Happy Halloween. Have you thought about what you would like done with your body when you are done with it? If neither cremation nor burial appeals, and if regenerative medicine has not yet cured death when your time comes, you might consider this alternative: promession. 

Here’s how it works. They freeze your body, shake you to dust, remove the metals, then let bacteria break down the remaining powder. 

Promession involves five steps:
Coffin separation: the body is placed into the chamber

Cryogenic freezing: liquid nitrogen at -196 °C crystallizes the body

Vibration: the body is disintegrated into particles within minutes

Freeze drying: particles are freeze dried in a drying chamber, leaving approximately 30% of the original weight

Metal separation: any metals (e.g., tooth amalgam, artificial hips, etc.) are removed, either by magnetism or by sieving. The dry powder is placed in a biodegradable casket which is interred in the top layers of soil, where aerobic bacteria decompose the remains into humus in as little as 6–12 months.


This environmentally friendly alternative might be just what you are seeking.