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Paranoia Chronicles: Followed by … Oh, Nevermind

Perhaps amusing: A few weeks ago I noticed a car with a strange colored light in its front window following me. The next night, I was many miles away in another city, and I saw it again. I assumed it was same car. Who is this joker following me at night? I’d make a turn and lose him, but he’d somehow find me again hours later. Same car? I couldn’t tell. Seemed a little different… but that light, I remembered. Someone is messing with me, I thought. 

When I finally saw the Lyft dashboard beacon up close, I had a good laugh. It wasn’t a team of people in different cars following me. I was seeing parts of the large fleet of makeshift taxis all using the same  front facing light beacon.

Doh! (Note: “Doh” is a sound that translates to “I just caught myself being a fool.”)

Trauma, like the dead girl I saw in my car accident at the age of 13, can lead to an amped up nervous system, even years after traumatic events. This in turn can result in weird misinterpretations when you get triggered because higher cognitive functions shut down and then you tend to process stimuli in terms of survival instinct, fight or flight. 

Sanity, on the flip side, happens when we add nothing to and take nothing away from what is actually there. To know the actual truth requires patience, calm and curiosity. 

Assuming the worst destroys lives. If you are speeding down a road lined with imagined monsters, a paranoia road, slow down, pull over, stop. Get out of your metal shell. Walk into the shadows. Touch the rocks, the trees. There are no monsters here. Challenge your preconceptions. 
An old friend called me recently and had been reading conspiracy sites or YouTube videos about a depopulation agenda. They want a world with only a few hundred million humans, the claim was, so They are using chem trails, fluoride, vaccines, and other means to kill us, the theory went. Cultivate discernment. Don’t put things together that are unconnected and the world gets more realistic. As a bonus, you sleep better.

I just heard two gunshots in the distance… No, I heard a large shipping container being dropped or banged by a forklift by work crews that started at 6 am in the city. Wait, it is 6am? That means I caught up on sleep and only woke up twice last night, big improvement. 

It could be a great day.


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