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Famous 1964 Spaceman Photo Explained

Some may remember a case of a spaceman photographed by Jim Templeton. It caused an uproar at the time, a time before Photoshop. This is photo is still circulating on social media in the year 2018.

Jim Templeton said he could not see it at the time he took the photo and he was genuinely surprised and puzzled by it because he and his family were certainly alone at the time.

Here’s an Explanation

First, his camera’s viewfinder only showed 70% of the actual image, so he would have not seen the spaceman.

Second, if you greatly lower the contrast, you can see the truth, the spaceman is Jim Templeton’s wife as she is walking away from the camera.

Here is a picture from the same day showing his wife in the blue dress, which when overexposed became a white spacesuit.

The Solway Firth Spaceman

The Solway Firth Spaceman (aka the Solway Spaceman and the Cumberland Spaceman) is a supposed mystery figure captured in a photograph taken by amateur photographer Jim Templeton in 1964 on a marsh near Solway Firth in Cumbria, England. It has been variously claimed in woo circles as photographic evidence of an extraterrestrial, a ghost, or a time traveler.

On May 23, 1964, Cumbria resident Templeton took his wife and two daughters on an outing to scenic Burgh Marsh. While there, he snapped some family photos using his late 1950s model Zeiss Contax “Pentacon F” SLR camera. Templeton claimed that when the photos were developed, the local developer remarked that one contained a very mysterious background figure that appeared to be wearing a space suit.

Templeton swore he didn’t see any such thing when the photograph was taken. He also swore he and his family were alone on the marsh that day. Gossip of the strange photo spread fast, and soon the photo was published in the local, and then the national British newspapers.

The integrity of Templeton’s camera and original negatives were allegedly vetted by Kodak. The mystery photo rapidly gained the 1964 equivalent of viral status when world wide press picked it up, and a Ufology legend was born.


We must learn from history or we are doomed to repeat it. The lesson here is clear. Gentlemen, if your wife looks like a spaceman from behind, just turn down the lights. 🤔

Wait… better yet, the lesson here is to accept that unlikely situations happen every day and we should not make assumptions based on appearances.


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