Check out this video, it’s pretty amazing the first time you see it.

This potoo is a large cypselomorph bird related to the nightjars and frogmouths, but like other potoos it lacks the bristles around the mouth found in the true nightjars. It is 33–38 cm long and pale greyish to brown, finely patterned with black and buff, camouflaged to look like a log; this is a safety measure to help protect it from predators, but its mode of perch is also a camouflage. It has large orange eyes.

The common potoo can be located at night by the reflection of light from its eyes as it sits on a post, or by its haunting melancholic song, a BO-OU, BO-ou, bo-ou, bo-ou, bo-ou, bo-ou, bo-ou, bo-ou dropping in both pitch and volume. When seized, this bird produces a squeaky sound not unlike that of a crow. It has special disruptive coloration so it camouflages into a branch …


Here are a few more images:

How many species on earth have never been discovered because they are very well camouflaged? Now think a bit bigger…

Look out a window. Do you really think aliens and/or their ships couldn’t be hiding all around us? Look again.