The Unbeholdable Face of God

Here’s a strange thought: Imagine an alien being with a head that is an endlessly morphing random kaleidoscopic jumble of all humans. It might look somewhat like the strange video below, but with full diversity, now and throughout time.

I once imagined the face of the alien who created us as an average of all human faces, but now I like the ever morphing kaleidoscope head idea even more. It would be a great concept to see actualized in a movie.


      1. Got it. So the “image” of his we are made in may be like our dispositions or personalities instead of anything related to human form. For human bodies, the evidence for our having evolved is quite strong if you dig into it, so if we and the earth were indeed created instantly, all those evolutionary details, billions of years of changes, were built in for some reason at the time of creation. It’s a weird game to play with your creation, to make it look like it created itself. Hmmm.

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      2. Yep, except there is also a school of thought that God is genderless and that we, indeed are Creator Gods ourselves. Here to experience and learn in the toughest boot camp in the omniverse.

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