Deciphering The Good Way

My Friday the 13th morning meditation: Judgement is an aspect of discernment. Someone will judge. Someone will dislike any path you choose, any art you make of life, no matter how right it feels, no matter your certainty, no matter how many people do love you and what you do, no matter your vision, your good heart.

You will be misunderstood and maligned. Count on it. What does a hater want? Your stuff? Your soul? Your compliance? Your guidance? Your agreement? Your action? Your inaction? Your silence? Is it feasible? Where is inner peace in a world of opposed desires? Might makes right? If you keep changing course to make others happy, even conflicting parts of yourself, where do you end up? Bounced around at random, like an atom in a gas, bumped along an undetermined path, are you free?

A safe bet for most people *seems* to be to choose the common choice. Follow the flock, don’t upset the apple cart. Believe with the majority. (Which one?) Is this a path with good odds, with low risks? Perhaps, but is it mass delusion? What if the majority is an idiot? How can you ignore the truth and still feel abiding integrity?

Think of Russia and the US regarding Syria right now. One side is right, right? Chemical weapons or a hoax? The USA will attack. Russia vows to counter attack. Both nuclear powers will use force, will assert their opposed might. Will we all lose?

Learn that there is no pleasing everyone. Take risks as you feel you must. There are reactions to every action, even to inaction. May you find a good path, for a good long while, for you, as you see fit, through the garden of earthly vicissitudes.

Strangely enough,


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