Strange Food: A Conjoined Triplet Banana

In keeping with yesterday’s theme of true strange foods, here’s something you don’t see everyday: Siamese triplet bananas. There are others people have reported, so it does happen. This first photo doesn’t even look like a banana.

Did you know each normal banana core has three segments?

Each one of those segments is called a locule, bananas have trilocular ovaries (each ovary, aka fruit, has three locules…pretty simple). Bananas are monocots, and monocots generally have floral parts in multiples of three. So to confirm your observation, what you are seeing is the divisions of the three locules within the single ovary. A fun way to exaggerate this is to peel a banana and push down directly into the fruit from the top, the locules should all split apart rather nicely.


Enjoy your locules.

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