Freeze Drying Alternative to Burial or Cremation

Happy Halloween. Have you thought about what you would like done with your body when you are done with it? If neither cremation nor burial appeals, and if regenerative medicine has not yet cured death when your time comes, you might consider this alternative: promession. 

Here’s how it works. They freeze your body, shake you to dust, remove the metals, then let bacteria break down the remaining powder. 

Promession involves five steps:
Coffin separation: the body is placed into the chamber

Cryogenic freezing: liquid nitrogen at -196 °C crystallizes the body

Vibration: the body is disintegrated into particles within minutes

Freeze drying: particles are freeze dried in a drying chamber, leaving approximately 30% of the original weight

Metal separation: any metals (e.g., tooth amalgam, artificial hips, etc.) are removed, either by magnetism or by sieving. The dry powder is placed in a biodegradable casket which is interred in the top layers of soil, where aerobic bacteria decompose the remains into humus in as little as 6–12 months.


This environmentally friendly alternative might be just what you are seeking.


  1. Note to relatives: Make sure you put a BIG label on package, so you don’t accidentally open it for Thanksgiving dinner side dish!

    Just trying to be helpful.


    1. Hi Gerald. Thanks for the … help. I stopped by your blog. Looking at your hashtags, I think Signal 20 is cop slang for suicide, and “blue lives matter” is a counter movement to protect the lives of cops, but what is #AIA (THE ROAD)?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. An honor to hear from you. I love all physics and metaphysics ‘stuff’! Enjoy your posts!

        “Signal 20” in most of FL means “mental ill person” (or altered state, etc.) I think #BlueLivesMatter is just a necessary response to an assault on Law Enforcement.

        Yeah! “…strolling down the avenue / that’s know as AIA…” Jimmy Buffet merely

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      2. The road is the avenue? “A1A or A-1-A is the fifth studio album by American popular music singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett and the third major label album in Buffett’s Don Gant-produced “Key West phase.”

        I enjoyed visiting Florida, specifically the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

        Yes, the metaphysical is fascinating. I imagined AIA was Advanced Intelligence Awareness, as in an NSA branch or something. 😉

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      3. Didn’t know that (NASA) Yeah, Space Center is awesome, especially the space shuttle. I live an hour or so south.
        My #AIA was a spontaneous act of illiteration – oops, I mean alliteration!
        I used to be a Parrot Head. Love Jimmy’s music, not his 2008+ politics. I spent a lot of time in Key West, long ago. A friend of mine was NAS-KW Commanding Officer.

        Next time you’re headed to FL, let me know.

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