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Maryland Hunter Knocked out By Falling Dead Goose

A dead goose shot by a hunting party in Maryland fell on and knocked a hunter unconsious. The goose caused a severe head injury and reportedly also knocked out two of Mr. Meilhammer’s teeth. As a goose can weigh 10 to 14 lbs, you might say Robert was lucky to have survived this freak accident. Would you call this good luck, bad luck, or neither?

A hunter was knocked unconscious after being struck by a dead goose that had been shot and fell from the sky.

Robert Meilhammer, 51, suffered a “severe head injury” after his hunting group fired at a flock of Canadian geese in Easton, Maryland.

One goose fell about 90ft to the ground and hit Mr Meilhammer, knocking him out and causing head and facial injuries on Friday, Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources said.

When he came round, he was able to say who he was but was “hazy about other details”, the department said in a statement.

It added that Mr Meilhammer “suffered a severe head injury” and was taken by ambulance to Easton Airport, where he was airlifted to Baltimore for treatment.

He is now in a stable condition.

Maryland Natural Resources Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson said geese can cause “severe damage” falling from height due to their weight and size.

via Sky.com

Officials drove Meilhammer to Easton Airport via ambulance out of an abundance of caution. He was then airlifted to the trauma center.

via CBSNews

“One of the members of the hunting party shot and killed the goose,” Maryland Natural Resources Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson confirmed, according to The Baltimore Sun. “It is unclear which one it was.”

The fowl knocked Meilhammer unconscious, causing injuries to his face and head, and reportedly knocking out two of his teeth. Thompson also told WBAL that when he finally came to, he “didn’t know too much besides his name.”

via FoxNews

An experienced hunter is recovering after a goose that was shot and killed fell from the sky and hit the man in Easton, Maryland.

The waterfowl hunter found himself in the crosshairs of his harvest on Thursday — knocked out cold by a dead goose falling from the sky.

“These birds weigh anywhere from 10 to probably 14 pounds. They can have a wingspan of up to six feet,” says Candy Thomson, Maryland Natural Resources Police. “So, if they’re 35 yards up in the air, and they’re falling 60 feet and they hit you in the head, it’s going to definitely cause severe damage.”

via CBSLocal

Thomson said the incident wasn’t something she and the lieutenant who responded to the scene had ever seen before in their experience as hunters and with NRP.

“This is highly unusual,” she said.

via Delmarvanow

Highly unusual things happen every day.  Stay tuned for more.



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