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You Are A Change Machine

On this journey of self-discovery, we constantly change to maintain plateaus of equilibrium. Remember being a single cell? A blastocyst? A gastrula? An embryo? Recall your first breath? We experience metamorphoses, periods of rapid change, followed by finding the new normal, the new balance of forces that allows life energy to exist and to flow as needed to keep existing.

The mind mirrors this, thus, we resist change. From periods of turmoil and upheaval, however, come inevitable new configurations, new balance, finding the new normal. Knowing this, that homeostasis is innate, we can understand things that may cause mental distress: fear of change, for example, or feeling stuck, or desires for things from previous configurations we cannot have in the present.

Vestigial desires are a simple reality. Lonely? You likely are, even if you don’t admit it, because compared to the biological connection you had before birth, you will always be so alone in this configuration. Sex is as close as you can get to another person and that rarely lasts more than 5 hours. 😉 Be aware of your true nature as a change machine, of the pull of opposing forces, the dynamic tension, and if you accept this existence at each stage will bring less distress.

Many happy metamorphoses.


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