Video: A Strange Massive Mushroom Cloud Wall in Brazil

This very strange super massive cloud wall was recorded by residents in the Araguaia region of Brazil on the “morning of Thursday the 11th.” What month and year?

In one news post they say it was Thursday Jan 11 in 2014, but Jan 11 in 2014 was a Saturday. There was a Thursday Jan 11th not long ago in 2018.


The following images impressed the residents of Espigão do Leste in the municipality of São Félix do Araguaia in the Araguaia valley in mato Grosso.

The images were recorded by residents on the morning of this Thursday, January 11, 2014 valley in mato Grosso.

The phone number in the photo currently belongs to (translated) “Farm of the Nurseries, Sao Jose do Xingu.” This map location may be more accurate:

I was curious about the location because I was wondering if they were a great walls of rock behind those clouds, something like this, for example, that would make them seem a little more understandable.

Wild stuff. Let us know in a comment if you have any more good detail on this.

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