Video: Strange Riffs: Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

The big riff from the song “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder has always seemed strange to me. It feels like it has extra notes, but somehow it works. Here’s our Saturday night jam version, me on acoustic guitar and my buddy Karen on bass. Our version is probably not exactly right, but fairly close. We are playing it a little slower than the record and in A= 432 Hz tuning, in case you play and want to learn it yourself.

See what I mean about the strangeness? If you try counting it out, you get lost, but if you just feel it, it works. True strange riffs of the Wonder kind.

Here is a little collection: 26 other players who have leveled up to be able to play this riff on a bass guitar:

Even if you don’t happen to like the song, I thought you might find it interesting to see and hear all these different people playing the riff, each in their own way.

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