Amazing Dancing Jet, Is It Real? Not Exactly.

In this impressive video you can see that the aerodynamic properties of this jet are irrelevant in hover mode. The wings are not being used to create lift.

From this, it is clear that one could have any shape for a jet powered flying object. But is this what it seems? No. The caption for this on YouTube is incorrect in its claims:

Published on Jul 20, 2016 Russian fighter plane doing a delicate solo dance at ground level. It is even more amazing when one realizes this is a deadly plane capable of supersonic speeds and dropping nuclear bombs and shooting down almost any fighter plane…..

This supposed “Russian fighter” is a remote controlled scale model of a Chinese PLAAF J10AY fighter. It would not hold a full sized human pilot, shoot anyone or drop any nukes. Here is the real J10 jet:

Model in dancing jet videos:

Here you can see its relative size better:

Here’s another:

Dec 20, 2014 Waleed Salah and Jamal Al-Mazrouei hovering their RC Jets in the UAE top jet 2014 event in Al-Ain Sportplex – YouTube

Here’s video of real J10s in flight.

Can they hover and dance like this model J10? I think not, but if you find evidence to the contrary, post a link.

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