Falling Skies Marathon

I just watched all five seasons (44 episodes) of Falling Skies, an alien apocalypse series, on Amazon Prime. Plot: Pockets of humans fight to survive after aliens wipe out most of humanity. A history professor and his family eventually save the earth. 

I enjoyed the adrenaline from the frequent challenges and fights the characters face. There is a mood of impending doom for humanity, interesting characters, super human powers from alien hybrids, tests of honor, hope against great odds, a lot of fatherhood pride, difficult choices, violated trust, paranoia, love interests and loyalty dilemmas. I liked that the show addresses loss, grief and even PTSD.

Falling Skies kept me amped up, but from my perspective the series is a step down in intensity from Mr. Robot. 

The very the last episode was good, but around season 4 something started to bug me:  some of the main characters lost their moral compass, the glue that had been a guide and made the show enjoyable previously. It was almost as if they switched writers and the new writer didn’t get the character. Still a fun ride.

What’s next? Any series suggestions? 
Is “The Expanse” any good?



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