Jet Powered Totem Pole? UFO Video 12/27/2017 in Colorado Springs

This UFO sighting was reported as both seen and posted today (12/27) at the MUFON web site. What do you think? The woman in the video says they must be asteroids (meteors) but later one changed shape and hovered.

I’ve created a still from the video showing the biggest UFO and enhanced it a bit. It looks to me like a crazy homemade rocket from glued together oil barrels.

Flying totem pole?

(MUFON is fun. See the last 20 UFO reports from around the world here. Some reports, like the one below, include videos or photos.)

Here’s the report for this one:

Long Description of Sighting Report

My son and I were going west on highway 24 from Peyton to Falcon, when we saw strange lights moving quickly through the sky near Cheyenne mountain. The were several that were small lights with tails the broke into two. One went behind the mountain and the came back the opposite direction.

The largest one I first saw was a teardrop shape. It changed shape a few times and the stopped falling and took the shape like a brick, but hovered over the mountains. It glowed brighter as changed into the brick shape. The video is grainy and shows how badly I need to get my windsheild replaced, but if you look for the bright lights, it’s a decent capture of what we saw. We don’t know what happened to them. By the time we came out of the store, the lights were all gone.

UFO hunting is great when we can see video from so close to the actual event! This reduces the odds of disinformation, fake videos, etc.

There is still a lot of confusion in the general population about what the letters “UFO” mean. In case you are totally new to the subject, the letters in “UFO” stand for Unidentified Flying Object.

UFO does not mean aliens. If you see something flying and it is not identified, it is Unidentified by definition, okay? You do not need to ask if you saw a UFO. You did. A real UFO. You saw a real Unidentified Flying Object!

Why can people not “get” this? Perhaps we can thank a well funded multi-decade government campaign to make the general population instantly associate anything unknown in the sky with aliens. It’s a brilliant and successful propaganda effort. To keep serious people from digging around, demanding answers and exposing secret experimental aircraft and programs, they get everyone to focus on a straw man. One camp, Group A, trumpets the fact that the government is covering up aliens, and another, Group B, very publicly and virulently applies the “nut job” label to Group A. This is most UFOlogy, a decades-long manufactured information war of fog and mirrors by the Mirage Men.

Which side are you on, the side that thinks Thor creates lightning bolts, or the side that says Thor is a fictional character and therefore there are no such things as bolts of lightning in the sky? Anyone who sees this so called “lightning” is a nut job.

Get it?

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