Crazy Water Park Glide Stunt, Real or CG?

It’s hard to believe that this video could be a fake (computer graphics / editing) but it also seems like it could not be real. Have you seen it yet? What do you think? Below along with the video are a few stills and observations.

In this first one you can see the logo appears to be missing from his shirt while he is in the water.

In this next one below you can see an edited square around his feet.

In this next one it looks to me from the shadows and light like an inner tube under him has been edited out of the video.

In these next two you can see that his shirt is still on before he goes behind the woman in the hat.

So, how is his shirt off the split second when he appears on the other side of the hat lady?

Then again, there is this video showing another skimmer:

And another:

After watching these two from the same water slide, it seems more likely the first is real… but the shirt? It seems to get splashed off when he puts a leg down to stop.

Because that happens behind the woman in the hat, it looks like some crazy magic trick.

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