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Videos: Deadly Volcano Erupts in Guatemala

The videos below are from the latest deadly eruption of Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala a few days ago. Guatemala has 29 volcanoes and it is about the size of the state of Virginia.

At least 69 people were killed when a volcano in Guatemala spewed lava, ash, rocks and deadly hot gas, authorities said late Monday.

The Volcán de Fuego, or Volcano of Fire, began erupting Sunday.

Hours later, fast-moving flows surprised communities that had not been ordered to evacuate. Ash spread through the sky, and blanketed Guatemala City, some 40 miles away.

More than 3,200 residents of communities near the volcano were evacuated, officials said.

Fanuel Garcia, director of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, said that 69 bodies had been recovered. Just 17 of them had been identified, the institute said in a statement Monday night.


Smaller volcanoes letting off steam might be a good thing if they make another Yellowstone super volcano that blots out the sun for years less likely.

According to the USGS, there are about 1,500 potentially active volcamoes worldwide on our lovely planet and about 500 have erupted in historical time.

Many of these are located along the Pacific rim in what is known as the Ring of Fire.

There are 169 potentially active volcanoes in the United States.

Volcanoes in the Cascade range and in Alaska are part of the Ring of Fire, while Hawaiian volcanoes form over a hot spot near the center of the Ring.

The Yellowstone volcano is responsible for three of the Earth’s most Devastating super volcanoes eruptions.

If we are around when a really big one blows, it will change the world and you might wish you’d been one of those crazy “preppers.”

Don’t worry about it, but having a few weeks worth of water, emergency food, personal protection, light and heat sources for cooking and staying warm on hand is good common sense.

May the god of super volcanoes continue to grant us sunlight.


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