Circulating Claim: Planned Houston “False Flag” Shooting March 4, 2018

Update March 4: There was a fatal shooting at a party in Houston today where someone put on a bullet-proof vest and had party-goers shoot at him. WTH? That’s one seriously messed up party.

… Authorities say one guy decided to put on a bulletproof vest while one of the party-goers fired a shot at him.

“It is unusual that people would put on bulletproof vest and play with guns at a party, but these things happen sometimes,” HPD Homicide Sgt. Mark Hollbrook said.

Police are working to locate the person who shot the victim and another male to determine more about the incident.

Investigators are waiting on forensics to determine whether the bullet went through the vest or skipped the panel.

Via ABC13

Unless this becomes a big deal nationally, I’d assume it’s just a sad coincidence that there was a shooting prediction days before. After all, there are probably shootings every day in Houston. The prediction posted on craigslist was investigated but was not found to be a credible threat.

The FBI is addressing a mock crisis event conspiracy theory about Houston on Twitter.

In a tweet Thursday, the FBI in Houston said it is aware of the social media posts calling for actors to participate in a mock crisis event on March 4. The FBI said it is also aware that some have interpreted these posts as a threat, but said there’s no credible threat to the Houston area.

The mock crisis event hoax originated as an ad on Craigslist that reads: “Crisis event (Medical center) Need 16 actors for a mass casualty event to take place, exact address will be given on 3/2/18 and event will be held on 3/4/18. Email your resume including previous crisis photos of your stage makeup. Compensation: $1,000”

The FBI did not address whether the request for mock training drill actors was legitimate, just that no credible threat existed.

The Craigslist post has been removed, but has been duplicated on social media via screen stills of the content.

Via Link

The craigslist post reads to me like someone with a pre-existing view about crisis actors was trying to flush some out.

Previous post from March 2nd:

This is circulating on Instagram, a claim that “crisis actors” are being hired at $1,000 a pop for a staged shooting in Houston TX to take place in a few days, on 3/4/2018. I think this is at most a misinterpretation by someone, but if you live in Houston, be on the alert.

I post this not to further a conspiracy theory, but to point out and consider that the speed of the spread of information could be a game changer in preventing all sorts of crime via citizen alerts. Then again, there are reasons such a system could backfire. For example, it could be easily discredited by repeated hoax postings.

We will know if this claim is bogus in a few days.

5 thoughts on “Circulating Claim: Planned Houston “False Flag” Shooting March 4, 2018”

  1. This person has clearly never known anyone who was a first responder. This is a legitimate training tool for first responders and hospitals.

    1. Thanks Brandi. I know a few first responders well and I’ve been through an active shooter training or two, but wasn’t aware they hire actors. Makes sense, I suppose, especially these days. Is $1,000/day a large fee for that sort of thing? So, like I supposed, you think this is just someone’s misunderstanding?

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