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Shifting Between Worlds

This is cognitive liberty lesson #37. There is a concept called the “Assemblage Point” which you may one day find extremely useful. The AP is your attitude, your current mindset, the gestalt of your recent experience.

Shifting the AP is a vital skill; it is that innate playfulness we may misplace as adults. The skill involves not just shifting, but also reaching a new steady state, a new equilibrium. Cultivate this by practice. The ability to move about freely between worlds of experience lets you “snap out of it” if you get stuck and “move on” when necessary.

Can you become enjoyably engrossed in something new? If you have a happy comfortable life, it may seem foolish to venture far from your current set of APs, but given the inevitability of change, it is advisable to practice staying flexible so you can “roll with the punches” and spend most of your time here enjoying activities and relationships. Shifting to new worlds gives you resilience.

As an example, my current top three worlds, to which I commit daily time, are:

Binge watching “Earth Final Conflict” (a Sci-Fi series) This series gives me new ways of considering problems.

Writing 100 original songs. I have sketches of all 100, and I’m now improving them, tearing them down and rebuilding them so each is stronger.

Learning to read music notation. The challenges of learning to read music are enjoyable. I can sing and play hundreds of songs from memory, but I read music notation only slowly. With a free iPhone app called “Music Notes” I’ve been making some progress.

I can now name each note on the grand staff and can play it on a keyboard, but only some notes are instant recognition. Others I quickly “figure out” from knowing a nearby note or from a nemonic, such as All Cows Eat Grass for the spaces in the bass clef. Just as you want to get beyond addition by counting on your fingers, these devices must be replaced by instant recognition to progress to more skillful levels. How? Daily practice, dedication, persistence.

Where is your assemblage point as you read this? What are your top three worlds this week? Do they serve your long term interests? Do they build you up, give you energy and increase you life force? If not, choose better worlds, shift and replace. Yes, you can.


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One thought on “Shifting Between Worlds

  1. Ah, I love this concept of shifting between worlds!

    Posted by pjlazos | 9 Apr 2018, 4:49 am

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