Video: Strange Dark UFO Cloud Filmed from Jet

Here is a UFO video posted just a few months ago on YouTube. Hoaxes are frequent there, but this video is convincing to me, I think it is real.

UFO Sighting Location, Over Aegean Sea, March 2018

Footage of a strange object in the sky above the Turkish province of Izmir and the Aegean Sea was taken from a plane flying from Turkey to Greece. The man who made the video asked YouTube users what kind of object it could be.

Via SputnikNews

Published on Mar 21, 2018 Just flew over Turky somewhere over Izmir and Khios Agean sea, heading into Athens around 4.30pm today we’d 21 March 2018. It appears to be flying away at right angles from our commercial jet and somehow without either of us appearing to turn we end up almost following it. Please KLK like share and follow. Regards Kerry

My guess is that this is a rocket spewing black exhaust and that it just appears, thanks to the wind and direction of flight, to be a giant dark rotating cigar-shaped craft. Hopefully this is not one of those newfangled nuclear powered Russian rockets. What do you think?


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