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Video: Goat Breaks Two Glass Office Doors

It is not so strange if you understand goats, but at least one news station called this goat attack “an absolute mystery.” What happened: The goat saw and instinctively attacked its own reflection. I’ve posted a big horn sheep attacks glass story in the past, but for some reason this is just fun to watch.

Here’s a cheesy news story with the same footage:

Goats do attack mirrors. Here’s a clear example:

Not all goats, however, attack all mirrors.

Tips on avoiding goat attacks:

Stay Together – Goats can easily mistake a lot of people close together or with their coats held open as a much larger animal that they do not want to face. Don’t separate — goats are much more likely to attack a single person than a group.

Using Aversive Conditioning or Hazing Techniques – Scare or frighten goats exhibiting unwanted behavior through noise stimuli (screaming, sirens, noise horns, cracker shells) or contact stimuli (snowballs, rocks, beanbags, slingshots or by waving clothing around)

via JustGetOut

Moral: Make sure your insurance covers animal attacks … and always take plenty of beanbags when hiking in goat territory?


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