected? Heard? Understood? I try to keep that in mind. People don’t know you, they know and interact with a you they imagine, from limited data. Very limited. They will walk an inch and judge a mile. So walk every inch of your miles well.

Imagine good things of people and let them prove you right. It’s a big world.

I give myself these pep talks like the above. Sometimes it helps.

3 thoughts on “Humility Lesson #23: Your Identity”

    1. There is a view I’ve seen people live by that assumes we run a sort of karmic bank account: Be nice to three, five or ten people, for example, and you’ve earned points to be a jerk to some person. If there is karma, I’m sure it doesn’t work that way, however. Another way to say it.

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