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Siri is polluted by brand names, doesn’t know “vibrato”

I wanted to look up voice lessons about singing with vibrato on YouTube. Here’s what Siri typed instead of the word vibrato:

  • by Brado
  • by Brotto
  • five Brotto
  • the Brado
  • I brought a
  • vibe Rado
  • my brought it
  • my brother
  • vibrant
  • fly pronto

Not one correct guess. Since Siri could not get the individual word, I tried phrases to engage the context engine. The results were no better:

  • A good singer will have a nice my brother.
  • Learning to sing well gives a please invite Brian too.
  • Can you sing with my Brado?
  • The singer is by Brado was very nice.
  • My brother is an Italian word.
  • Siri does not know the word by Brado.
  • Siri does not know the words I Prado.
  • Siri stop $@&!$& typing Brandon games, brand names, brand names!

This is madness. It must be stopped. So I called Apple tech-support. A male version of Siri tried to get me support for Mac OS High Sierra when I told it Siri was polluted with brand names.

From a human at Apple tech-support I learned that there is no way to turn off Siri typing brand names. We also can’t train Siri or add any new information to Siri. Neither can we see the list of brands Siri knows.

Is there no hope then? Well, we cannot, but Apple tech support can submit words to the engineers for recognition, so today I submitted the word vibrato. It’s a real word in our English dictionary. Siri should know it.

Definition of vibrato

plural vibratos

: a slightly tremulous effect imparted to vocal or instrumental tone for added warmth and expressiveness by slight and rapid variations in pitch

As a point of interest, the Apple technician did not know the word vibrato.

That’s my good deed for the day, one for all the Siri using musicians out there. Give Siri a try in a week, or a month, or a year, and see if it knows the word vibrato yet.


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