Strangest Cello Music

The guys from 2CELLOS are pretty amazing, and performing heavy metal rock music (in this case, Thunderstruck by AC/DC) with cellos is definitely a bit strange. The thing is, it works, don’t you agree? I prefer the cellos to his voice, but to each his own.


I love the audience reaction at the end. Can’t stop laughing.


    1. Glad you did! Do you agree that fibromyalgia, is neither an inflammatory condition nor an autoimmune disease, that it is actually caused by the buildup of lactic acid in muscle tissue and tendon sheaths?

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      1. I AGREE that fibromyalgia is neither an inflammatory condition nor an autoimmune disease. I do NOT know if a buildup of sorts is the ’cause’. I do believe there are many types of fibromyalgia; virus based, trauma based, heredity… each person is unique, chemical makeup, pain tolerance, etc. Yes, an additional factor could increase symptoms… depending on the type you think you have? Sorry, so long-winded. ~Kim

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      2. It is a central nervous system disease… and a lack of dopamine being produced in the brain. This causes the brain to fire pain signals throughout the body randomly. So, how do we fix the dopamine levels and repair the central nervous system??? That is our goal to finding a possible cure. (Sad, it could not just be silver.) Thanks, Kim


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