What truly new will today you do?

To experience the best of this amusement park ride, do something each day that you’ve never done in this lifetime.

A friend told me about a glitch he experienced in the matrix. He told me that he passed a landmark he knew very well while driving, and then, without having circled back, a few minutes later passed it again. It tripped him out. Something similar, a physical and time displacement, happened to me not too long ago while walking. This idea of the Matrix resetting as changes are made was the prompt for today’s unique experience I decided to have:

Today, I listened to 100 different preachers, ministers, prophets and the like online, one sentence each, to get an overview of what that group is so fired up about. I’m not religious, but if this universe is a simulation, as I currently suspect, then each person’s views of Gods, magic and miracles is equally valid as simulation material. I listened as if the God of which they speak is the Artificial Intelligence running our simulation, also sometimes manifesting in our world as … aliens.

I decided from this that the real action is happening at the innermost shell of who we each are, that little nugget of your core that drives thoughts and behaviors. Now spirit, simulated or not (doesn’t matter) finally makes sense, as the motivational engine.

What will you explore? 



  1. Aliens schmaliens. 🙂
    My research for my 3rd novel (neurology, physics, light, psychics, etc.) convinced me that ‘Science” claims that there is no verifiable evidence to support paranormal events – near death, out of body, telepathy, ghosts, visions, on and on.
    This really sucks!
    However, ‘Science’ explains nonlocality, while agreeing that they cannot completely explain it.
    Is the Universe finite or infinite? How can it be infinite if it is the result of one super-dense particle going BOOM? If it is finite (my view), then what lies outside its boundaries?

    In my opinion, they and we are all missing something.
    I want *answers, Zeno!

    *And they should not involve ET.



    1. Lol. I think of those boundaries as fractals. There are no edges, only more of the same universe wrapped and warped into itself. Step back far enough and what do you see? You can’t step back, because there is no “outside” of this universe, because we are living in a simulation. Where is the edge of the universe in an arcade game of Asteroids? There is none. It just wraps around. This and which is in the program can result in apparent paranormal activities and things that happen with astronomical odds against. My take on it. YMMV.


      1. Oh, great, now I have to research “fractals.” (I’m on it.)
        I’m not buying all of this ‘simulation’ and arcade games stuff. Someone has to program the games. Someone has to program a computer. Someone has to create the someone(s), right?

        I just learned what YMMV means. Cool, I like it.
        Now, back to the Universe.
        If a thing does not have an ‘end’, then can it have a beginning? And vice versa, if a thing has a beginning, it must have an end – like this reply – right?

        Thanks for your good sense of humor.
        Have a nice weekend.

        Signal 20


      2. One idea: The programmers are artificial intelligences made by machines we made. See “the singularity”.

        As far as beginnings, if you write a book, you have the option to craft it such that the entire story is a loop. The end flows right into the beginning, like a Möbius strip. Perhaps that is the true nature of time within the simulation, endless loops.

        Some people playing with a similar idea here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/2nml9k/cw_write_a_möbius_strip_structured_story_that/

        I see your point, I think. The simulation theory just adds a level of abstraction, so what good is it? I don’t know. To me it just meets the criteria for being crazy enough to be true. It makes things make sense, to me, that never did before, like non-locality.

        Why Signal 20?


      3. Crazy person. “That’s me.”

        Now, back to the Universe, and Reality: Who created these “artificial intelligence’s”? Artificial, by definition is what?
        noun: abstraction

        the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.
        “topics will vary in degrees of abstraction”
        Xeno, I admire your knowledge and desire to know more. However, abstraction has nothing to do with theoretical physics, cosmology, or any other science governed by the Scientific Method. It might fit into metaphysics, theology, philosophy, and art, but it is not a part of the Standard Model of physics, whether Classic or Quantum.
        You’re giving me a headache, Xeno.
        I’m not into psychedelics, Zen, Yoga, or I-Ching. I do drink too much. But I’m not stoned.
        Let’s talk about facts, or logical theories at least, not about The Hobbit or Alice in Wonderland.

        Do you believe in Free Wiil? Or, Predestination?

        Which came first? Chicken or egg?


        Have a nice weekend!


      4. Thanks. Copy.

        The least headachy I can say it is that we may be living in a virtual world.

        All the rules of physics apply because they are so in the program. We may live now in a future created by machines we created in the past. We created the artificial intelligences, or our ancient ancestors did. As crazy as that sounds, some see it as a logical possibility based on the current rate of progress in artificial intelligences and the ever more advanced simulations those intelligences can create.

        Why create a virtual universe? Perhaps to survive. It could be a form of immortality. If a program is sufficiently advanced, it would not be possible to tell your consciousness was transferred into an artificial world.

        To me it could explain non-locality because location and time are simulated.

        Not everyone likes simulation theory but so it is with all theology. I like it because it is a chicken and egg answer.

        Free will: Seems so. If it’s an illusion it is a very convincing one. Would you agree?

        Have a nice weekend yourself!


      5. Absolutely, I agree. But I think that it is a paradoxical concept.
        So maybe consider something I have been wrestling with in recent years. My idea is not so different than yours, in the fact that it does explain a virtual reality, a form of simulation, nonlocality, the Arrows of Time, etc.
        If (a big if, for many), an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God exists, he would exist (also) outside and around the 4D Space-Time Continuum. He is His own First Cause, Formal Cause, and Final Cause. Therefore, He would not only remain unaffected by space and time, He would ‘contain’ it within Himself. One necessary effect of this theory, is that He sees the beginning, the end, and everything in between – at once. Consider the Universe to be a “living book” written by the only One who could write such a thing.
        The book is written, done, published. The characters cannot and will not change.
        Yes, Free Will, then, is an illusion – from God’s frame of reference. However, you are correct, of course: Free Will in our perspective cannot be denied – unless you subscribe to my theory, explained below. We have choices, every day! And, our minds are capable of making those choices. We are required to make those choices!
        However, there is an inherent contradiction. If we can truly make choices, then it has to be stated that we live in an Open End universe. If so, every thing is subject to causality and caprice.

        But what if it is a Closed End universe, every moment and movement in Time predetermined? Then Free Will dissolves.

        Yes, I now believe in a Super Deterministic universe, an unequivocal version of Predestination – all created and designed for a purpose.

        I’m fine with this. Because i believe in the End, He will gather everybody together and say, “Okay, you never had true Free Will, but you didn’t know that. look at all of the decisions/choices that you made. Now consider how you will live if I give you an eternal life and an incorruptible body – and true Free Will. Will you be the exact same person as you were before? I put your Human Nature in chains. If I remove the chains, how will live? I need to know your answer, now. Because, I’m not going to put up with a bunch of morons for eternity!” (Okay, He might say this a little differently.)

        Lastly, all of the Laws of Physics remain, nothing is sacrificed. The Universe, and its Arrow of Time, march along until the prescribed conclusion.

        At that point, Time’s finite boundaries – and the chains of human nature – are cast away.



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      6. This is powerful, man. Brilliant and divinely effective.

        Yes, in this prewritten story we are living, there are choices our younger selves (thought they) made, including the actions we did not take, for which we are made to experience and feel the consequences, the point of which is our character development, training for the eternal.

        Much better reason for a simulation than just survival. We are castaways on a God’s Island 🌴 here for the ride, for whatever plot we may unknowingly need, a true strange story for the soul to feed.

        Thank you. This will be the new revised point of a song I’ve been stuck writing.

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