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Let’s Talk About Greed

Greed is an intense and selfish desire for something. We primates covet things. We desire, yearn for, crave, want, wish for, long for, hanker after/for, hunger after/for, and thirst for things, at times more than we need.

With what metaphorical oranges are you overloading yourself?

Clinging to hopes of having things leads us to both great and terrible experiences. Without optimism, a positive face of greed, for example, we would never fall in love, grow food, make art or explore the universe.

On the flip side of that, we would also not have sad romantic disappointments, let downs and heartbreaks.

If you feel angst at not having what you covet, how do you manage greed?

“It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to be always wanting something else.” (Ecclesiastes 6:9b GNT)

The first step in becoming a contented person is to stop comparing yourself to others. The problem is that comparing is America’s favorite indoor sport! We naturally do it all the time. … Coveting means the uncontrolled desire to acquire.


The key is to control desires, but how to do that isn’t typically well explained. How does one obtain appropriate desires? First, you may need to “level up” on some self awareness. When wanting something you can’t have becomes distressing, notice that. Then, it is your right as the master of your mind to focus on something else, something you *do* have. This is counting blessings, meditating on gratitude, constructive distraction, etc.

So, rats, you can’t have what you want, your crush, fame, looks, money, power, respect, whatever, but you can make some art, enjoy a good movie, read a book, write a blog entry, help someone, etc. Practice at this can lead to much less suffering from our attachments.

Masters of their own desires “become love” instead constantly of seeking love or one of the many love surrogates like money, fame, booze, cars, etc.

Wishing you contentment.



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