National Randomness Day

Today is national randomness day. To celebrate, as often as possible, make decisions based on the toss of a coin. I followed randomness and ended up in a casino where I lost $1.70. This act randomly repaired my car. Don’t try to understand it, just go with it. That’s part of the fun of national randomness day.

Randomness is freedom. Some do not believe in randomness; they believe instead that by following randomness they are following the will of God.

Einstein famously said God does not play dice with the universe. Perhaps God is the dice of the universe, or said another way, randomness is part of the engine of this simulation.

As I dictate this, I am listening to the most authentic randomness I can access directly: my geiger counter is on, chirping at random, playing the song of atomic decay which surrounds us as background radiation.

A nice thing about national randomness day is that it appears any day you think it does. So if you’re reading this this, whatever day it is, and you get the feeling that today is national randomness day, that it is. That’s part of the freedom.

Do something random and if you are so moved, tell us the results. Flip a coin to decide whether you should leave a comment. Say the first random thing that comes to mind. Odds are, someone needs to hear it.

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