To experience the best of this amusement park ride, do something each day that you’ve never done in this lifetime.

A friend told me about a glitch he experienced in the matrix. He told me that he passed a landmark he knew very well while driving, and then, without having circled back, a few minutes later passed it again. It tripped him out. Something similar, a physical and time displacement, happened to me not too long ago while walking. This idea of the Matrix resetting as changes are made was the prompt for today’s unique experience I decided to have:

Today, I listened to 100 different preachers, ministers, prophets and the like online, one sentence each, to get an overview of what that group is so fired up about. I’m not religious, but if this universe is a simulation, as I currently suspect, then each person’s views of Gods, magic and miracles is equally valid as simulation material. I listened as if the God of which they speak is the Artificial Intelligence running our simulation, also sometimes manifesting in our world as … aliens.

I decided from this that the real action is happening at the innermost shell of who we each are, that little nugget of your core that drives thoughts and behaviors. Now spirit, simulated or not (doesn’t matter) finally makes sense, as the motivational engine.

What will you explore?