Until today, I have never seen a bird sit on top of a tree with its wings out as if it was flying for over a minute. 

​What do you think this bird was doing? 

I think a lot about the possibility that this universe is a simulation and this bird got my attention by essentially simulating flight. 

I woke up the next morning remembering that I once had a lucid dream when a bird in a dream did something unusual. There was a saying (did I dream it?) that triggered awareness of dreaming:

When an eagle lands on your outstretched hand, then you will understand.”

The message of this strange event, to me now, is to remember lucid waking, to be fully alive in waking life. 

I am grateful to the Universe for this life, including for the strange events, good and bad, that seem to follow me. 

The present is a gift. What will it be today?